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Palisades Peaches/ Idaho Blueberries

I was contacted about Palisades Peaches.  Yes, I want some to put in the Fruit Shares for the upcoming week.  Yes, I want some to eat here at the house.  Who else wants some?

Here’s the PEACH DEAL:

Palisade Peaches are a little more expansive than what I expect to pay for the Utah peaches that will be here in September.  Palisade’s are $38 for a 20# box, individually packed, #1’s.  Utah peaches are volume packed, may be closely priced, but the box should weigh more and they are perfect for canning…and eating.

I’ve heard nothing compares to the Palisade Peaches–they are primarily used for peach wine in that region.  If you would like a box send me an email ASAP–I have to have my order together Monday.

For the Utah peaches–once I get the price list for the Utah fruit (peaches, pears, apples, and pitted cherries) I will post that information for orders.



I have orders that total 7 cases.  I’ll be selling Blueberries by the pound at Farmer’s Market on the 16th–Price $7/#.  Let me know if you are interested in buying Blueberries at Farmer’s Market.  (This is not an order or a commitment–just an indication to help me ‘guess’ how many more cases to order.)

It is not too late to order your own bag or case of Blueberries.  Send me an email  Price is $31 a bag (4 1/2 to 5 pounds each) or $120 for a case (4 bags–roughly 18#’s)


The Farmer’s Wife




Zucchini Puzzle

Last week at Farmer’s Market a lady in a Hawaiian shirt with a matching visor came up and began asking me questions about her zucchini plants. It was obvious she knew more about them than I did—She knew they had a male and a female flower. She knew that if they were not producing fruit, she may need to hand pollinate them. But what she didn’t know was why with all this knowledge she still did not have zucchini on her zucchini plants.

All I could respond was that I wished The Farmer was here—at Farmer’s Market. He is just the smartest man about plants that I know! And then the surge of new veggie lovers crowed our table and the lady in the Hawaiian shirt with the matching visor and I parted without even sharing a name.

This post is for that woman with a heart-felt thank you for asking the question! I puzzled over her dilemma all week, but it wasn’t until today that I could get to the computer to look for some answers…for the rest of the story go to, Gardening Posts.