If you live in BUFFALO, SHERIDAN, THERMOPOLIS, SHOSHONI, RIVERTON, OR LANDER, and would like to access and support Local and Fresh foods, be a part of the MOVEMENT (some call it Farm to Fork)–JOIN the Special Box Program! (Casper Shares are handled through Fresh Foods Wyoming, contact them direct on their Web page.)

Wyoming is our Community and we are Local for Wyoming! (Yeah?)

So….What is the Special Box Program?  It is an extension of our CSA.  (See CSA tab for information on what a CSA is, and what to expect in a SHARE.)

The CSA has lots to offer, but not everyone can get here to Worland every Thursday for their Share or to shop The Store, SO we deliver!  (Check Delivery Schedule under the CSA tab)  The Special Box program gives you a chance to access garden fresh, locally grown foods.  (As a member of the CSA, which you are by extension,  you are always welcome to come  and partake in anything else going on that Thursday at The Farm.  Do not neglect your own local Farmer’s Markets.  They are important to your communities.  We provide another outlet and often have things you cannot get locally because of the length of your seasons, shortage of growers, or limitations on garden spaces, like melons and long season cauliflowers, fall celery or celeriac, and others…)

Here’s the Nuts and Bolts of the SPECIAL BOX PROGRAM–


COST–$35 per Special Box , $25 Annual Membership fee.  (Pay in full before May 15th, and get 2020 Prices–$30 per box, $25 membership fee…$415 weekly and $265 leap-frog)   

WEEKLY SPECIAL BOX–13 Weeks……………….$480 (add $14.50 for PayPal…$494.50)

LEAP-FROG SPECIAL BOX–8 Weeks……………..$305 (add $9.50 for PayPal…$314.50)

PAY MONTHLY–Call me at 307-431-1219 to discuss.


SIGN UP IN THE SPRING—But we accept new members to fill the route-we’ll start deliveries as soon as we can in July (week after the first CSA pick up)…we wait on the garden.  Spring sign up is preferable–We plant the garden based on the number of members!  Sign up is EASY:

  1. Complete the Special Box Program Application under the Special Box Program Page–this is so we know who you are and how to reach you.  🙂
  2. Indicate whether you want a Weekly Box or a Leap-Frog (every other week)
  3. Indicate your payment plan in comments:  Sign up & Pay in Full, or pay Monthly starting with July (first payment includes your $25 CSA Membership fee.)
  4. Hit SUBMIT and it will SEND—- I will send you a confirmation so you know we have it!



  1. PayPal–Open the PayPal page from the horizontal menu and pay with your debit or credit card.  (Don’t forget to include the paypal fee…)
  2. Check–Make checks payable to Lloyd Craft Farms, and mail to 1049 Washakie Ten, Worland, WY  82401
  3. Cash–sorry, cash can only be received at Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland.

REMEMBER– You can pay up front for the season (helps us with our garden costs and saves you money this year) or a Month ahead (helps you budget your money).  You can do a Leap Frog or a Weekly.  If you do a Leap-Frog and want MORE, you have until August 15th to upgrade to a Weekly. (Check on the UPGRADE option under the CSA tab.)  Unpaid Boxes may not be delivered.

The FINAL step To COMPLETE THE SIGN UP PROCESS:  Go to our HOME page and sign up ‘to follow’ by entering your email address in the box at the right hand side–this is how we communicate when the garden is ready and share Pick Up information.  🙂

GET READY to ENJOY the plethora of veggies from our garden in the Big Horn Basin of beautiful Wyoming!  CSA starts in July and Special Box Program starts a week later, both run for 13 weeks.  Share sizes vary throughout the season but are freshly harvested and usually 8-10 items.  (We have been told we do a good job of filling the boxes up, and have a good variety for the week!)  

In a NUTSHELL:  Cost to join is $35 this year for each Special Box, and $25 to join the CSA.  Special Boxes will be dropped every other week (Leap-Frog), or Weekly.  ENJOY–EAT Good for GOOD health!! 


Questions?  contact me at craftterri@rtconnect.net, or call or text 307-431-1219

The Farmer’s Wife (Terri)

update 3/22/2021

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