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Saturday Update on The Farm- What can you Expect This Week in your Shares?

My day started at 8:00 when I rolled out of bed, threw on my clothes, brushed my teeth, and headed out to the garden to harvest Broccolini.  I spent yesterday counting cabbage and broccoli, and taking the walk-through the garden to figure out what to put into the Shares and Special Boxes this week.  We average 120 Shares a week, so not all can be the same…veggies are rotated into your Shares, 7-8 items each Share.  So…here is my assessment of what the garden is gifting to us this week!

SUMMER SQUASH–Zucchini, Yellow Slick Pik, Costa Romanesco (striped Zucchini), Zephyr (larger yellow with a kiss of lime green at the tip), and Patty Pans.  The Costa Romanesco is my favorite for cooking as it has less water content.  Chelsea and Jessica harvested 110# Friday morning…we harvest every other day!  (Check out my mom-in-law’s Squash Casserole Recipe at , Recipe page, Recipe #3…a recipe is a road map…I make my own cream sauce using the garlic scapes and skip the canned soup.)

BRASSICA’S–Farao Green Cabbage, Broccoli florets, Broccoli heads, and/or Broccolini.  Group A, Group C, and Group D should have the Green Cabbage, if the numbers hold!  (If not, we will substitute a Savoyed or Tendersweet Flat Cabbage.)  Farao is a great cabbage and can be cooked with Polish Sausage (Kielbasa) in the large cast iron skillet (Recipe #34).  The Fresher the cabbage, the sweeter the taste.  Later in the season when we have carrots and onions you can make Cabbage Burgers (I include Zucchini), and when the bell peppers and cucumbers are in abundance the Coleslaw (Recipe #36).  Store in fridge protected from refrigeration damage.

Broccoli florets are from the Green Magic which is an early spring broccoli.  These poor plants were stressed as we over-held them in the greenhouse waiting for the rain to stop and the ground to get warmer.  Alas, when we got them set out the last week in May, some were dwarfed and never formed a head, others formed dinky heads, and some died on the spot.  But, the side production has been good and tasty.  For those newbies, once you harvest the main head you get 2 smaller heads (Crowns), then 4 even smaller after their harvest, and so forth.  With each harvest the ‘sides’ become smaller, and at some point you stop!  We are almost to that point with the Green Magic.  But, not to worry!  The Imperial Broccoli is ready to take its rightful place in the rotation, larger majestic heads, and lots of strong side production!

Broccolini Galion X–my favorite!  This is a cross, first generation, from European Broccoli (usually marketed as Broccolini, which just means little broccoli in Italian) and Galions or Asian Greens.  The end result is a small headed, succulent leaved, broccoli that we can harvest ALL season!  The first harvest is to ‘top’ the plant so it can produce the longer stemmed broccolini’s.  Those ‘tops’ are called Mini-Crowns with Greens, and they are a short season item.  Broccolini Galion X is great steamed (serve with a cream sauce), chopped up and baked in a casserole, broiled, or cooked in the cast iron skillet…some folks even tell me they grille it on the BBQ!  I usually slightly steam it to break down the outer cuticle and speed up the cook time, makes it a little more tender.  Leave the leaves on–when cooked they are crunchy and can become slightly caramelized.  It is also good raw, though I cut the leaves off for that so I don’t feel like a cow chewing its cud.

CUCUMBERS–for some odd reason cucumbers have taken their sweet time this year!  The Harmonie’s (small European Picklers and snack cukes) are the first, but this year they were beat out by the Striped Armenian’s–The longest day cukes!  We grow several varieties, so you might get one large, or several smaller…whatever the garden gives us this week.  Olympian is our slicer, Tasty Jade is our ‘English’ cucumber type, Striped Armenian is a long sometimes curly guy (fun cut in salads ‘cuz they look like little flowers), Suyo is another long curly one with a prickly surface and excellent flavor, and then the last to show up in the garden are the Heirloom Lemon cucumbers.  Cukes do not store well, so eat them first.  They have to be protected with a bag or waxed sheet to prevent refrigeration damage.  Do not let them get lost in the fridge!

