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Update on The Farm

AUGUST 20th, 2014

Time to post an Update on the Farm.  It is 2:20 in the morning.  I usually sleep quite well–more like fall into bed exhausted at close to midnight.  This night was a little different:  it was an early 11:00 p.m. when the head hit the sheets.  But here I am– brain racing and so…a quick post.  Ho-ho-ho…nothing quick about me!

As I’ve stated before:  Every year is different.  This year is no exception.  As we transition into the second phase of production we are confronted with new problems:  Rodents and possible ground fertility issues.

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Membership Opportunity

Periodically people will ask, “How do I join?” during the harvest season.  I encourage them to sign up ‘to follow’ the blog via email–then when we open up the membership the next Spring they will be the first to know and have an opportunity to buy a membership in the CSA and get that fresh produce on a weekly basis during the season.

If you are getting this by email it is because you ‘signed up to follow the blog via email.’

A midseason opportunity has come up to get a share from the first week in September to the end of the season….we are working toward delivering weekly shares through the fourth week in October.

If you are interested contact the Shareholder by email : barbaramoots@gmail. com. If you are a member and know of someone who may be interested, give them this information.  Thanks,

The Farmer’s Wife