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CORRECTION—Group B- Riverton and Lander

i boo-booed!  Group BL2 instead of BL1–

We are subbing Basil for parsley.

That’s all folks!  The Farmer’s Wife

GROUP B- Riverton and Lander Special Boxes– August 8th, 2019


Greetings!  We have been harvesting for your Special Boxes this week–and they will be put together tomorrow for delivery THURSDAY. Groups  BR12, BL2, BL12 this week.  CORRECTION FROM ORIGINAL POST!!!

Box contents this week:  Islander Bell Pepper, Savoy cabbage, Summer Squash, Flame Star cauliflower, Parsley and Scapes, and Tasty Jade cucumbers…that’s the plan any who… Information on the veggies with some suggestions for preparation or recipes were posted earlier this week!  (Check previous posts–I think it was Saturday…) CORRECTION—ALSO BASIL INSTEAD OF PARSLEY—

Good News–We are trying a new way of packaging that should reduce the amount of plastic used!  It is a little more costly for us, so we ask that you hang on to the liner and the cardboard box for a couple of weeks until we can pick them up…more directions to follow.  🙂

Have a wonderful week…we are hitting the halfway mark tomorrow…and we will see you soon!  The Farmer’s Wife

Flathead Cherries & Ft. Laramie Strawberries– Thursday, CSA Pick UP

cherries close up close up delicious

Breaking news!  Our Flathead Cherries came in today–organic was not available, but these are sweet and fresh just the same!  Price is $4.50 for 1-1/2# bag.

The Strawberries are our new planting of Fort Laramie Everbearers–$3.00/pint. (At the present we are getting 10 pints a day!!!  Might have to mark the price down to get them moving!!)

Thursday Share for Group D:  Varied this week as we catch up some of the Leap-Frog’s and Monthly’s up with Green Cabbage, and a beautiful Ruby Perfection cabbage to the Weekly’s.  We also are splitting the Leap-Frogs and Monthly’s from the Weekly’s with Broccoli, and  Broccolini!  Other items are a Bell Pepper, more Summer Squash (a gazillion healthy ways to serve these), Slicing Cucumbers, Parsley and trimmed Garlic Scapes (last shipment was oversized and tough at the straight end), and an Eggplantand maybe other items as the garden yields them UP!

The Store will be stocked to the Brim for our member’s shopping edification, and this is the week for the DM1 MONTHLY’s.  (A mix up last week, but much more variety this week…I think folks were distracted anyway with the county fair–only one DM1 member showed up!)  Set your timer for THURSDAY at 4:00, don’t miss!  Shop for the good stuff–


Lots of GOOD STUFF in the following weeks!  See you Thursday, 4-6 p.m. at The Farm,  The Farmer’s Wife