PRODUCE FOR SALE–11/26 to 11/30–Call it the End of NOVEMBER SALE…Chunks of Energy, too! Bee Healthy

Every Thursday is FRESH PRODUCE Day! We want to stock only the best–so we are willing to mark the prices down while they are still THE BEST– Produce Sale runs from Saturday through Wednesday…New stock in on Thursday, December 1st!

Mandarin Oranges- 3# bag– $7.25...$5.99

Bananas– ripe and ready– $1.25/# ..$.99/#

Honeycrisp Apples– Organic– $3.50..$2.75

Rio Star Grapefruit–pink inside– $1.75….$1.25

Cauliflower Mix, Lloyd Craft Farms– 1# bag– $3.25…$3.00

Broccoli- bagged– $4.75..$4.25

Celery– Organic Earthbound$2.50.. $1.75

Russett Potatoes- Organic- $2.50/#.. $1.75/#

Goji Berries (dried)- Navitas Organics- $8.34.. $7.28

Mulberry Berries (dried)- Navitas Organics- $15.44.. $12.99

Eggs-– $5.99/dozen

Chunks of Energy-– 20% off

Other goodies— Wide range of Lloyd Craft Farms Winter Squash and Sugar Pie Pumpkins, Lemons and Limes, Potatoes (Yukon Gold and Huckleberry), Garnet Yams, Lloyd Craft Farms Onions (White and Yellow), Lloyd Craft Farms Carrots (Sugarsnax, Cosmic, and Purple Haze), Greybull Valley Lettuce, Organic Girl Spinach, and Organic Starkrimson Pears…all available and all reasonably priced!

Stop in for your fresh Produce and shop our freezer section for healthy meats (Beeler’s, Mulay’s, & Applegate), sprouted wheat and gluten free breads (Ezekiel, Silver Hills, Little Northern Bakehouse, & Rudi’s), Blake’s Shepard Pies, Red’s Natural Burritos, Amy’s meals & burritos, Mary’s Chicken Breasts, Hilary’s Veggie Burgers, and Abbot’s Butcher meat alternatives…as well as ‘Ice Creams’ and Mochie, tortillas, frozen berries, frozen vegetables, Flax muffins, and nitrite free lunch meats.

Christmas gift ideas arriving new each week! Stop in and shop– Bee Healthy to be HAPPY! 635 Big Horn Avenue- Monday through Saturday, closed Sundays–

Good Day Big Horn Basin! A Word From Bee Healthy…

It has been a while since I’ve posted…garden is put to bed…I’ve had a short break to catch my breath…store is getting restocked and ready for the gifting season….waiting for the ever greens from the mountain for the front barrels! It’s all GOOD!

So…Here is an update:

Thanksgiving hours: Monday through Wednesday, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm; Closed Thursday for Thanksgiving (Love on your Family and enjoy Football!); Friday and Saturday, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, Closed Sunday (as usual). Lots of Potatoes, Onions, Acorn Squash, and Carrots from Lloyd Craft Farms to help with that Thursday dinner, and a new supply of Greybull Valley green leaf lettuce! Last of the organic Cranberries and Mini-Hams in the cooler–Sugar Pie Pumpkins and fresh Honeycrisp apples for your favorite pies!

–NEW Aloha Bay Salt Lamps and Candles–Beeswax votives, tea lights, and small canister candles. Chakra Towers and Votives, as well as Chakra incense. Feng Shui votives in Metal, Earth, Water, and Wood…glass holders, too. New Aloha Bay item called Chakra Melts (with their special Wax Warmers)–The beauty of Melts is scent without the fear of fire, no flame!

Nature’s Sunshine supplements RESTOCKED with the same low price we secure by buying in volume. Buy 2 or more and get 10% discount!

NOW supplements well stocked, as well–new supplements for the gut and brain, and Respir-All to help open up the breathing and prevent respiratory problems common this time of year with the changing season. Brewer’s Yeast, Nutritional Yeast, Protein Powders, and much more! (NOW is food, too: 3 Trail Mixes, Nuts, Agave, Steel Cut Oats…and their NOW Solutions personal care products and Skin Line)

Mountain Rose Extracts and Tinctures are expanded in volume and variety. Some extracts are combinations and blends to deal with specific issues: Calm Care, Liver Care, Lung Care, Memory Care, Moon Ease Care, Oral Care, Sleep Care, and Urinary Care. Others are specific extracts: Artichoke, Blessed Thistle, Holy Basil, Elderberry, Hawthorne, Kava Kava, Skullcap, Turmeric, White Willow… We also stock Mountain Rose herbal powders — 20 varieties– great addition to your morning smoothie!

Artisan Jewelry from Starshine and Janice Jordan, Rock Paradise Gemstones and Dangles, and Dana Herbert with her large and small Heat and Neck Wraps. Just in for the gifting season, Dana Herbert Velvet/Silk poncho (and several other fabric wraps), fingerless gloves, coin purses, and 3 sizes of Make Up Bags in a hodge-podge of fabric patterns and colors…NO 2 ALIKE! Each hand-made by Dana and her crew in Oregon!

