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End of Season Tomatoes!

20# box Canners-$35

20# box Roma’s- $30

3 Boxes at Bee Healthy for pick up today. Text 431-1219 to reserve. Harvesting rest of tomatoes this week, but only for need. Orders will be ready Wednesday or Thursday.

Season is a-changing! (Hot and sweet peppers, onions also available—)

PUMPKINS IN OCTOBER! Lloyd Craft Farms pumpkins, sold exclusively through Bee Healthy.

Bee Healthy, 635 Bog Horn Ave, Worland.

Utah Fruit, Lloyd Craft Farms MELONS, and more…

My favorite time of year! Fresh from the Bower’s Orchard in Utah— Suncrest and Paul Friday PEACHES, NECTARINES, and Red Bartlett PEARS— tree ripened, and ready for a day on your counter to complete the fully ripened process… Coming in next week Asian Pears and Honeycrisp Apples. Prices per pound GREAT!

**Bower’s is not certified organic, but in talking with them they treat their orchards responsibly and limit what is applied with an eye to overall health. (We sometimes call that beyond organic…with the watering down of the certification process certain chemicals are allowed in lower concentrations. USDA certified organic does not mean no chemicals. I prefer buying from folks I know and trust in order to nurture my health…and I want to do the same for our Bee Healthy customers and friends!)

A couple weeks ago I had a hankering for peaches, but I never buy them except in season…I broke down and ordered a box of nectarines from our regular produce supplier. Sad story–I threw most of them out… Picked too green, so they didn’t ripen but molded. 🙁


Our other new ‘fruits’ this week are watermelons and cantaloupe from Lloyd Craft Farms. I told you it’s my FAVORITE time of year! Back to my melon before bed–WAHOO!

The garden year has been a challenge–too wet, too cold, too hot, too cool…the poor plants are messed up, the weeds and bugs have been tyrants, and the plants internal clocks are ready to shut down.


Stocked in the cooler at Bee Healthy, Lloyd Craft Farms has the best celery in the world–we are into the second variety–Kelvin–which is taller, corn on the cob (preorder 24 ears for freezingtext 431-1219 with name and amount wanted), a good variety of hot and sweet peppers (check out the gorgeous Orange Bell Peppers in the cooler…behind the green bells!), last of the cucumbers and zucchini, purple green beans (they cook up green), colossal sized white onions and yellow sweets, 2 packages of broccolini (unless I can gleam a little from the high tunnel tomorrow), bags of cut-up cauliflower, parsley, and Swiss Chard. We also have green cabbage and red cabbage. Until the first freeze, Fresh Basil on the counter for sale – $3.75/bundle. Coming soon Winter Squash!

**Green Cabbage is the fall variety, suitable for kraut and cabbage burgers…coming soon the Savoy (crinkled leaves) which is SWEET when cooked (we like it with Brauts or Polish Sausage).

Well…that’s an update…lots of good food for a healthy body! I’m headed back to the farm to harvest and package…large order going out to Casper Tuesday! Sunday night temps may drop to the 40’s so we are focusing on clean harvesting peppers (Poblano’s look great!), and the last of the tomatoes….bringing in the cantaloupes and winter squash, digging potatoes, drying onions, and getting stocked up for at least 4 more months of food we can vouch for and know where it is from! 🙂


Terri, The Farmer’s Wife

Flash NEWS! Fresh Produce @ Bee Healthy Thursday….