GREYBULL VALLEY PRODUCE BUTTERHEAD OR LEAF LETTUCE–We were using these as a filler until the garden came into its own…it has arrived!  This will be the last week in the Shares, but we always carry this lettuce in The Store, Dwight and his family do a great job!  We like local and fresh–

Other items in the Shares this week might be some Cheddar Cauliflower, Snap Peas (Group B only as it is their turn), Herbs to partner with your veggies, and maybe, just maybe, some sort of Peppers…Shishito, Antohi European Frying Peppers, Islanders (Purple Bells), or Jalapenos.  We will also finish off the last of the Barese Swiss Chard from the high tunnel…Group B and Group C.  Check out wilted greens or a Swiss Chard salad recipe.

The Store will be stocked with ORG Washington Apricots, Avocados for $3.75 (large Hass), ORG Bananas, ORG Pink Lady Apples, lots of Lloyd Craft Farms Vegetables, more Garlic Scapes from Cody (last of the season), herbs, Ginger Root and Turmeric, and our own Fort Laramie Strawberries!  VINE RIPENED–  Thursday, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.  NEW LIST OF STORE ITEMS AND PRICES POSTED UNDER THE CSA TAB, “WHAT TO EXPECT AT PICK UP DAY–AND THE STORE!”

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST! The Shares delivery schedule and at Farm CSA Pick Up schedule have been updated under the CSA tab, very bottom of the page:  Group Numbers and delivery dates.  Set your alarm for every THURSDAY…if you are a Leap-Frogger it is a memory exercise to remember if it is your week or did you get one last week??  If not sure, check the page!   The Farmer’s Wife



RIVERTON/LANDER CSA–Special Box Program Members–


Well, I think the drop went fairly well for the first run.  We were 30 minutes late due to road construction, and my son had to drive at the last moment so his sister could stay home throwing up.  Lisa F. did not get her box; either a miss-count on our end or an unnamed person took a box home.  We’ll switch Lisa to Group B1, and get her one next week!  Thanks to those that signed off when they picked up, and thanks to Sheila and Angie for sending me a text pic so I’d know who hadn’t picked up.  As stated earlier, a missed box is… missed…Merchant’s are not responsible for sending you reminders.  (If you are going to miss, let me know at least the Saturday before…text to 307-431-1219…and we can pursue alternatives.)

Here are some announcements, suggestions, or thoughts–Drop Day CHANGE, those working until 5:00 p.m., and Recyling the Special Boxes:

  • We’d like to switch the drop day from Wednesday to Thursday for logistical reasons effective with the delivery of July 31st.   Same Drop Points (Graham’s Gluten Free and Lander Bake Shop), but slightly later time to avoid noon lunches at the two businesses. (About 1:15 Riverton, and 2:15 Landerwhy not eat lunch there each box drop day, and then pick up your fresh veggies for the trip home?)
  • If you work until 5:00 or later and it is difficult to get to the drop point before Graham’s or Lander Bake shop close, let me know.  If dropping at your work would help and it’s not out of our way, we want to help…but remember we run a route and have to keep it.  It’s a ‘help’ if you have no other options!
  • Recycle boxes--We love our white boxes with the handles and we do use them over and over here in Worland.  In fact, the Special Box label used to thank folks for returning them, but when we were getting ready to send the boxes to Riverton/Lander I changed the label because I didn’t want to be a burden on the merchant’s at the Drop Points.  (They would have to have a place to store the boxes until we could pick them up the next week…)  However, in rapid fire response Thursday morning, I had two Lander CSA/Special Box members ask about returning the boxes.  So, here’s 3 ideas:  someone could volunteer a centrally located place to collect the boxes during the week, we could stop and pick them up after we drop.  OR the boxes could be dropped in the morning at the Drop Points…a short hold in the same spot we will be dropping should not put stress on the business.  OR you could meet us when we drop the new Special Boxes and we can load the empties into our vehicle for the trip home.  That’s the only ideas I have…let me know if you have another idea that would work better!