–Personal Care items from shampoos and conditioners, to hand soaps and deodorants… Bubble Baths, fizzy baths, aromatherapy baths– Neti Pots and salts– 5# bags of epsom salts to help replenish your magnesium and relax those tension tightened muscles!

–Essential Oils…organic and not…wide selection of scents with a wide selection of carrier oils and bottles and tins. Roll-ons, too. Check out the kid’s essential oil roll-ons in the kid’s section! We carry Aura Cacia and Nature’s Sunshine oils, as well as a combo box of NOW essential oils called Plant Defense, and the Aura Cacia Discovery, Purify, Uplifting, and Journey Kits (less than $20 for 4 scents!)

–We also carry the Ten Sleep Happy Camper line of soaps, body balms, lip balms, and the unique Happy Camper T-Shirts in brown and green!

–and of course, groceries, drinks and chips, Chunks of Energy healthy chunks of yum, healthy chocolate bars (Chocolove, Taza, Endangered Species, Lily’s), nuts, crackers, wide variety of gluten free flours and ancient grains. Wheat Montana bread in the freezer, along with the Ezekiel breads and Silver Hills (sprouted wheats), and wide selection of healthy meats. Coming soon, Savage Cabbage from Sheridan (small batch sauerkrauts made from locally raised cabbages)!

Stop in and check it out! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! See you for some of your Christmas shopping.

The Craft’s, and our Becky and Diane!

Happy Veteran’s Day! Happy First Day of Hop ‘n Shop!

We are proud to be here in Washakie County in the great state of Wyoming! We are proud to honor those that served in our military, passing the torch of freedom to our global brothers and sisters in the perpetual battle for life and liberty unhindered by tyranny and greed– AMEN!

We are here to serve our community with good vegetables, healthy foods, teas, supplements, gifts, personal care items, CBD products, artisan jewelry, a large selection of teas (bulk and bagged)…and lots of caring love!

Shop this season with your local business folks. Support Hop ‘n Shop! Pick up a punch card with your first purchase, make seven purchases within the 38 local businesses, and turn your punch card in to qualify for the December 20th drawing for a Basket of Goodies– 38 Baskets from 38 merchants…38 chances! GET 10 PUNCHES AND QUALIFY FOR $500 GIFT CARDS!

Stop in and check out our store…new stuff arriving weekly as we prepare and stock for the holidays and provide that steady supply of good and healthy choices!

Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 635 Big Horn Ave. Worland!

PUMPKINS–Carvers and Sugar Pies! Bee Healthy and Bomgaar’s…Lloyd Craft Farms

Last Push on Garden—Fresh Produce and Pumpkins at Bee Healthy!

We have harvested 90% or better of the garden! All kinds of peppers in the coolers, and tomatoes ripening in the greenhouse, winter squash in 7 varieties, purple cauliflower to wrap up the season, three flavors of onions drying for storage, and 75 pounds of GREEN BEANS…still to harvest are cabbage, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and potatoes…little more celery…IT’s ALL GOOD!

Buy your Lloyd Craft Farms pumpkins at Bomgaar’s (7#-14# Halloween and Sugar Pie’s). Bee Healthy will be selling the LARGE guys— 15# to 22#! AND specialty pumpkins: Warty pumpkins, Cinderella pumpkins, and White pumpkins!

Warty one and 3 over 15#’s!
Cinderella pumpkin

Check out the fresh produce in the glass coolers at Bee Healthy… beautiful Tri-color Bell Pepper pack (Orange, Green, Red) and FRESH Celery…better flavor than anything we’ve had all year! Cauliflower heads and Cauliflower Florets ready to cook. Cabbage, both Red and Green, including some large Flathead Heirloom Brunswick for cabbage burgers (stored in Walk-in cooler because of size…) Green Beans and Jakapenos…to name a few. Ask for specialty hot peppers or 10# bags of Green Beans for canning. Canning tomatoes, Roma’s and some Celebtity still available. Text 431-1219 to order…

Come to 635 Big Horn Ave, Bee Healthy, for the best produce in town, and eggs! Wide selection of supplements, healthy groceries and meats, tea corner, personal care products, Rock Paradise gemstones, Salt Lamps, Candles, Artisan made jewelry, and other gift ideas!

Calling All Canners—20# Box Canning Tomatoes—Ready to GO at Bee Healthy

TOMATOES–20# for $30. Boxed and ready to go at Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland…call 347-2766 to put your name on the box. 4 available. Several are a mix of canners and Roma paste tomatoes. We will be harvesting more tomatoes, weather willing, so Text 307-431-1219 to order. Don’t wait too much longer…as the weather chills the tomatoes begin to split and quality diminishes…

Also available at The Farm (1049 Washakie Ten):

Bell peppers– $3.75/#

Jalapeno peppers– $2.75/#

Onions– White and Yellow Sweet– $1.75/#

Fall cabbage for sauerkraut makers! $45 for 40#

TEXT 307-431-1219 with quantity and item–

Fresh stock of veggies every Thursday at Bee Healthy, but a good amount of veggies daily. Utah peaches, pears, nectarines, and Honeycrisp apples, while supply lasts! Come and Check it out!!

