The 2023 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE IS NOW OPEN AND WILL CLOSE WHEN WE ARE FULL.  We have cut back the size of the garden to manage it better with less workers.  We anticipate around 100 Memberships…All Share costs include a $25 Membership fee. 

Don’t miss out–Get in and get fresh veggies starting in July!   (see HOW DO I JOIN? tab)

  • ONE SHARE SIZE–In other words each week the Shares are all the same size.  Share sizes are Weekly, and Leap-Frog (every other week)…Once a week…
  • CSA RUNS THE MONTHS OF JULY THROUGH SEPTEMBER–13 WEEKS from the first harvest, which is usually the second or third week in July.  You have an option of extending your membership by two more weeks if you pick up here in Worland…that takes you into October!
  • SHARE COST $480– Weekly Pick Up for 13 weeks.  Add $70 for the Extension and extend your share to 15 weeks.  
  • LEAP-FROG SHARE COST $305–Pick Up every other week–8 weeks total. (We run two Leap Frog groups, one starting the first week, the second the next week, and leap-frogging the whole season.) Add $35 for the Extension and extend for 1 more week.  (Installment options below)

NOT SURE YOUR SHARE IS THE RIGHT SIZE FOR YOU?  Start with a Leap-Frog and if you are running out of veggies before the two weeks are up, then DO AN UPGRADE anytime before August 15th– (see UPGRADE OPTION tab under CSA page).  If you want more produce, YOU MAY PURCHASE MULTIPLE UNITS for the weekly share.  


Payment TERMS :

Payment in Full before June 15th:  Helps with the garden start up costs–$35 Discount applied–  It’s like a free week for paying it up front!

2-pay Plan:  Half down and Half the following month-  ($240/$240 for Weekly Share) ($153/$152 for Leap-Frog Share)  This year payments are May and June, or June and July.    YOU CAN PAY THE EXTENSION AS A THIRD INSTALLMENT–

3-pay Plan:  Third down and Third for the next two months–  ($160/$160/$160 for 1 Share) ($102/$102/$101 for Leap-Frog Share)  This year payments are May, June, and July, OR June, July, and August.  YOU CAN PAY THE EXTENSION AS A FOURTH INSTALLMENT–

ALL CSA Agreements paid per terms above.  Installment plans are paid successively each month until paid in full. No interest charges–

(updated 5/17/2023)

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Cheryle Angelo on March 1, 2016 at 11:28 pm

    Hi Terri I think we are going to pass this year. i see that you are not offering 1/2 shares and I totally understand. We are going to try some other options and see how much we miss it 🙂 I feel leap frog is still too much for us and most will be spoiled by the second week. I’ll see you at the Farmers Market and good luck with 2016.

  2. Posted by Breanna Clemons on January 9, 2015 at 5:06 am

    I can’t wait for this summers share! Put me down for a half please!!!!

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