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This week’s Share Pick Up will be on Saturday for everyone--No Tuesday or Thursday Pick Ups at The Farm, but a Saturday Pick Up downtown at the Parking Lot next to Western Sage CPA’s.  Pick Up time will be 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  If you will be out of town for the weekend, or can’t make it down that day, your share will be stored in our cooler at The Farm for pick up Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

This week’s share contains POTATOES, ONION, SCARLET QUEEN TURNIPS, JET ACORN SQUASH, and BRUSSELS SPROUTS.  The greens for the week will be either SPINACH, SALANOVA, or SWISS CHARD- first come, first choice!  Extra’s table–weather permitting–should have broccoli, peppers, cabbage, and some odds and ends.

Thanks for your assistance and understanding as we deal with the end of season weather, and trying to get things harvested before the first hard frost…which we know is eminent in October!  Any questions can be directed to–  THANKS– The Farmer’s Wife


SEPTEMBER 28th, 2014

We are entering the last quarter of the 16 week Summer Season.  The first frost of the season was a couple of weeks early this year.  Most people thought this was IT–we were DONE.  I would have thought that myself a few years ago, but we have learned there are lots of plants that are not affected by the frost…and in fact, they are enhanced in flavor and taste…Brussels sprouts and broccoli.  And we have taken steps to row cover eight beds this year to help extend their season….TO READ MORE ABOUT THE FARM IN THE LAST QUARTER OF THE CSA GO TO and click on the UPDATE ON THE FARM tab.


This Saturday is the last official Farmer’s Market for the Washakie County Association.  Time is 8:00 to 11:30 a.m. at Pioneer Square, downtown Worland across from City Hall.  Share pick up is the same as it has been all season–See you Saturday Pick Up people there!

Stay tuned for a post regarding any changes in Pick Up’s.  With the changing weather–rain, cold, shorter days–harvest and share preparation becomes more difficult. The second or third week in October we may move to a once a week Pick Up for everyone on Thursday at an inside location–stay tuned.

At Farmer’s Market this week we will have carrots, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, Jalapenos and Poblano hot peppers, Antohi and Bell peppers, more green and red cabbage, broccoli, beets, and lots of snack peppers.

See you there!  The Farmer’s Wife

Week 12- Veggie and Fruit Shares

Good Morning Everyone!–And a good morning it is–Yesterday the temps hit 92 degrees, and we felt it–But always nice to have the sunshine and clear skies.

This week is our 12th of 16 weeksOur Veggie Shares this week have Greens, fresh dug Carrots, Grape tomatoes or Snack Peppers, Red Beets, beautiful thick-meated Green Bell Peppers, and Acorn Squash.

A note on the greens.  This week we had two varieties of Salanova, both of them speckled with insect protein…in layman terms aphids and white fly.  I apologize!  We  checked them the week before and they were okay…we harvested Tuesday not noting anything unusual…and then when I popped the container open for Pick Up the little critters were emerging from the greenery.  I almost pulled them but it was our Butter head which is easily washed and super good.  The Thursday, Friday, and Saturday groups have the Green Incised Salanova which has been triple washed and bagged in 5 oz ziplock bags.

We released the last of my 9,000 ladybugs and we’ll see what they can do for next week.  Washing is very time consuming and takes great care, but is sometimes necessary in organic production for eye-appeal.  Ingested insects are not harmful, but in America we are not accustomed to seeing them on our food.  Here, at The Farm, we chose to avoid the rash of chemicals currently used commercially, especially on lettuce, to kill the bugs.  Bear with us as we hone our art.   🙂

Fruit Share this week is simple:  Witch Fingers grapes and 3-1/2#’s of Organic Italian Prunes (type of Plum).  The Witch Finger grapes are an example of patient hybrid breeding techniques.  They are elongated instead of round, and have a great flavor and texture.  The parent grape is a Mediterranean variety.  The prunes are wonderful–my favorite plum!  Easy to eat–wonderful taste–and great firmness.  I’m squeamish on my plums…can’t gage down a soft plum…and love them to be a true free-stone.  The Italian prunes are both!

Enjoy both the Veggie and the Fruit Shares.  With the change of the season from summer to fall, you will see the share sizes getting a little smaller.  We are moving from the hot weather night-shades (tomatoes, eggplant, peppers) and corn, to the root crops (carrots, beets, turnips, sweet potatoes, potatoes), brassicas (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli) and squashes.  Still to come–Brussel sprouts, thicker-leaved celery, potatoes, carrots, Scarlet Queen turnips, onions, and a plethora of winter squashes.  AND a surprise from the hoophouse as the Bok Choi and Spinach reach harvestibility!

