We realize when you sign up for the first time, before the garden starts producing, that you may not know how many veggies you can eat, or maybe your desire for veggies changes during that first month of veggie consumption.

Well…we have a solution: Anytime before August 15th, you can upgrade from one Share to two OR if you have purchased a LEAP FROG Share that is available every other week, you can upgrade to weekly!  

Let me know!
We will pro-rate the additional cost of another SHARE or for the LEAP-FROG upgrade we will change from 7 weeks to the amount of weeks remaining in the season.


To clarify:  The Upgrade option is exercised after the season starts; the Leap Frog option is taken at the time you sign your agreement but may be upgraded before August 15th to a weekly delivery share.  Same holds if you want to upgrade to 2 Shares a week!

updated 5/18/2023

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