Melons! Watermelons, Cantaloupe, and Piel de Sapo— Tonight w/ Mama Z’s on 10th Street he

Locally grown, organically raised, seedless

We will be sharing a corner on 10th Street, Tuesday, September 27th.

kOrder an artisan Pizza from Mama Z’s and add a melon for dessert! Special prices for this evening: Sugar Cube Cantaloupe- $2.75 each or 2/$5…..Athena Cantaloupe and Piel de Sapo- $4.25 each…Mini-Watermelon- $4.75 each…Watermelon of all sizes- $.69/#.

Available daily at Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave. – Worland.

Photo by Artem Bali on


Melons are in and MAN! are they good– Vine-ripened and at their peak…locally grown at Lloyd Craft Farms. Utah fruit is direct from the Fowers Orchard. Corn will be in Bee Healthy Monday…too wet to harvest for Saturday…Organically grown, non-GMO…text 431-1219 to order for canning…Canners tomatoes, too.

Stop in and pick up your own fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits!

“The Hurrier I Go the Behinder I Get!” Fresh Produce Day at Bee Healthy, Utah Peaches, too! Watermelons and Cantaloupe Galore–CSA Boxes!

It was Lewis Carrol’s March Hare that famously made that statement….And I totally OWN IT! The garden is in full bloom, the mornings are cooler (even with the 100 degrees this past week during the day), and NOW we are in for a little reprieve…84 degree high for today and 60 degrees tomorrow….WHAT?! It looks like the 100 degrees are history. At least, as far as we know!

Let me give an update on The Farm, we’ve been running full boar staying on top of every thing the best we can. We’ve harvested over 1600#’s of Cauliflower! 1200#’s have gone to the Food Bank of Colorado, and the balance to our CSA members and Bee Healthy, Sackett’s in Sheridan, Fresh Foods Wyoming in Casper, and NaM’s Sweet and Savory food truck in Greybull. We are now into the harvest of the Flamestar cauliflower which is a nice cheddar color…we are hoping the Graffiti in its gorgeous purple has time to mature! Good news– cauliflower, broccoli, broccolini, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts ALL love it cooler and should continue for a nice harvest this weekend!

Tomatoes have suffered with blight, but we plant in volume and use different varieties. I have Roma tomatoes harvested and boxed and ready to go….There are 2 extra boxes of Roma’s at Bee Healthy– Text me at 431-1219 to put your name on them! $30 for 20#. Slicers/Canners will be harvested this weekend…Text 431-1219 to reserve them for your canning needs! Seems the Heirlooms and saladettes have suffered, but NOT any of the Cherry tomatoes! Try the Apple Pear Cherry tomatoes at Bee Healthy…looks like that name covers most the fruit! More Washington Cherry to follow….

Vegetable Boxes at Bee Healthy for CSA members: Tendersweet Cabbage (flathead, thin-leaved and sweet, great for wraps and even in BLT’s…true story…out of lettuce, used cabbage), Walla Walla onion (fresh, store in fridge), English Cucumber (grown in high tunnel), Islander Bell Pepper (purple to orange, sweet, light fleshed), Summer Squash (again or forever…Yellow Zephyr and Costa Romanesco or striped zucchini), Green Beans (YES!), Broccoli, Corn! (4 ears…more for sale at Bee Healthy Saturday), and 2 Sugar Cube cantaloupe

Well…gotta go! Members–Come and get your boxes! Customers–come and buy some veggies (Watermelons and Cantaloupes, too!), or any of the other great stuff we stock at Bee Healthy! Let’s consider it Farmer’s Market every Thursday at Bee Healthy–no time on Saturday’s with the garden and its obligations to meet you at Farmer’s Market, so meet us Thursday…or Friday…or Saturday at Bee Healthy where the produce is fresh and cooooled!


Haronie European Picking Cucumbers

The garden has finally come into its own and is PRODUCING 3 fold on the earliest items!

Pickling cucumbers ready NOW– we have both European Picklers (Harmonie) and American Picklers (Max Pack)–$25 for 13#…which makes roughly 8 quarts of pickles. (American picklers have thicker, bitter skin…European have a great flavor but are thinner skinned. Both work but if you are using an old fashioned recipe, consider cutting the salt in half for the European’s. )

We don’t have dill, yet, but some folks around have it growing wild, or you can purchase dill seeds (concentrated flavor, but no pretty fronds). We also have dried chili peppers if you like your pickles hot. 🙂

Text 431-1219