Pretend like it is Saturday Farmer’s Market and come in and shop locally grown Lloyd Craft Farms produce: Green Bells, all kinds of Cucumbers, Broccolini, Broccoli (first harvest of the second planting), Cauliflower (also first harvest of the second planting), all kinds of Summer Squash (Zucchini, Zephyr, Patty Pan, and Costa Romanesco AKA Striped Zucchini), and fresh harvested Onions (Sierra Blanca White for now)…Dragon’s Tongue and Green Beans to follow, and yummy Tomatoes

NEW THIS WEEK from Spokane Produce:

ORG Red Grapes–more than 2#…..$8.99

ORG Strawberries–1# each………….$7.75

ORG Blueberries–pint………………….$5.99

Boxes this week for CSA Members: Greybull Valley Romaine Lettuce, 12 oz Broccolini (eat the green leaves!), just picked white Cauliflower head, Green Bell Pepper, 12 oz Dragon’s Tongue Flat Beans, 3 Zucchini or other Summer Squash, Suyo Cucumber, 1# bag Heirloom Lemon Cucumbers, Celery, and a 1# sized Sweet Candy Fresh onion (store in fridge), and some Tomatoes

**Above Picture is representative of a Share. 🙂

Lots of great stuff at Bee Healthy…Supplements for our health (Pure Essence, Nature’s Sunshine, NOW, Quantum Health, Gaia…), organic and clean foods for those with gluten or lactose intolerances, good meats including local ground beef from Flying E Meats, nuts and dried fruits, Larabar and Thunderbird bars sweetened with dates, variety of drink choices, Tea Corner, healthy mushroom products (mycellium and fruiting bodies), wide selection of Aloha Bay salt lamps and incense and candles….and MUCH, Much, much MORE! Stop in and look around! Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland….WYOMING!

Pickling Cucumbers and Dill! Bee Healthy afternoon!

We have harvested to our heart’s content…plenty of European Picklers (sweetness and thinner skin) and American Picklers. 13# (5 gallon bucket) and dill $30 to Lloyd Craft Farms (check or cash). Text 431-1219 to reserve. Pick up today, can tomorrow!…or within 4 days—

Also at Bee Healthy, organic whole CHICKENS ($5.89/#…3-1/2# average)— in the cooler this week…freezer next week.

Restocked on Beeler Pork Brats, Links, and Bacon. New from Mulay’s meats British Banger for the grille. More Stacey’s Tortillas (White and Whole Wheat), Applegate lunch meats and Rumiano sliced Havarti, Mild Cheddar, and Monterrey Jack to pare with the Mini-Pita’s.

Stop in and check it out! Fresh produce Thursday and pretty much always this time of year with the fresh garden!


The excitement never ceases! This week’s CSA Box has garden fresh celery–WE ARE EXCITED! Usually celery matures later in the season…Not this YEAR! Other news–Last of the early Broccoli is at Bee Healthy: two 1# heads and 5 bags of florets. The Broccolini beds have been reduced to that in the high tunnel with the others taken out to control flea beetles. Bee Healthy will continue to carry the tender Happy Rich variety of mini-head broccoli…AKA Broccolini. First harvest of Green Bells, Jalapeno packets…more of the Striped Armenian Cucumbers (closest cuke to the melon family) and Japanese Greenhouse cucumbers…Snack and Lemon Cucumbers…Summer Squash and Patty Pans. White onions in the cooler are from the garden–Sweet and full of flavor! Come and Check it all out! Eat healthy to be healthy!

Boxes this week: Greybull Valley Romaine Lettuce, full head of Celery, small Red Cabbage, 1/2# Broccolini, 1# Cauliflower cut-up, 2 purple Islander peppers, Summer Squash, Sierra Blanca (Superstar) White onion, and 3 Valley Girl saladette tomatoespicked this morning! Ready for Pick Up at Bee Healthy–

Other NEWs from Bee Healthy:

EXTENDED Line of gut products from Vital Planet…New this week Vital Gut Renew, Vital Gut Boost, Vital addition to their top line of Vital Probiotics, Fiber 35, Omega 3’s, and Vital Enzymes. Vital Planet also has four cleanses: Vital Detox, Vital Cleanse, Vital ParaPure, and Vital CandiPure. Reasonably priced, effective with out being uncomfortable!

