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Messages from The Farm

Hello Everyone!  This is a message to all members–

WAXED BOXES–We delivered the ordered cabbages, cauliflower, and broccoli in waxed boxes–We need those back.  You can return them to Brittany when she makes your delivery on Friday–THANKS!

SSB BAGS–We are delivering the out-of-town shares in SSB cloth bags.  We need those returned, too.  The bank donated 90 to us–we use them in a rotation and try to color code them to simplify our delivery.  The can be returned to Brittany on the North Route and Me on the Thermopolis Route.

EGG CARTONS–both of the egg ladies have asked that you return their egg cartons to The Farm and we can get them to them when they deliver new eggs.  We will also accept any other paper cartons you may want to part with–Bring them to Pick Up’s or Brittany and Me on the delivery routes.

GUARANTEE–We guarantee the freshness and quality of our produce.  If you
EVER get any item that is not good, let us know.  We will replace it with like kind and quality or something better if that item is not available.  It is sometimes a challenge raising without chemicals–you can expect an occasional bug or blemish, but the quality of the produce should not be diminished.   PLEASE, please, please let us know–

That’s all for tonight folks!   The Farmer’s Wife



I’ve been a little derelict in keeping the canner’s posted, so here it is:

We have pickling cucumbers–13# (roughly 8 quarts) and a limited amount of dill–send me an email.  Several recipes for pickles are posted on the Recipe tab.

I have two 5# bags of large green beans for Dilly Beans— $7  (These are great pickled but too large to can as green beans–)

I have an abundant amount of Cauliflower that can be froze.  It is not the most beautiful looking stuff–slightly yellowed instead of snow white, BUT just as tender and sweet as that which you’ve had in your shares.  I’ll be working it through Tuesday and Wednesday and breaking it up for 20# bags–It will be available for sale on Thursday.  Cost is $14/bag while supplies last.  I can sell it in 10# bags, too.

Send me an email for any of these items:

The Farmer’s Wife

Update on the Farm

My monthly Update on the Farm is now published on the blog–It tells you how things are going here and what we do to pass the time–LOL!  Also, the update includes a brief introduction of our wonderful team for this year.    Connect at, the Update on the Farm tab.


The Farmer’s Tired Wife

Message for the Leap Frog Shares

Greetings all you Leap Froggers!  For those that are getting their shares twice a month, August has a funny little twist.  Your Pick Up weeks are the 2nd and the 4th weeks of each month.  July has nearly 5 weeks, so August 2nd is considered a part of the last week in July.  That makes your Pick Ups on August 15th for Thermopolis, and August 16th for Worland at Farmer’s Market.

Mark your calendar–August 15th or 16th, and the fourth week is August 29th or 30th– 

The Farmer’s Wife

Cream of Zucchini Soup Recipes

New Recipe in the Recipe section of–

46. Cream of Zucchini Soup.

This is a recipe that is easy and nutritious–Two variations.  In the first the special ingredients are Basil and Mint.  In the second the unique tastes are developed with a hearty soup stock including onion and garlic, and the creamy part including coconut milk. Both can be served hot or cold.

Enjoy!   The Farmer’s Wife 

PEACHES– Order cancelled

Hi Everyone that ordered peaches–I am pulling this order for now.  Based on my past experience I am not confident these particular peaches will be good canners. The first peach I had was great, but they have not continued to ripen the way I think they should.

The GOOD NEWS is–We have peaches, pears, and cherries coming out of Utah in August.  I’ve bought peaches for over ten years from Fowers and the quality and consistent supply has been great!  They send their own truck and we don’t go through a buyer.

Sorry if the thought of boxes of peaches made your mouth salivate–it did mine–But boxes of peaches that don’t peel and aren’t free from the pit is a canner’s nightmare–I’ve had that one and lived through it!

THANKS– The Farmer’s Wife



Saturday, Farmer’s Market– Pioneer Square in Worland– 8:00-11:30 am

Veggie and Fruit Share Pickup–LEAP FROGS this week!

Items for sale include FRESH HERBS including BASIL, CUCUMBERS including LEMON CUCUMBERS, BROCCOLI & CAULIFLOWER for $1.50 a head, EGGPLANT for your Baba Ganosh, RADISHES and SALANOVA Lettuce bags, Swiss Chard and Kale, and Antohi Romanian Frying Peppers (sweet)–  Priced to sell!

Eggs–  Organic (Costco)– $2.50 dozen,  Farm Fresh Local– $3.75


See you there!   THE FARMER’ S WIFE



The Organic New Haven’s jumped from $21.90 to $49.80 (17#’s). I’m switching the order to a 20# box of Red Haven’s for $20.10–these are conventionally grown, and not certified organic.

I will assume the substitution is okay unless I hear from you otherwise. THANKS!

The Farmer’s Wife

Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli

A point of clarification–You can buy extra Cabbage, or Cauliflower, or Broccoli at Pick Up Day on Thursday, by sending an email to have it delivered with your Share on the delivery routes Friday, or at Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning.  Each share this week has a head of Broccoli and a head of Cauliflower–some have Cabbage.

Prices are $1.50 per head for Broccoli or Cauliflower…priced to MOVE–regular price is $2.15/# for Broccoli and $2.40/# for Cauliflower

Cabbage is $.90/lb. They weigh 3-1/2 to 5 lbs a head.  We also have Red Cabbage at $1./#

Please note: We can take the exact amount in cash or a check on the delivery routes–no way to make change.


The Farmer’s Wife



!~Oh! and one more thing…

Thursday Half/Full Shares will have a head of Cabbage, and North Route and Farmer’s Market Shares will have Eggplant…if more is ready…if not they will have cabbage, too. Next week the entire Thursday group, not just the Half/Full’s, will have Eggplant.  (I may have some left-over Eggplant at Farmer’s Market on Saturday, too.)

I gave you a great recipe for Eggplant Hummus (Baba Ganosh–#44), but I also have some great recipes for fresh cabbage.

Try the Cole Slaw–milk-less and SIMPLE…you have to like Miracle Whip or Mayo–Recipe #36 (Add your cuke and Antohi pepper, too)

Kielbasa and Cabbage (Polish Sausage)–one of my family’s favorites!  Recipe #34.

Cabbage Burgers–a lot of versatility…cook for a meal or make ahead and freeze for winter enjoyment.  Recipe #35.  I use frozen bread dough–Blair’s carries a brand out of Utah that is close to home made…has better stretch than the conventional brands.  (I use whole wheat, but the white is light and airy though not complete nutrients.)

We are also overloaded with zucchini and cucumbersExtras are available on the EXTRA’s table along with your Share allotment at Pick Up. 

Zucchini Casserole (bakes 30 minutes and uses Stove-top Stuffing)–great family meal!-but good for a couple, too.  Recipe #3

Creamy Cucumber Salad– recipe #13

Next week:  Lemon Cucumbers! 

The Farmer’s Wife