CSA–Want to pay using your debit card?–convenient and fast.  Add $3.00 to cover the PayPal fee for payments less than $100, $10.00 for a CSA Weekly Share, $6.00 for a CSA Leap-Frog Share, and $3.50 for the Monthly Share.  

PayPal saves you a check, stamp, and mail time…and the time you would take to complete the task. 

Try this PayPal link for Lloyd Craft Farms:



Click on link–it takes you to Lloyd Craft Farms page…in the upper left enter the amount you want to pay (plus the fee) in the ‘item price’ box.

On the right is a box that says “Pay with my PayPal Account”. If you have a PayPal account you can pay through that.

Below that is a smaller box that says “Pay with a debit or credit card”. Click it and it opens a box where you can enter your card information. When done, click the “PAY” button at the bottom.

I instantly receive an email that you have paid–IT IS DONE!!

The Farmer’s Wife

(updated 3/4/2019)

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