FRESH PRODUCE DAY @ BEE Healthy…CSA Pick up for Lloyd Craft Farms

THURSDAY! Fresh Produce Day at Bee Healthy! The coolers are stocked, the fresh Cherry Tomatoes are in and the first harvest of the Roma’s. The garden is coming into its own: Antohi Frying Peppers and Shishitos for roasting, Fresh Sweet Onions (in the cooler–not dried), Yellow/Orange cauliflower (both bagged and full head), Suyo Cucumbers (sweet and wonderful sliced in a salad of oil and vinegar with tomatoes and red onions)…as well as the usual lettuces, spinach, broccoli and broccolini, carrots, beets, etc.

CSA Box this week: That gorgeous jumbo Onion, Romaine Lettuce from Greybull Valley Produce, Curly Kale for Caesar Salad (google a recipe–you will not be disappointed!), bag of Cauliflower florets, Summer Squash mix, 1# Cherry Tomatoes, 1# Shishito Peppers, 1# Harmonie Snack Cucumbers, high tunnel Japanese Cucumber (Unagi), and a bag of our Broccolini. (Still some openings in the CSA– Text 431-1219 for a pro-rated price–)

Have a great day! Stop in and shop Bee Healthy–Teas and coffees, wide selection of supplements, personal care products, bridge food (chips and cookies), healthy drinks (NEW! Tatu Protein water), lots of food and Fresh Produce, and more!

CSA Veggie Boxes Thursday @ Bee Healthy, and Fresh Produce Thursday, too!

Wow! The Garden has exploded…along with the weeds and bugs! As we raise things organically, we plant a little extra to anticipate the pests and bad weather, but this year has been different with the wet, wet spring, and the near 100 degrees for a week or two!

This is my lead up to the story of poor little Happy Rich (broccolini). The spring rains came, and came, and came. Happy Rich soaked it up, reveling in the fresh drink, but soon the ground wrapped around his strong roots was suffocating him! Happy Rich needed oxygen from his soil, but alas, the oxygen had been replaced by water. He withered, but hung on…! Mr. Lygus Bug and the green worm that likes cabbage and anything else Brassica-like, found the weakened Happy Rich, who was not so happy any more. They began to nibble his flowering head, and chew holes in his leaves. The Farmer’s Wife harvested the best she could, squashing Mr. Lygus and his kin as she went along.

Good news–only 10 feet were severely affected and they will be skipped next time! Farmer will spray some Bacillus Thuringiensis to give the worms a tummy ache, and we will tolerate the Lygus as best we can. There are things that kill Lygus, but it is questionable as to how good they are for the bacteria in our own gut!

Box this week–Week 3– is LOADED!


FLAMESTAR CAULIFLOWER— Orange yellow in color and just as tasty

BROCCOLI HEAD–huge and the last of our Spring broccoli that we harvested 7/30

BROCCOLINI— Happy Rich, some with tiny heads but still huge sweet leaves and stalks!

KALE— Mostly Lacinato, but some Green Curley– with the Green Curley try Kale Caesar Salad–YUM!

HARMONIE CUCUMBERS– 1# bag, AKA European Picklers or Snack cukes


SUMMER SQUASH MIX— Zucchini, Costa Romanesco (Heirloom Striped), Zephyr (Yellow with a green tip) or Patty Pan



CANDY SWEET YELLOW ONION— this was a surprise to us, too, this early in the season!

Pickup your Share at Bee Healthy! If you are not a member of the CSA but would like to join, send me a text…307-431-1219…and we’ll get you signed up! Cost is $35 per box, and $25 membership– well worth it! Good food, steady supply, convenient pick up!

PS- Bee Healthy has a good supply of produce from both Lloyd Craft Farms and Spokane Produce. This week 1# ORG STRAWBERRIES, ORG LEEKS, LEMON CUCUMBERS (first harvest from Lloyd Craft Farms), and the most delicious GREYBULL VALLEY PRODUCE ROMAINE!! Stop in and shop the produce…and other goodies!

Mini-Boxes of Veggies/Fruit–Bee Healthy!

