FRESH PRODUCE FRIDAY (instead of Thursday) at Bee Healthy– Easter Hams in Stock–

Just got a call from Spokane Produce and they are down a truck– We’ll have the Special Boxes for Group B ready for Pick Up at 10:00 am Friday morning, instead of Thursday.

Box this week: Greybull Valley Garden Fresh Salad Mix, Heirloom Oranges and ORG Cosmic Crisp Apples, Romanesco (green geometric cauliflower type), ORG Celery, ORG Cucumber (if quality cuts it this week), ORG Orange Bell Pepper, ORG Rainbow Carrots, ORG Red Onion, ORG Japanese Sweet Potatoes$35

Sweet Potatoes are an easy meal–cut into chunks and bake in a covered dish in the oven, or fry like potatoes in the cast iron skillet. They are not in the potato family (Nightshade) but actually a member of the bindweed or morning glory family…that makes sense when you see the above ground vine. The Japanese variety, Murasaki, are purple skinned and a light yellow flesh. They are not as sweet as the Garnet yams we sell at Bee Healthy, and if overcooked can be dry. (Yam is a nickname for sweet potatoes.)

Cosmic Crisp is a registered trademark, a variety from the Honeycrisp and Enterprise Apples. The large, juicy apple has a remarkably firm and crisp texture. The other fruit this week is the Heirloom orange– the real deal from the past…they make good juice.

Romanesco are fun and eye appealing! Flavor is similar to the cauliflower, but with its own tweaking…steaming is easy, but they can be sliced and roasted as well. They are dense by nature and hold their shape for many types of preparations.

Easter Hams in stock! BEELER’S Iowa Heritage Duroc Pork, All Natural, No Hormones, Uncured, No Nitrates or Nitrites except for that naturally occurring in Sea Salt and Celery Powder, No Antibiotics, No Casein or Gluten Feed, Vegetarian Fed, No Gestation Crates…Humanely treated…Does that check all the boxes? (LOL)

4 Fully Cooked, Hickory Smoked, Spiral-cut, Bone-In Hams, average 7# …$5.52/#

Fully Cooked, Hickory Smoked, Quarter, Boneless Hams, average 1-1/2#...$7.82/#

Come and check out the other great stuff at Bee Healthy…stay tuned for the opening of the membership for the Lloyd Craft Farms CSA–

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