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Greetings Foodies!  We are into our 7th week of the season-

This week’s Fruit Share is YELLOW–everything is yellow:  Golden Apples, Pineapple, Bartlett Pears, and a bag of Grapefruit!  Should be fun–Bigger share than the last couple of weeks…assuming everything that I order comes in. 

Note on how the share size is figured:  I have a running total of available money for the Fruit Shares.  Each week I deduct the cost of the Share for that week; The remaining balance is divided by the number of weeks left in a 16 week season and the number of shares (Full’s have two shares).  We are in good shape financially–the last couple of weeks have been bumpy with delayed delivery on the blueberries, refused grapes, and weight shortages that resulted in less pounds on items.  But any shortages increase the amount of money for the following weeks–  🙂

7th WEEK VEGGIE SHARECorn, European Cabbage (small and peppery), Eggplant and Tomatoes, Green and Purple Islander Bells, Green Beans, Beets, Cantaloupe and Watermelons.  Greens this week are Curly Kale, Swiss chard, or Salanova lettuce.  Kale and Salanova supplies are low–new crop of Salanova in a couple of weeks–

Remember–not everything is available for all pick up days–items will be rotated weekly to assure everyone gets a share during the season.  ENJOY!!


Hope those that had the Palisade Peaches enjoyed them! 

My personal assessment–the #1’s were amazing.  The #2’s were a little rough but also had a great flavor.  Probably will not order again through this outlet though-weights were inconsistent and too many culls.

NOW– The much awaited UTAH Fruit is coming!

TIME NOW TO ORDER (BY AUG. 21st, 2014)– 

Order by email to by Thursday.  Payment due at pick-up, which is usually a week to 10 days later.

I’ve ordered from this orchard for over ten years and never been disappointed!

PEACHES…. 32 3/4 #…. $32.50

NECTARINES….  22#…. $27.00

GINGER GOLD APPLES…. size not stated but regular box size…. $34.50

CALI PEARS…These are a red pear with a really white flesh- excellent! …. $30

FROZEN PIE CHERRIES- pitted…. 30# …. $41  (sugared) …. $43 (no sugar)

I buy the sugared cherries and keep them in the freezer all winter–carve out several cups for homemade pies or cobbler.  We even take a spoon and scoop out a bowlful for a snack– 

This is quality fruit at a very reasonable price.  Remember–Order by Thursday–

The Farmer’s Wife