That’s all for now–and thanks!  I enjoyed meeting those that were there when we dropped–this is our passion!  Hope you savored the box contents…they are light with the first harvest, but should get fuller as the season progresses–Shop FRESH and LOCAL–  The Farmer’s Wife  



Week TWO with the GARDEN…Welcome Riverton/Lander…Thermopolis…Casper…and Sheridan/Buffalo!


Big Horn Basin is the Breadbasket of Wyoming!  We are so glad to SHARE—  This week was Week 2 for the garden Share harvests.  Last week we started off with 45 Shares on Thursday at the CSA Pick Up.  This week we folded in half of Riverton/Lander, ALL of Casper, and ALL the Sheridan/Buffalo Shares.  Yesterday was the second CSA Pick Up…The Store was well stocked and Diamond S Delights brought a good mix of Cheese Curds, Feta Marinade, Strawberry Yogurt, and several cheeses, including Kris’ great Mozzarella.  Next week we add the rest of Riverton/Lander and Fort Washakie!

AT THE PRESENT—-We are preparing for next week’s Shares!  Last week’s Shares were all very similar, although by Group D we were out of Lacinato Kale and the Broccolini Galion X was running in short supply.  Group E had Tendersweet Cabbage along with their Lettuce, etc…And several of the Groups had Snap Peas as their groups are small.   (Peas are winding down and ending their season!)  Next week’s Group Shares will be different as small amounts of cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, and broccoli become ready.  Be patient and enjoy the BOUNTY–everyone will get a fair share and a good sampling of the GARDEN!

The question for today:  What can we do to help you get here on Thursday’s for your Shares?  At the present I post ahead to remind you, and then around 5:30 we send out text messages.  Once the schedules are set you will be able to check on-line under the CSA tab, Delivery and Pick Up page, using your Group Number.  We’ve been very accommodating by setting up Special Boxes and putting them in the cooler until Friday (or Saturday or Sunday) when you can pick them up.  We’d like to eliminate setting up the Special Boxes–We’d love you all to make it to the CSA on Thursday!  

My thought: set your alarm EVERY Thursday at 3:30 p.m.  If it is not your Share week, then come out and shop…we are raising Strawberries and have lots of wonderful Fruit and Herbs in The Store.  Take a break, and come share 30 minutes with us.  We all eat–why not eat THE BEST!  Enjoy the summer and things folks have worked in preparing for you–  The Farmer’s Wife





CSA PICK UP TODAY…Strawberries For Sale in The Store…lots of other goodies!



Group D12, D2, DM2– 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Shares are ready, Kris will be here with Diamond S Delights, and The Store is stocked!  New this week…Strawberries, Honey Mangos, Pink Lady Apples, Limes…more  WA Dark Sweet Cherries and Mycopia Mushrooms!

Shares this week:  Greybull Valley Lettuce, Hakurei Turnip with tops, Barese Swiss Chard, Summer Squash, Broccolini Galion X, Snap Peas, Basil and Garlic Scapes!

The Store Well Stocked for all our members!!

The Farmer’s Wife

RIVERTON & LANDER–First Drop Tomorrow! July 24th


GREETINGS!  We have worked really hard the last few days harvesting, and today assembled YOUR Special Boxes.  If you are Groups BR12, BL12, and BL2 your boxes are on their way!  (That’s Riverton and Lander Weekly’s and the first half of the Lander Leap-Frog’s)  BR1 and BL1 will start next week!

Boxes will be stacked toward the front of the store under an insulated quilt, no names on boxes, but look for the clipboard to sign next to your name that you have taken possession of the box of deliciousness!  This is our record of retrieval–Merchant is not responsible for your box or reminding you that it is there.  (They have been generous enough to provide a drop point but no more–a missed box is a donation to your community!)

