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Price Correction Blueberries

Corrected the post on the BLUEBERRIES–Price is $8 a pound, not a bag.  Bag price is $31 for 4.5# to 5#, and Case of 4 costs $120.  Not as good a deal as the first post, but still better than the store or elsewhere that I’ve seen.   Forgive my late day math–  :\

The Farmer’s Wife

Pesticide-free BLUEBERRIES from ID

Interested in ordering a gallon of BLUEBERRIES?  They weigh 4.5-5# a bag and come from Idaho, pesticide-free.

Cost is $8 a pound, $31 a bag.  Why not order a case of four and freeze them up to enjoy this winter in your cereal? Blueberry pie or tarts are pretty easy!  (Case cost is $120–$4 savings from individual bag price.)

ORDER by Friday, August 8th.  email me  (I will confirm receipt–)

Blueberries will be ready for Pick Up Thursday, August 13th, at The Farm from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.


The Farmer’s Wife~