Gut Health and the Immune System…

Remember when the immune system was thought to be the lymph glands and the little white fighters in our blood? Now, in the 21st century we know better! The all important digestive system is integral in the operation of the immune system. Dr. Brownstein says, “There is no doubt that we are only as healthy as our bacterial flora.”

Inside your gut lies a network of 100 million nerve cells, and billions of beneficial bacteria and fungus…commonly known as the fauna and flora. I even read recently of an ‘endangered’ virus that is capable of eating cancer in the colon. Hmmm…think about that!

Here at Bee Healthy, we are all about being healthy! Probiotics and prebiotics (to feed the probiotics) are important in building a healthy biome, or rebuilding one damaged by pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics. Environmental toxins, internal and external, are hidden threats to our health. The best practice is good clean food, but that is not always possible, so gird your health through intentional food and drink choices…

We took steps this week to stock extra Sauerkraut, and restock the Nature Sunshine Probiotic Eleven and other probiotic supplements. We have a daily shot drink by Inner-Eco called You Gut This! And the super Suja Organic probiotic juice sweetened with stevia. We have a cooler-ful of probiotic and prebiotic drinks: GT Synergy, Rebbl prebiotics and Ashwaganda Spicy Chai, Revive Coffee Kombucha, Health-Ade Kombucha in Mint Limeade and Original, Hibiscus Lavender Bare Culture, and Rowdy MermaidDon’t you love the crazy names!

Other gut beneficial products are Miso and raw apple cider vinegars, including Fire Shot. There is more than one type of vinegar….we have Balsamic, and other amino acids from Braggs…Coconut aminos are one of the tastiest and chock-full of MCT which helps the gut balance between the bacteria and fungus.

I’ll share more tomorrow…but for now: here is a collage of our probiotic drinks!

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