ENJOY–Eat healthy to be healthy!  The Farmer’s Wife





Saturday is nearly upon us!  Share Pick Up for the Saturday group–Veggie and Fruit.

We have cleaned the cooler out and harvested some great BROCCOLI to sell at Farmer’s Market–$1.75/BAG

Other items are listed below:

CABBAGE– $1- $3 a head depending on size–both early variety and storage kind

Plethora of PEPPERS–Dollar Deals on Bells, Hot Wax, Pepperoncini, and Snack Peppers…

POTATOES– 5# bags of Reds and Yukons ($5.50), 5# bags of Baby Purple Vikings & Fingerlings ($6)

ONIONS— white, red, and yellow–all sweet! $.75/$.85 a piece

CELERY for flavoring great FRESH soups and drying the tops for the WINTER soups

GREEN BUTTER SALANOVA HEADS–Lady Bugs included…no spray pesticides    🙂

Try some PURPLE DAIKON RADISHES–2 recipes available!

64 ears of CORN–absolutely last of the season!

CLEARANCE ON ALL MELONS— Seedless Orange Crisp watermelons, Seeded Crimson Sweet watermelons, a few cantaloupe and Mini-watermelons, some French cantaloupe, lots of Honey Dew…all crisp and firm and sweet.  Last CHANCE–

Come for the last of the corn and melons…AND great goodies for the fresh fall soups!

The Farmer’s Wife


We are still going–Hope you are, too!  🙂 

Tuesday Pick Up at The Farm 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.  Share this week is LETTUCE, CABBAGE, YUKON POTATOES, DAIKON RADISHES…last of the WATERMELONS AND CORN…and a new treat:  fresh CELERY.


CANNER’S SHARE:  Canning tomatoes and broccoli still available. New crop of fall cabbage–green and red–great for sauerkraut and frozen cabbage burgers or filling.  This cabbage will keep in a cool place for months!  We covered some of the pepper plants from the frost–peppers available for freezing…Hot Peppers for salsa…potatoes for frozen fries or hash browns.


How long will the CSA last?–6 more weeks.  We still have beets, carrots, cauliflower, purple salad turnips, sweet potatoes, more potatoes, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, onions, and Swiss chard.

Please watch your email or check the website frequently for messages on Pick Up locations and times.  We may consolidate Pick Up days, switch the time to a warmer part of the day, or change the place of Pick Up to get away from mud or the cold.

Stay tuned!  The Farmer’s Wife

WATERMELONS and Report on the Frost

Last of the season–The Farmer picked over 200 good old fashioned Crimson Sweets, Charleston Greys, and the Seedless Orange Crisp watermelons.  We will be selling them at Farmer’s Market for $5 to $15 depending on size.

Report on the Frost–We were able to cover 8 beds of peppers, tomatoes, and 1/2 bed of cucumbers.  They appear to have made it.  Too early to tell on the green beans or corn, but the summer squash, eggplant, and all melons are done for the season. Pumpkin plants and winter squash plants are dying back–squash can now cure and gain sweetness.

How long will the CSA last?–It is our intent to go 6 more weeks.  We still have beets, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cabbage, lettuce, Daikon radishes, purple salad turnips, sweet potatoes, potatoes, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, onions, and Swiss chard.

This week was a HARD reminder of how difficult it is to harvest and prep veggies when it is frigid cold outside!  We did get our processing shelter enclosed and heated, but no more rinsing off dirt…as you may have noticed with the beets and lettuce…And the cold is not the only issue:  We have MUD, slippery, slick, fall on your butt mud!

If we can’t go the full 16 weeks it will be because of drastic weather or we run out of things to harvest. 

Please watch your email or check the website frequently for messages on Pick Up locations and times.  We may consolidate Pick Up days, switch the time to a warmer part of the day, or change the place of Pick Up to get away from mud or the cold.

Stay tuned!  The Farmer’s Wife

Farmer’s Market Saturday

Saturday is possibly the last Farmer’s Market for the season.  For the future, we will continue to pull our truck into town with the CSA Shares for the Saturday Pick Up members.  Instead of the spot by the alley off Pioneer Square, we will move to Western Sage CPA’s parking lot–catty-corner to the park in a corner lot.  You can drive right in and park near the truck!