RIVERTON Drop is at Graham’s Gluten Free on main street around noon.  If possible try to pick up your Box before 3:00, but the store closes at 5:30.

LANDER Drop is at Lander Bake Shop on main street around 1:00.  Box must be picked up before 5:00–that’s when the bake shop closes.  If that is difficult because of your work schedule, give me a call before 10:00 a.m. Wednesday and we can discuss an option.  307-431-1219

The Special Box (your share of the garden) contents for this week are Greybull Valley Produce Butterhead or Green Leap Lettuce, a candy bag of topped Red Radishes and a Hakurei Salad Turnip with a long top (both last of the season from the high tunnel), Barese Swiss Chard (also high tunnel grown), a bundle of Lacinato Kale, a generous bag of Summer Squash (Zucchini, striped Costa Romanesco, and yellow Zephyr), 1/2#  bag of Broccolini Galion X, Asian Eggplant, and a small bag of Basil and Garlic Scapes.


The lettuce is not a regular but we made arrangements for the first of the season as things were light, and the garden was slow.

The tops from the Hakurei are good to eat–check out some recipes on-line!  I think they’re best cooked, not raw.  Radishes and turnips are in the same family, and share ‘blood lines’ with broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.  All are Brassica’s and loaded with nutrition.  Even funnier, Brassica’s are also known as Cruciferous vegetables, that hail from the Mustard Family. (You know–that beautiful yellow weed adorning our fields and roadsides!) If you ever saw Broccoli Raab in full bloom the family resemblance is STRONG!  And so is the flavor–Brassica’s are best eaten fresh.  I prefer them slightly steamed or cooked to take the edge off.  If you like radish flavor, no problem!  The longer they are off the plant, the stronger the flavor.  Also, hot weather sometimes brings out the radish ‘hot’…

Broccolini Galion X is also a Brassica, but it is sweeter and more tender than regular broccoli or European Broccoli (which is usually sold as Broccolini in the stores).  Galion X is a cross of the European Broccoli and Galion greens (Asian Greens).  If you eat it raw, you might want to cut the leaves off so you don’t feel like a cow chewing your cud.  But if you steam it, bake it, grille it, or cook it in the cast iron skillet LEAVE them leaves on!  They will cook and develop a nice sweetness–I like them slightly charred which makes me think they are caramelized!

The Basil is from our garden:  Genovese (large green leaves, most common), Citrus (small leaves), or a purple basil.  We have paired the Basil with Garlic Scapes from our friend Zach (FarmTableWest in Cody).  This is the stalk of the spring garlic and is removed so the bulbs will fill out.  The scapes should be trimmed so any woodie ends are left behind.  Cooked in butter and turned into a cream sauce is how I like them!  Mild garlic flavor, stores well in the fridge–


We have some limited recipes at under the Recipe tab.  There’s a tasty recipe for Squash Casserole (I make my own cream sauce, as mentioned above, but you can cheat with cream of chicken–additional ingredients to pick up at the store are Stove top stuffing and sour cream, carrots and onion.)

Enjoy and thanks for signing up for this Special Box treat of locally grown goodies!  If you are in Worland, stop in and visit The Farm.  If you are in Worland on a Thursday from 4:00-6:00 stop in at the CSA Pickup…Diamond S Delights is there with raw milk products and you can make purchases from The Store.  

The Farmer’s Wife–




Riverton, Lander…Important information on The Special Box Program–

We are gearing up to bring you into the fold this coming week!  Thanks for your patience…I will need to ask for a little more patience for half of the Leap-Frogger’s.  

