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Buyer’s Group for the 2022 season starts January 20th and closes late  June (when we transition to the garden and the CSA)–This is our NINTH year!  Buyer’s Group is at Bee Healthy, produce is ours and that from Spokane Produce….to start, the veggies/fruit will be boxed and valued at $30, but we are moving towards setting up the goodies in the back room so you can assemble your own box.  Why this?  Saves time and keeps the cost of the boxes down–you also get to pick the size you want or the variety on some items. (We will box and store those veggies/produce to be picked up Friday or Saturday and store in our walk-in cooler.) 

Send text to 431-1219 with your name to sign up.  Membership is limited by space and availability of produce.  You can sign up for a weekly box if you are voracious veggie eaters, or a Leap-Frog for every other week!  Bee Healthy will give you 10% off storewide on the day you pick up your veggies/fruit!

*Sign up is for the season–January through June. You can opt out of a Box by letting us know a week in advance so we have time to make other arrangements. 

*Pay Thursday when you pick up your Box.  Cost is $30.  Cash, check, credit or debit card!

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  • The Buyer’s Group is a separate program from the CSA/Special Box Program, or Fall Friday Sales! Each is structured a little bit differently–but all in combination provide fresh and/or local produce 10-11 months out of a year.  And that’s a good thing!!


Buyer’s Group dates for 2022

Group A- Leap-Frog                                 Group B- Leap-Frog   

January 20                                                           January 27

February 3, 17                                                    February 10, 24

March 3, 17, 31                                                    March 10, 24

April 14, 28                                                            April 7, 21  

May 12, 26                                                              May 5, 19

June 9, 23                                                               June 2, 16, 30

CSA starts in July…if garden is not quite ready then the Buyer’s Group can be extended a week or two into July.  


The goal of the Buyer’s Group is to bring in USDA Certified Organic produce* throughout the winter and spring when the Garden is not producing yet, and to take advantage of the buying power of a group.  (Buyer’s Group meets the minimum requirement and shipping needs of Spokane Produce.)  Members will be guaranteed a cross section of produce through the Box.  The Members commitment to the program makes it possible for everyone else–!  🙂

*We sell some Conventionally raised citrus, mangoes, avocados, and pineapples following the guidelines of pesticide levels as reported by the Environmental Working Group–Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists are posted under our Nutrition Page.  This year we added Asparagus, Cauliflower, and Broccoli to be purchased conventionally or organic, depending on quality and availability.  



 (updated 1/18/2022)



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