We have so much great stuff! Saturday hours: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm–

Fresh radishes, kale, swiss chard, broccolini from Lloyd Craft Farms! (2 Mini-Boxes left–also include head of cauliflower, apple and 2 oranges, Greybull Valley Greenleaf Lettuce, and 1# Rainbow carrots– $22.50 without box, $25 with box) Lots of fresh produce in store from our Fresh Produce Thursday!

Salt Lamps and Candles from Aloha Bay, incense, artisan jewelry from Janice Jordan of Hyattville, lots of Essential Oils and diffusers, Supplements for all your needs (Nature’s Sunshine, Now, and various others for specialty purposes), great dried fruits and nuts, wide variety of Chocolove and Equal Exchange chocolate bars…Lily’s stevia sweetened bars, Alter Eco and Taza Mexican chocolate bars.

Mini grocery storeread the labels…we like simple ingredients and so should you! New this week, Falafel Mini Pita Breads, Rumiano sliced cheeses including Havarti and a block of SHARP Cheddar–add fresh lettuce and a little Pesto, hummus, or mayo…VIOLA’ impromptu lunch for the road or a trip up the mountain! Pair with a bag of Chunks of Energy–no need to refrigerate and contains clean ingredients, date sweetened–

Stop in and peruse! Summer is around the corner…I promise! Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave.


10 Mini Boxes For Sale @ Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland

The weather has been screwy — not enough garden veggies for the CSA members and too much to sell from the Bee Healthy produce section… Between seasons, so to speak!

SO— Mini Pre-Garden Special Boxes for sale Thursday, July 6th through Tuesday, unless sold out sooner. Boxes will be ready at Noon—12:00, Thursday.

Box contents: Rainbow Swiss Chard for your healthy greens, Broccoli and 2 kinds of Broccolini, Red Rover Radishes from the high tunnel, fresh Bananas (not too ripe), Avocado, and 1# Rainbow carrots— $25

($22.50 if you bring your own box)

Text 307-431-1219 to reserve or stop in at Bee Healthy and pick one up— Greens and veggies from Lloyd Craft Farms—freshly harvested! (Still room in the CSA which should start in a couple weeks! As low as $150 to get a spot saved for 15 weeks fresh veggies locally grown.)

We are between the winter/spring Veggies Boxes and the Summer CSA. Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland

CSA Open– Garden Planting Nearly Complete!

We have 3 beds left to plant for Round 1 of the garden:  beans, sweet corn, and  Daikon radishes including the colorful Watermelon radishes…somewhere in the garden the celery will be added when it is a little bigger. Round 2, Fall Brassicas will be transplanted the last week of June…waiting for the Brussels Sprouts to size up!  Beauty of fall Brassica’s is they love it cold and withstand the usual September frost.  The Farmer’s momentum was stopped abruptly by the rain, and BOY was that RAIN!

All the plants started in the greenhouse in March and set out in May are growing beautifully: cabbages, broccoli, cauliflowers, hot and sweet peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes.  The cucumber and summer squash plants have broke ground, protected in their covered beds from the elements of this spring, and are slightly ahead of the melons and watermelons, and pumpkins and winter squash.  The garden has lots of variety, loaded with nutrition, and raised organically.  

Joining the CSA is easy—

1) go to

2)‘Sign Up for CSA’ under the tab.  

3)Pay with cash or check (payable to Lloyd Craft Farms) at Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave (Worland)

**Live outside Worland?—mail your check to 1049 Washakie 10, Worland, 82401. 

Cost is simple: $340 for the Leap-Frog or $550 for the full 15 weeks.  Both prices include the Extension and a $25 membership fee.  

PAY BEFORE JUNE 15 (5:30 pm) and save $35 ($304 and $550)

Join now and help us fund the garden, check out our payment plans on-line. Harvest should begin first part of July! Good food for good healthy– Bee Healthy or Be Healthy to be Happy!