Sauerkraut GALORE!…and more eggs!

I sold down the egg stock last week, but then Monday we started getting our Farm Fresh gems in again! Seems everyone’s hens are busy laying. Special price: $3.50/dozen or $3.15/dozen for two or more. (Alison’s eggs are three different colors, Connie’s are fed lots of oversized zucchini that stores fairly well, Erica’s are in mostly pink cartons and fed organic feed, and Lawrence and Oliver are just plain cute!) Help me move these local eggs!

Do we have SAUERKRAUT! Yes we do: Farmhouse Culture’s Crunchy Sauerkraut, new Savage Cabbage made over the mountain in Sheridan with cabbage raised by Lloyd Craft Farms (how cool is that!and in glass jars instead of plastic), and 5 varieties of fermented wonders from Wildbrine (Garlic and Dill, Red Beet and Cabbage, Japanese Kimchi, Mild Kimche with Turmeric (a great anti-inflammatory), and Korean Kimche.

All krauts are raw (not heated or canned), wild fermented (allowed to do it like Mother Nature does and not forced through a speeded up process), do not have preservatives, and are loaded with probiotics! (I sold the last quart of Savage Cabbage today…but we are picking up another case on the trip to Sheridan Thursday!)

With all this variety, I’m sure we’ll have a kraut that even a timid kraut eater can enjoy! A tablespoon a day is sufficient for your gut biome, or make grilled sandwiches, such as Reubens! We don’t have the Dark Rye bread, but we have Dark Rye flour to make your own. We have some small packets of Swiss cheese from a 2 ingredient brand, and dairy-free cheese slices in cheddar and pepper jack (a true Reuben is Pastrami, Swiss, and cheddar with sauerkraut, on a light or dark rye…some folks make a grilled sandwich with corned beef…Ham and Swiss is good too!). We have some great, full bodied frozen breads: Ezekial 4:9, and …).

And, oh yeah, for those that want some sauerkraut in the pantry for a spur of the moment inspiration, we have several pints of Kruggermann Berlin Style Sauerkraut on our grocery shelves…not as active as refrigerated, but still a great choice for sandwiches, or other sauerkraut and meat recipes!

Come down and check them out! Great for the gut, wonderful in building a healthy immune system…true comfort food, a German treat! The Farmer’s mom made Heva Glace with country style pork ribs, sauerkraut, and topped with large dumplings called glace…a family tradition for us!

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