Bee Healthy to Be Healthy!

Greetings! What a crazy week we all have had here in Washakie County! Well, just a note to let you know, we are open and ready to serve you healthy things to build or maintain your healthy immune system. After all, what is life without our health! And by the way, we will be open Thursday until 3:00 for your last minute needs…

We have a plethora of Bone Broth products, those I shared earlier, and more! Bone Broth is the basis of many of our soups (canned, frozen, and packaged), not flavored water or packets enhanced with glutamates or other types of flavorings with little nutritional value. Want the real thing? I have one Bone Broth Kit left (minus the bones…but we can get those for you, too!) Bone has the collagen and micronutrients that the vegetable broth may lack, but the vegetable broth is loaded with nutrients, too, from the fresh carrots, parsley, celeriac, onions & garlic, and the long slow cooking process or the intense, sustained heat of the Instant Pot.

Last week I wanted to share more information on the gut friendly products we have: Sauerkrauts (including Savage Cabbage which is locally made in Sheridan from Lloyd Craft Farms cabbage), Kimchi from Wildbrine (fermented napa cabbage and other veggies- Korean and Japanese and one with Turmeric), three kinds of Miso and a Miso broth, too (Miso has some unbelievable curative properties), Probiotic rich and healthy LIVING drinks (Health-Ade Kombucha, Synergy, Bare Culture, Suja, and even pre-biotics, too), Probiotic shots from Inner-Eco called You Gut This, and the high concentrations of Lactobaccillus and Bifidopholus in the supplements from Nature’s Sunshine and American Health. Healthy gut = healthy immune system.

We also have stocked up on Zinc, Elderberry, Vit D, and other immune building or nurturing natural products! The powders have been expanded and I brought in some encapsulators so you can make your own! Try Ashwaganda, Turmeric, Maca, and Red Beet Powder for helps in balancing your systems and fighting inflammation, as well as helping your immunity.

Lots of EGGS–as long as the chickens are producing we are selling their eggs for $3.50/dozen or $3.15/dozen for 2 or more!

Last Friday we restocked the fruits and veggies: Avocados, ORG Yams, ORG Honeycrisp Apples, ORG Celery, and still a good supply of Greybull Valley Living Lettuces! One bundle of ORG Kale and 3 bundles of ORG Swiss Chard. Lloyd Craft Farms veggies stocked are Celeriac (the winter celery–use for that strong celery flavor in soups, dressings, or grated on your salad), Daikon Radishes, Cabbages, Potatoes, Onions, and Winter Squash.

I ALSO HAVE THREE SPECIAL BOXES LEFT: These are all Lloyd Craft Farms goodies at a reduced price since they are ‘bundled’…Cabbage, Potatoes, Onions, Celeriac, Daikon Radishes, Carrots, Butternut squash, and a package of Fresh Cranberries for $25.

We still have pumpkins for Homemade Pumpkin Pies! (Recipe and working on a seasoning packet– Frozen Whole Wheat crusts, too!)

We are working on the inventory Monday and Tuesday and I’ll be listing some items we are reducing cost to make space for new stuff! Watch for that information tomorrow–

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

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