I tried my darn-dist (I think that’s a word?) to get everyone in this first trip on our South Route (Thermopolis, Riverton, and Lander)…but I could only ‘milk’ so much out of the garden this week…it is still in early production and we are waiting and must ask half the Leap-Frogger’s to wait with us…So here is the plan:

The Weekly’s will have a Special Box every week for 13 weeks starting July 24th and ending October 16th.  Half of the Leap-Frogger’s will start this week, and half next, the last day of July.  Leap-Frogger’s have 7 Boxes from their start date, end dates will be October 16th or October 23rd. Sunday (after we harvest and before our Sunday Farmhouse Gathering) I will send each of you a personal text with your Group Number and start date.  (Once this information is confirmed, I’ll be able to update the schedule on the Pick Up and Delivery Page under the CSA tab.  That way you can check the schedule for your Group at any time.) 


Drop day is Wednesday.  We plan to leave Worland at 10:30, arriving in Riverton around noon.  First drop is Graham’s Gluten Free on main street, second drop is Lander Bake Shop, and then we will head to Fort WashakieWe only stay long enough to unload and then move to the next point.  You will have several hours to pick up your Special Box.  (Graham’s Gluten Free closes at 5:30, and Lander Bake Shop closes at 5:00–)  Special Boxes will be located toward the front of each business, under an insulated quilt. Look for a clipboard, and sign next to your name on the check list so we know you have your Box…names are not on the Special Boxes, businesses are not responsible for the Special Boxes.  

Transportation Vehicle:  Either the refrigerated truck or the Subaru. Weather conditions and economics are a consideration.  The car costs less to operate than the truck, and handles better in late fall conditions.  At this point we have 26 to 31 Boxes each week.  Special Boxes are refrigerated overnight and are covered with insulated quilts that are kept in the freezer if not transported in the refrigerated truck.  Produce should travel well under these conditions.

Forgotten Boxes:  We are making arrangements to donate forgotten boxes.  Your Box is super excited to be in your home, so set your alarms for every Wednesday to retrieve your garden goodies and enjoy them!  As they are paid ahead, it becomes a gift to your community.  If you know you are going to be out of town, let us know, and we will make adjustments to the schedule.  We need to know at least by Monday before the Wednesday delivery.  My text number is 307-431-1219–put that in your phone.)


The garden is lighter at the start and explodes around the fourth week with peppers, tomatoes, onions, and then corn, carrots, melons.  Boxes will be light but then become jam packed!  We plant enough variety that the garden continues past the first frost and into the later fall.  Some of the fall crops are potatoes, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, January King cabbages and Brussels sprouts, winter squash, carrots, Daikon’s, kohlrabi, sunchokes, and pumpkins.  We are so excited to bring the garden to your community!  Help us make this a success–Thanks for supporting local and fresh!  


The Farmer’s Wife

Worland CSA Pick Up a success…Thanks D12, D1, and DM1’s…


Thanks to all the great folks that visited The Farm Thursday!   We were ready for you and Spokane Produce (and Fresh Foods Wyoming) even co-operated by getting the fruit, Mycopia Gourmet Mushrooms, and Ginger and Turmeric roots to us on time.  Kris with Diamond S Delights brought wonderfully flavored Cheese Curds–Thanks, Kris!  The garden is a little sluggish yet, Wednesday we got 9 Zucchini, but low and behold, 120 Thursday morning!!  Hallelujah!  The Shares for this first week were Greybull Valley Lettuces, 2 Summer Squash each, 1/2# succulent Broccolini Galion X, bundle of Dinosaur Kale AKA Lacinato Kale, a bundle of Red Radishes, straight and tender Hakurei Salad Turnip with tops, and a bag of Garlic Scapes and fresh Basil.  (Scapes from FarmTable West in Cody!)  

We will see the Weekly members again next Thursday, July 25th, and the second half of Leap-Frog’s and Monthly’s!  Shares will have the lettuce for one more week and then it can be purchased in The Store.  Lots of summer squash–we have 5 varieties, including Pantheon which is supposed to be ideal for fried squash blossoms…we’ll have to figure out how to make that available through The Store for those with an adventurous spirit!  We are hoping to have some Antohi peppers or maybe Snack Peppers…and cucumbers should be appearing on the scene soon!

