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Bee Healthy OPEN Memorial Day Monday!

We are open Monday, Memorial Day! Stop in and pick up a cold drink, or pick from a variety of good chocolate bars, dried fruits or nuts…Queen Bee Truffles and Honey Caramels, as well as honey sticks…also a good selection of chips and dips.

We got meat–clean and hormone free, all natural and some organic… Mulay’s German Franks, Mulay’s and Beeler’s Brauts, whole organic Smart Chickens, and Mary’s Organic Chicken Breasts…and more. (2 chickens are in the cooler ready to cook and the rest are in the freezer.) Beeler’s Quarter Hams are marked 20% off for Monday. Farm Fresh locally raised eggs are back in stock– $4.50/dozen for Monday!

Check out the DiMartino Mini-Gnocchi from Italy and the Blue Moose Pesto for a fast and filling meal–Serve with an Organic Girl 50/50 Salad Mix…Litehouse organic dressings in the cooler section, too. The gnocchi and pesto are marked down for Monday!

Last special items are the Mama Chia Squeezes–normally $1.75 each…for Monday buy a half case of 8 for $12.50! 4 FLAVORS TO CHOOSE FROM–

Enjoy the day! Remember our Veterans and those that serve now!

Bee Healthy- 635 Big Horn Ave- Worland


Hope you all saw the Facebook post! Diane has completed her Natural Product Advisor course at Alive Academy of Natural Health in Canada– Stop in at Bee Healthy and congratulate her! She’d love to help you find just the right product to get your body lined out and working the way it should… 🙂

Produce has been ordered and will be stocked and ready Thursday, May 4th. Washington grown Asparagus, lots of amazing Heirloom oranges (while they last), last of the Cosmic Crisp apples (a Honeycrisp variety) and Japanese Sweet Potatoes... Brussels sprouts, Green Cabbage, Broccoli from the Brassica’s family…Greybull Valley Lettuce and Organic Girl Spinach and ORG Kale. Overstock of Parsley (dry some down!) and new stock of ORG Crimini Mushrooms (bulk–bag your own). And more!

Boxes this week:

Organic Girl Baby Spinach– 5 oz, Greybull Valley Basil in the clamshell and with roots, Heirloom Oranges, 1# bag of Brussels Sprouts, Taylor Farms ORG Green Beans– 12 oz, ORG Grape Tomatoes– pint, ORG Carrots– 1#, and a Sweet Yellow Onion.– $35

Some notes on your BOX:

Eat your Green Beans as soon as possible. These are washed and ready to cook–anytime a veggie is washed it introduces moisture which can accelerate spoilage. The green beans are easy to sort and trim, easiest cooked in boiling water until tender. They can also be cooked in the cast iron skillet with some olive oil. This gives them a caramelized finish and you get the added benefit of a little iron from your skillet…include some onion, or toasted slivered almonds!

BASIL! What to do with basil? Don’t put it in the fridge–it will spoil and the leaves will turn black. You can try putting it in some water–it has roots–but the shock of being pulled from the comfort of its soil may be too much shock to overcome! Just leave it safe on the counter…

Enjoy basil completely. It is one of the most versatile herbs…Be creative: Chop and add to scrambled eggs or fried potatoes. Throw it in the blender with olive oil, then gradually add finely grated parmesan cheese…pour over cooked pasta. (We have some wonderful Mini-gnocchi from Italy at Bee Healthy–$3.52 for 500 grams– that’s over a pound!). If you are not getting through the basil quick enough, cut the branches and scatter the plants on a cookie sheet and let them naturally dry down, or speed them up at 225 degrees in the oven. (Once Basil is crunchy dry, lightly crumble into a jar and put the cap on in a day or two…)

Organic or not? We prefer organics, but sometimes we order conventional…That seems like a flip-flop, but I think it is a little bit of common sense and practicality. Wilted or spoiled ‘organics’ have very little food value to our health…but neither do produce heavily laden with chemicals. As we can’t test every piece of produce, we rely on our knowledge of farming practices, and the guidance of the EWG (Environmental Working Group) who test fruits and vegetables for chemical residue. Their findings are known as the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15.

Dirty Dozen list includes Strawberries, Spinach, Kale and Collard Greens, Peaches, Pears, Nectarines, Apples, Grapes, Peppers, Cherries, Blueberries, and Green Beans. We will make every effort to buy organic those items on the Dirty Dozen list. However, that said, our personal knowledge of a grower and their principles will trump organic certification. We purchase our Peaches, Pears, and Nectarines in the fall direct from Fowers Orchard in Utah. Fowers Orchard, like Lloyd Craft Farms, use organic practices and in conversation with them they limit chemicals used to a last resort. Raspberries come direct from Riverton. From July through September, and into November with the stored items, we stock locally grown Lloyd Craft Farms veggies. OMRI rules allow organic growers to use chemicals. Albeit, diluted and without limitation to the amount of applications…So…USDA Organic does not mean NO chemicals. Our own growing practices (and buying practices) exceed what the government even allows! Let’s EAT Healthy 2B Healthy!…Choose Beyond Organic!

To your health… come and shop produce on Thursday, sign up to pick up boxes put together to make your veggie shopping easier, and enjoy the other healthy options in our store! Information will be posted on how to join the Lloyd Craft Farms CSA–assure a variety of fresh veggies throughout the summer, locally grown!!