Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome


Buyer’s Group for the 2020 season start in January, and close May 31st–This will be our SIXTH year!  (We MAY extend in to June for two weeks depending on how the garden is doing and the amount of help we have there–)

Buyer’s Group has 2 Groups: “A” has Produce the 1st & 3rd Monday, “B” has Produce the 2nd & 4th Monday.  Want produce weekly?–sign up for both groups.  Membership is limited so we can handle the Boxes, BUT Monday sales (EXTRA’s) are open to anyone–Walk-In’s Welcome! Information is posted here and at Lloyd Craft Farms Facebook page weekly.

(If we have a 5th Monday in any Month, sign up for a 5th MONDAY SPECIAL BOX the week before.  Anyone can order a 5th MONDAY SPECIAL Box, you don’t have to be a Buyer’s Group member.)


The goal of the Buyer’s Group is to bring in USDA Certified Organic produce* throughout the winter when the Garden is not producing yet, and to take advantage of the buying power of a group.  (Buyer’s Group meets the minimum requirement and shipping needs of Spokane Produce.)  Members will be guaranteed a cross section of produce through the Special Box at a reduced price from open sales.  The Members commitment to the program makes it possible for everyone else–members and walk-ins alike!  🙂

*We sell some Conventionally raised citrus, mangoes, avocados, and pineapples following the guidelines of pesticide levels as reported by the Environmental Working Group–Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists are posted under our Nutrition Page.


Nuts and Bolts of the program:  

  • Lloyd Craft Farms is the Administrator of the program. 
  • Members usually sign up prior to the start.  We ask that Members commit to participate for 10 Thursday’s. We are limited to 50 members for each group. No Down-payment required. Sign up by email ( or text to 431-1219.  A Memo of Understanding gives specific details– copy under a separate tab at   
  • Special Box- $30 each time, $60 a month.   Schedule for Group A and Group B at the bottom.   Payment due each Thursday.  Send a friend if you can’t make it, or let me know the week before and I’ll put it up for sale.
  • Additional Produce or Extra’s  are items the Administrator orders for open sale to both Members and Walk-in’s alike– Extra’s may include Lloyd Craft Farms produce:  potatoes (fingerlings), winter squash, carrots, onions, Daikon radishes and turnips, or cabbage…as long as supplies last.  
  • Location to be determined for the 2020 Season.
  • Can’t make it?  Let us know and we can store your Box in the cooler at The Farm until the Sunday after Thursday.
  • You can opt out of a Special Box by letting us know a week in advance so we have time to sell the box.  
  • At the end of the Thursday we may post extra Special Boxes for sale on our Facebook page, and here.  These are put together from our left-overs, and necessary to move the stock and cover our expenses.  They will not be discounted (as the Administrator’s Special Box is) but priced as that day, with an additional $1.50 for the box. 
  • The Buyer’s Group is a separate program from the CSA, or Fall Friday Sales! Each is structured a little bit different–but all provide fresh and local produce 10 months out of a year.  


REVISED Buyer’s Group dates for 2019 (MARCH 17TH)

Group A-1st and 3rd Thursday                         Group B-2nd and 4th Thursday 

 January 10, 24                                                       January 1731

February 7, 21                                                          February 14, 28

March 7, 21  (SATURDAY, MARCH 23)             March 14, 28 (MONDAY, MARCH 25)

April 1, 15 (MONDAY’S)                                       April 8, 22 (MONDAY’S)

May 6, 20 (MONDAY’S)                                            May 13, 27 (MONDAY’S)  

ONE Fifth MONDAY- Sign up the Week Before (open to members AND others)

April 29


 (updated 7/15/2019)



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