This week for The Store we’ll have more Summer Squash, Broccolini and maybe some small early Broccoli heads, Kale, and SNAP PEAS!  (Not enough for the Shares–so into The Store they go!). Asian Eggplant, for all you Eggplant lovers…the Asian is one of my favorites because it cooks without being peeled!  The ORG Washington Dark Sweet Cherries were super and I’ve got another case of them coming, as well as large Hass Avocados, ORG Bananas, Grapefruits and ORG Lemons and ORG Limes, Champagne Mangoes for $1.25 each, more Pineapples, ORG Pink Lady Apples, and Mycopia Trio Gourmet Mushrooms.  I’ll have more of the ORG Garnet Yams, ORG Turmeric and ORG Ginger Root–Come shop The Store!  Any member can shop any THURSDAY!–

Hold tight as the garden gets ready to treat us with new delights each week!  Help me out by commenting on this post–it’s a way I can check to see if our communication network is intact!  COMMENT, please—  The Farmer’s Wife

Tomorrow, July 18th, Thursday, in Worland– Group D12, D1, DM1


We’ve been busy today harvesting and cleaning house getting ready for the FIRST CSA Share of the 2019 Season…only problem is we are having this big party and I’m late getting the invitations out…if you know what I mean!

So, here it is:  If you are in Worland and are in this first group, you will receive a text with your Group Number.  Go to and read the post of July 16th regarding the first day.  The only folks that will get their Group number today are those in Groups D12, D1, DM1–that’s the Weekly’s, some of the Leap-Frog’s, and some of the Monthly’s for Worland– If you can’t make it to ‘the party’ Thursday, text me and let me know if you want to pick up Friday or Saturday, or defer to next week!  But, please text me:  307-431-1219

THURSDAY come to 1049 Washakie Ten, Worland, between 4:00 and 6:00 pm.  Bring your bag or box to put your Share into, a camera to record veggie notations or instructions, and plan on checking out The Store.  (The only Zucchini that was of size is for sale in the store!–Didn’t have enough for everyone…Next week!)  Early Bird Vouchers should be ready–       Items for sale are listed below!  

Kris with Diamond S Delights will be here, too!  And Reba and Murdog our trusty mutts–As well as Chelsea, Jessica, Liz, Ayla, and The Farmer and His Wife!  We have spent long hours getting ready for your arrival–don’t tarry!  (And I apologize if the ‘invite’ is a little late…but so was the Spring–)


ORG WA Dark Sweet Cherries-1-1/2# bag (10)……….$7.75 each

Avocado- large and in season!…………………………$4.25 each

ORG Bananas (19#)……………………………………………..$1.25/# 

ORG Apricots (24#)………………………………………………..$3.25/#

ORG Lemons(25)…………………..…………..………………….2/$2.00

Pineapple (6)…………………………………………………………..$6.75 

Mangoes (10)…………………………………………………………..$1.75



LCF’s Snap Peas- 1/2# bag (20)………………………………………$3.50

LCF’s Broccolini (Galion X)- 12 oz bag (10)……………….$3.75

LCF’s Costa Romanesco Zucchini (8)………………………………$1.25/#



Greybull Valley Butterhead Lettuce(5)…………………………………..$3.00

Greybull Valley Leaf Lettuce(5)……………………………………………….$2.50

LCF’s Lacinato Kale (7 bundles)……………………………………..$1.75


Mycopia Gourmet Mushrooms- 8 oz (6)…………………………..$8.00



 ORG Garlic- Next Week………………..…………….$1.00 each

 LCF’s Basil (4)………………..……….….…….………$3.00  FRESH 

LCF’s Mixed Herbs (6)…………………………………………..$3.00 FRESH!

ORG Ginger Root (10)………………………………………..$.75 each

ORG Turmeric (10) Fuji Island……………………………$2.50 each


ORG Yams (Sweet Potatoes- Garnet) (10#)……………………$2.25/#


 The Farmer’s Wife–AT LAST!

