Update on FRUIT and our MELONS

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Update on the FRUIT that has been flowing through our coolers from Riverton and Utah to Big Horn Basin homes.

Available–Text 431-1219 to order:
4 Flats of Raspberries are unspoken for at this writing–$34.50 for 12-half pints. (expected delivery Tuesday, September 18th, pick up after noon)
3 Boxes of Red Bartlett Pears–about 34#–tree-ripened and ready to finish off to can or eat, finish-off means to leave them at room temperature for a day or two…they’ve been in refrigeration to stop the ripening process–$37.00 each 

We get our last shipment of Raspberries from Riverton on TuesdayA BIG Shout out and BIG thank you to the Piel’s with SonHarvest Seasons!  The raspberries have been spectacular for the past two weeks–sorry to see them come to a close, but it’s worth the wait for the fall berries with their sweetness.  A great fruit to freeze and enjoy in the winter!

Thanks to all that took advantage of the apples (Gala, Ginger Gold, Honey Crisp), Pears (Bartlett, Red Bartlett, Kalle Red), Peaches (Angelus this last load), and Frozen Pie Cherries from the Utah orchard…thanks, Karen Fettig for being our contact person with the Fower’s!  Love to get the good stuff!!

Reminder:  We have WATERMELONS, CANTALOUPE, HONEY DEW, and LAMBKIN Spanish MELONS for sale at Pick Up on Thursday’s (4-6 pm) and Saturday’s at Bee Healthy (8 a.m. to 3 p.m.)–Vine-ripened and unRivaled!  Members only on Thursday, open to the public on Saturday–


The Farmer’s Wife

Saturday Market at Bee Healthy

Melons–Mini-Red Seedless, mid-sized Captivation, Athena cantaloupe, Sugar Cube, Piel de Sao (Spanish melon), and Honey Dew.

Fresh veggies in the cooler- Broccoli (Galion X), Sierra Blanca Fresh white onions, sweet Snack peppers and packets of Hot peppers (Roasting Pueblo, Poblano, jalapeño, and Habanero), European Cucumbers, fresh Basil in a clamshell..

Come and check it out, as well as Janet’s extended stock of healthy foods, supplements, and unique gifts! Diamond S Delight’s raw dairy is in the back!

Saturday Market, in conjunction with Farmer’s Market at Pioneer Square– The Farmer’s Wife


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I just got a call from SonHarvest in Riverton, our Raspberry supplier.  They are overstocked!  They have an extra 20 flats this week.  (Last week they were short 10 cases–sigh–that is the state of farming…either too much or too little–)  ANYWAY–  I have today to add on to my order, SOOOO…

If you would like a flat of Raspberries for $34.50 shoot me a text 431-1219.    We need to let SonHarvest know asap so they can continue to pick what is needed. BTW–a flat is 16 pints. These are vine-ripened and unrivaled with anything in the store or bought through a distributor.  Since they are vine-ripened they have a short shelf life BUT they are easy to freeze:  spread out on a cookie sheet, freeze, then transfer to ziplock gallon bags.  Good in smoothies and on ice cream–in the dead of winter or now!

Raspberries will be delivered here to the farm sometime tomorrow–you can pick them up Tuesday, anytime! 

The Farmer’s Wife–Happy CRAZY Monday!!   

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Belated News from this past week–Lloyd Craft Farms CSA

Shares this past week were amazing–I think!  Corn on the Cob and Athena Cantaloupe for starters–Broccoli, Delicata Winter Squash, Cucumbers, Artisan Cherry Tomatoes, and beautiful Rainbow Carrots.  The Thursday group had a purple striped Eggplant with a lead to a recipe at http://www.epicurious.com for Rotatoille.  (Eggplant, zucchini, onion, tomato, basil…)

For the upcoming week we will continue with the Corn on the Cob and I am told  Watermelons…Yum Yum snack peppers–sweet and full of color…Broccoli or Broccolini…another type of Winter Squash (Acorn, Spaghetti, or Delicata)…cucumber…and whatever else the garden surrenders up to us!

More Riverton Raspberries for those that ordered them.  (I’ll have some in The Store if you only want 1 or 2–)  The Store will also have Utah Peaches and Utah Pears–$1.75/#, and more ORG Pluots (Plums and Apricots), Valencia Oranges, ORG Honey Crisp apples and Utah Ginger Gold apples…No lettuce or spinach this week.

If you bought an avocado Thursday and it was browned inside, come talk to me.  I had a bunch left over and when I went to make guacamole Thursday night I cut open 14 and they were ALL bad.  I had switched my order from the large Hass to the medium Hass–my suspicion is that they got chilled in transit…

Don’t miss out on the melons–both at Saturday Market and at Thursday Pick Up–they are only here from now until the first frost!  Nothing equals a true vine-ripened melon!  The Farmer’s Wife


Watermelons and Cantaloupe at Bee Healthy for Saturday Market–8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday ONLY–

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Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com

We will be delivering several tubs of watermelons and cantaloupe to Bee Healthy tomorrow…Mini-Red Seedless, Heirloom Crimson Sweet, Yellow and Orange Crisp watermelons. Cantaloupe and the small personal size cantaloupe called Sugar Cube–$.90/#. Honey Dew for the same price. Also, French Charentais, Lambkin (Spanish Piel de Sao), and Heirloom Eden’s Gem (green flesh, small size)–these are $1.00/#.

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We will also have other veggies there–tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, etc. If you are looking for cabbage, give me a call (431-1219)and we’ll bring it to The Bee on Monday.

September is the last month of Saturday Market at The Bee–Take advantage of fresh and local!

The Farmer’s Wife

Saturday Market at The Bee—

I know this may be a busy weekend for some and a holiday for many with Labor Day Monday. But rest assured that your farmers at Lloyd Craft Farms do not rest or take a holiday. Your fresh veggies are at Bee Healthy Saturday!

New this week: Heirloom Artisan Cherry Tomatoes, purple Graffiti Cauliflower, and Spaghetti and Acorn squash!

One day only–thanks, The Farmer’s Wife —

This Week’s Shares

Wow!! Haven’t heard much from us? Nope!!! Too busy harvesting and getting veggies into Special Boxes for our members in the Big Horn Basin, Sheridan/Buffalo, and Casper, as well as our 90 members here in Worland!

This week’s Boxes have been filled with the last of the cauliflower and vivid Orange Bell peppers or sweet Snack Peppers (called Yum Yum for a reason), a type of onion, cucumber (get them fresh while we can), Roma tomatoes and Esterina Yellow in the qt clamshell, zucchini and Patty Pan summer squash, and NEW this week: Acorn Squash and either a French Charentais or small Sugar Cube cantaloupe.

Thursday Shares for this last week in August (8 of 13 Shares) are fresh Broccolini, Newly harvested Orange Bell Pepper, sweet and crisp Suyo Chinese cucumber, Yellow Sweet Spanish onion, and kohlrabi. Group C will have either an Acorn squash or a Spaghetti squash, and hopefully some kind of tomato and melon. I say hopefully because the rain and cooler weather brought both melons and tomatoes to a screeching halt!

Next week CORN! if we can keep the coons out! Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, Sapo De Paolo, or Watermelons should be in full force— stay tuned for more fresh and local!! Lettuce growing in the high tunnel—