Thursday CSA Pick Up at THE FARM!

Good Morning!  Thursday Pick Up at The Farm today 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Groups D12, DM1, and D2…That’s the Weekly’s, first Week Monthly’s, and second Week Leap-Frogger’s–

The Store will be stocked to the BRIM…wherever that is?  I have 38# of Montana Flathead Cherries (1.5# for $4.50), ORG Green Grapes (1.75# for $6.25), and our own Ft Laramie Strawberries (1 pint for $3.00)…as well as small Avocado and Honey Mangoes ($2.25 and $1.00), Yams, Herbs, and Greens (our own Spinach $3.75 and Greybull Valley Butterhead ($3.00)…COME!  Set your alarm for 4:00 every Thursday and come and Shop!

Shares will be ready at 4:00!  Thanks for your support, Community–The Farmer’s Wife

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