THIS IS THE WEEK! JULY 18th…The Garden has finally ARRIVED…but read on…

Our ‘indicator’ of garden readiness is Zucchini, and it is finally ready…or will be…we think…by Thursday for the first CSA Pick Up of the season…WAHOO!!!  This will be for Worland Pick Up first;  Special Box deliveries will start next Tuesday for the North Route, Wednesday for Riverton/Lander and Casper, and Friday for Buffalo/Sheridan–HALLELUJAH!!

So, what next?  You will receive an email or text by Wednesday, July 17th, giving you your Group Number.  With that information you will be able to check at for the Start Up Letter, and the CSA page for specific Pick Up and Delivery information using your Group Number. (Group numbers are 2-4 characters long and tell us your pickup/delivery route, how often you get a share, and whether you purchased the Extension that tacks on two extra weeks.)

What can you expect in the First Share this Thursday, July 18th?  Bag of Galion X Broccolini, a bundle of Lacinato Kale, 2-3 Zucchini, a bundle of Red Radishes, an Hakurei Turnip with top, and a head of Butterhead Lettuce from Greybull Valley Produce. (Remember:  Shares start out light early in the season and grow in size and value as the season progresses.  Recipes are posted at our website.)

What can you expect Thursday at The Farm (1049 Washakie Ten, Worland) between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.?  Your Share (bring your own bag or box), items for sale in The Store (listed below), and Diamond S Delight’s raw milk products from Hyattville.  We will have Early Bird Vouchers for those that paid before May 5th, and ANY CSA MEMBER may purchase from The Store ANY THURSDAY.  (It does not have to be the week that your Share is available–so plan on a trip to THE STORE to make your good food purchases each and every Thursday.)

What will be in The Store?  Fruit (Organic Bananas, Apricots, and Lemons.  Conventional Avocados, Pineapple, and Mangoes).  Herbs (Basil, a Mix, Ginger Root, and Turmeric).  Vegetables (Galion X Broccolini, small early heads of Broccoli, Lacinato Kale, Snap Peas, Zucchini, and Mixed Lettuces from Greybull Valley Produce).  Look for some new items as the season progresses… 

How EXCITING is this?!  We are excited after the long wait for the garden and the challenges we have faced this Spring–This is only The START!   The Farmer’s Wife 

BTW–I think Janet has some Snap Peas, Basil, and Broccolini at Bee Healthy for a little taste ahead of Thursday or for those that will be Picking Up next week!  Check it out!

No CSA or Special Boxes This WEEK–July 11th


If you are getting this post, Hallelujah…it means you signed up ‘to follow’ when instructed–YAY!  If you are not getting this post…well, you won’t know you haven’t received it and that creates another problem…   I apologize for being mum, but it is hard to give a definitive answer when you are waiting on Mother Nature.  I like to think we are anticipating the start and not fraught with anxiety…I’ve experienced both the last couple of weeks!  

The message is NO CSA or SPECIAL BOXES this week!  Hopefully CSA in Worland will start July 18th, and Special Box deliveries the following week:  Tuesday the 23rd to Lovell, Wednesday the 24th to Riverton/Lander, and Friday the 26th to Buffalo/Sheridan.  Special Box deliveries run for 13 weeks from the date of the first delivery, 13 boxes for the Weekly and 7 boxes for the Leap-Frog’s.  

Worland folks–Leap-Frog’s are split into two groups.  You will receive a text message with your group number that will let you know whether you start the 18th or the 25th.  If you have a preference, text me…431-1219.  Schedules will be set Saturday.

At this point we are hoping to have Hakurei Turnips, Red Radishes, Broccolini, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Barese Swiss Chard, and Kale…maybe a little swag of Basil!  As mentioned in earlier posts we have struggled with aphids and weather, but a lot has been planted and is growing beautifully!  A few warm days will work its magic–

Thanks for the good vibes and patience!  The Farmer’s Wife