This week we will have a plethora of hot peppers:  Jalapeno, Habanero, Poblano, Krimzon Lee (a type of paprika that looks like an Anaheim), and Hungarian Hot Wax. 

Green Bell Peppers, wrinkled Pepperoncini (not hot), and the multi-colored light meated Bell Peppers called Islander.  Maybe some Antohi peppers if they survive the frost–we didn’t give them a blanket for tonight.

Broccoli-By-The-Bag @ $1/#

Green beans–Kentucky Blue pole beans–in 5# bags.  I had some of these for dinner–cooked in butter, and lightly steamed!  YUM–

European Picklers–our snack cucumbers that are great as pickles.  These were picked Monday and are most likely the last of the season.  🙁

Red Beets–a small gathering of topped beets in a bag.

Onions–sweet yellows, large sweet whites, and some purples.

Potatoes–5# bags of Purple Vikings, Baby Purple Vikings, Dark Red Norlands, Baby Dark Red Norlands, and some Amarosa Fingerlings (red skin and rosy red flesh).

Green Cabbage–stragglers in the garden that missed the harvest because they just weren’t big enough.  Sweet and peppery in flavor, crisp texture.

Cantaloupe and Watermelons–ABSOLUTELY the last of the season…a short one this year for melons–late spring and average date for the frost in this region.

Fruit for sale this week are 1/2 pint Raspberries ($3) and Thomcord Grapes ($3/#)

See you there!  The Farmer’s Wife



This week’s fruit share was 4 items–Thomcord grapes, Riverton raspberries, Cara Cara Oranges from Chile, and Honey Crisp apples.  All but the oranges are certified Organic–

The Thomcord grapes are ‘seedless’ with small vestigial seeds in some–not big enough to gag you, but noticeably there.  This is a hybrid Thompson, which is seedless, and Concord which is a sweet purple grape used for jellies and wines.  If you did not get grapes in your share, come see me at Farmer’s Market–give me a holler today so I can put them aside.

The Riverton raspberries are from Sonharvest Seasons in Riverton and are out-of-this-world.  The Piel’s pick them sweet and take great care in delivering a consistent berry.  Raspberries are very perishable–Eat them quickly or freeze them.  Freezing is easy: spread on a cookie sheet, place in the freezer…after frozen put into zipper bags and you are ready for the winter…or maybe next week if your will-power is weak.

Cara Cara Oranges are a product of Chile.  They are…well let me let Specialty Produce of San Diego tell you about them:

“The Cara Cara orange has a trifecta of attributes. It has the initial appearance of a true orange. Its peel is smooth, yet pebbled and when zested releases bright floral aromatics. It is easy to peel and when its flesh is revealed, it reflects the color of ruby grapefruit. It tastes sweeter than any given orange with flavors far more comparable to tangerines with robust and complex citrus aromatics. Its flesh is also seedless, an advantage among any fruit. When ripe, the Cara Cara orange’s flesh is tender, succulent and extremely juicy.”

And the last item–The Honey Crisp apple hails from Washington state.  In The Farmer’s Wife’s words:  “The best apple ever!”  Do you remember the first Fruit Share we got this year?  It had small Honey Crisp apples from New Zealand–Well, I just made 10 of them and some of the Golden Delicious from two weeks ago into applesauce yesterday!  It is wonderful–love the ‘fresh’ applesauce from organically certified apples–They grace my fridge right now, but when I do the last of the Utah peaches I’ll reheat it, put it in new pint jars, and hot water bath them to store for the winter…or next week since my willpower is weak.

ENJOY!  Five more weeks of Fruit Share–  The Farmer’s Wife

Raspberries and Thursday Pick UP

As posted earlier, Thursday Pick Up will be at the Museum Parking Lot from 4:30 to 5:30.  BRING YOUR BAGS–SEVERAL for both Veggie Share and Fruit Share.

Raspberries can be picked up there on Thursday, or will be delivered Friday, or picked up Saturday at Farmer’s Market, depending on your normal Pick Up day.  Those who ordered and are not members can pick their Raspberries up on Thursday at the Museum Parking Lot.

I have 3 extra Flats still for sale for $30.  1/2 Pints will be for sale at Farmer’s Market for $3. 

Canner’s Shares of tomatoes, corn, and green beans will be on the truck for Pick Up Thursday.  If your normal pick up day is not Thursday and you would like to pick up your Canner’s Share on Thursday, text me at 431-1219 so that the Share can be loaded onto the truck. 

That’s all FOLKS–Stay warm and think warm thoughts for the garden!

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife