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May 3rd, Wednesday, at Bee Healthy!

Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome, first week of the last month!  Come and get it while still available–  Group A this week!  May has a 5th Wednesday–take this opportunity to sign up now for the last box of the season…not limited to the Buyer’s Group.  CSA starts up in July–more information tomorrow on how many shares are still available–

ADMINISTRATOR’S SPECIAL- Group A:  Fruit this week is Strawberries and Pineapple, 3# bag of Red Potatoes, Jumbo Yellow Onion (I assume sweet), Washington Asparagus, Mini Rainbow Carrots, and our own Green and Red Lettuces…first harvest from the high tunnel!—  $25


Check out the “What Produce at Buyer’s Group”  page, at , under Buyer’s Group tab…Here’s some highlights of the Extra’s for sale:  

Turmeric Rootseveral asked the last couple of weeks, so here it is. 🙂 

Organic Broccoli for $3.75 and Broccolini $4.25…finally the price is back to normal!

12 oz bag Brussels Sprouts and the first Washington grown Asparagus this year–

Strawberries have been hit and miss this year–last week’s were bright red and you could smell them!  Ordered MORE– lower price of $3.75 for 1# clamshell

Our own Salanova Lettuce!–Extra’s for sale for $2.25 a head, Red Incised or Red Butter, maybe some Green Butter or Green Crisp.  You will be amazed at how much more flavor fresh lettuce has–lasts longer, too!  Super salad is a loft and a leaf:  one for volume and crunch, the other for color!  Mix a green and a red for that ultimate salad–add hard-boiled eggs, Daikon radishes, spinach, bell peppers, grated carrots and you have a nutrient packed meal!

Our own Red Rover Radishes, too!  Cool weather grown is nice and mild, great flavor, and not too big!  

Sorry, No Scallions–The Farmer didn’t get the memo…He ripped them up with the old bed.  🙁   Will have to wait until July in the CSA–

The Farmer’s Wife



Today’s the DAY!

Produce at Bee Healthy!  Administrator’s Special- Group B-  only $23 this week– Walk-in’s Welcome.  Large selection of produce to chose from–reasonably priced!  Wednesday only.  Pssst….Worland grown Red Rover radishes and scallions next week!

Sign up for the Lloyd Craft Farms CSA for the real deal this summer- 3 months of garden fresh, locally grown veggies for $350.  Pay in advance to help fund the garden!  Be a part–support your community farmers and give your health a boost!

photo 1 HoopApril 2013

The Farmer’s Wife– 🙂

Buyer’s Group (B)/Walk-in’s Welcome- Wednesday, April 26th- Bee Healthy

Greetings fellow foodies!  Organic and pesticide-free produce at Bee Healthy this Wednesday–10:00 to 5:30!

We also have CSA Agreements on hand for the summer CSA–Fresh garden veggies from our garden–July through September.  Membership only, weekly Share or Leap-Frog (7 times).  Costs $350 or $175.  Pick Up day includes Fruit, Greens, and Herbs for purchase at the on-farm The Store, Extra’s Table for members, and Diamond S Delights raw milk products.  

ADMINISTRATOR’S SPECIAL for Buyer’s Group (B) this Week:                                   3# Halo Tangerines, Romaine Lettuce, and a Stir-Fry theme of snap peas, cauliflower, baby bok choi, green pepper, white onion, zucchini, baby carrots, with an aromatic section of ginger root.  Recipe and directions, too!


WALK-IN’S WELCOME AND OTHER SALES ITEMS – updated list at , What Produce at Buyer’s Group tab.  Check it out!


The Farmer’s Wife!


Food Producer + Food Consumer + Annual Commitment to One Another = CSA and Untold Possibilities

Consider joining Lloyd Craft Farms CSA–Fresh and locally raised produce for better nutrition and flavor.  We still have some CSA shares available, but are filling up fast as demands in other parts of Wyoming increase.  (The Big Horn Basin is the Bread Basket of Wyoming, and this part of the Rocky Mountain Region.)

Weekly Share- $350; Leap Frog Share- $175.  Season runs July through September, but don’t wait til the last to join…you may miss out!  Request a CSA Agreement at or visit us Wednesday’s at Bee Healthy.


What are traits of a Community Supported Agriculture business?

  1. UPFRONT PAYMENT in early spring–this is your investment in the farm and the farmer’s operation, and by agreement our commitment to provide you with a portion of the garden during our growing season from July through September.
  2. FARM RELATIONSHIP–you have direct contact with The Farmer.  Conversation with the farmer and regular visits to the farm help to understand the farm practices and improve your CSA experience.  You are an eye witness and an active supporter.  Ask questions.  We use email and internet posts to keep our membership informed.  We use organic principles and good agricultural practices to sustain our soil and protect our members.
  3. SUPPORT LOCAL FOOD ECONOMY–By purchasing locally you do more than improve the quality of your food, you support your local economy.  More of your money goes to the farmer instead of the packing and aggregating facilities, and the higher costs of transportation when shipped longer distances.  A dollar spent on the CSA is fully committed to the farmer.  A fraction of a dollar spent in the grocery store goes to the farmer.  There is transparency as to where your food comes from and who is raising it and how.

     The CSA is not to be confused with our Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome program which we run January through May.  The CSA is our garden veggies and melons–Buyer’s Group is purchased veggies we bring in to provide our community with an organic option when gardening is impossible in Wyoming.                                                     It also makes our truck payment. 🙂                                                 

Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome- April 19th, Bee Healthy

Wednesday is Buyer’s Group…Walk-in’s Welcome…opens at 10:00 a.m.  Best selection earlier in the day.  Still taking sign-ups for the summer CSA, too late for the Early Bird Voucher, but not too late to join!  (We had 58 people take advantage of paying early and helping us out with seed costs, drip tape, mulch, and poultry fertilizer!)

Group A- Buyer’s Group.  ADMINISTRATOR’S SPECIAL– 1 EXTRA this week- $25:

3# ORG Gala Apples, 5# ORG Red Potatoes, Taylor Farms ready to cook ORG Green Beans, ORG Carrots, ORG Cherry Tomatoes, 2 Avocados and ORG lemon, head of ORG Romaine Lettuce.


NOW–to finish taxes and get the garden plan ready for the farmer so he can place things in the right place…potatoes and sunchokes are here and ready to plant.  Onions will be arriving Monday.  Happy Rich Galion X Broccoli transplants are healthy and ready to be set out!  Alcosa, Farao, and Super Red cabbage will follow the last week in April or the first week in May.  Things are clicking along!!  The Farmer’s Wife


CSA! April 15th, Early Bird Voucher–

76 People have Signed UP for the 2017 CSA!  $350 for Weekly Share; $175 for Leap-Frog (every other week).  Join before APRIL 15th and get a Fruit/Lettuce Voucher on us!  Membership will be open until we have sold all 100 Shares available!

Send me an email request for a CSA Agreement–      

Pay by PayPal (fees apply)–check out the PayPal link at

We also accept checks and cash.  Installment plans are available–all agreements paid in full before the first CSA Pick Up in July.

CSA is such a new term around here–Cornucopia Institute just published a great article explaining what the heck a CSA is and why you pay in advance…check it out at

business-card  ********The Farmer’s Wife


Heads-up on Wednesday Produce–

The produce order is in to the company, and as usual I am trying to ‘guess’ what people will want to buy!  Here’s a little heads-up on some of the items–

FIRST–All available items are listed at , Buyer’s Group tab, What Produce at Buyer’s Group page.

SECOND--I seem to be running short on the following items, so ordered more:   Avocados ($1.25 each), ORG English Cucumbers.   I couldn’t order more ORG Bananas without the price going up…I know that sounds weird…so I have 40# to sell at $.85/#

New items for this WEEK:   ORG Purple Potatoes are back!  (High in anthrocyanin which is a great anti-oxidant, high in cancer-fighting nutrition according to some studies.)  ORG Butternut squash.  Blood Oranges at $1.75/#.  ORG Arugula clamshell–sent last week’s back as quality wasn’t there…hope this is better.

Special items this WEEK:  ORG Strawberries (3 flats only- $4.00 each 1# clamshell), ORG Baby Bok Choi, ORG Snap Peas (1/2# bags $4.00), lots of ORG Greens (Kale, Lettuce, Rainbow Chard), ORG Grape and Rubie on the Vine TomatoesORG White Onions $1/each, ORG Fennel Bulbs!

Check it out!  Plan on Fresh Market Day on Wednesday…fresh produce, majority USDA Organic.  Gather information on the CSA which starts in July but is filling up now!


The Farmer’s Wife–

Buyer’s Group B- Walk-in’s Welcome! Wed. April 12th Bee Healthy

FIRST–Don’t forget your CSA Share.  Pay before April 15th for the Early Bird Voucher!  We have 50 people signed up so far–100 Garden Shares available!  Closes in 60 days. Visit , CSA Tab for more information–

OKAY–ADMINISTRATOR’S SPECIAL:  3# bag ORG Pink Lady apples, 5# bag ORG Red Potatoes, ORG English Cucumber, ORG Taylor Farms Green Beans (12 oz and ready to go!), ORG Snap Peas, ORG Carrots, Avocado, and ORG Living Butter Lettuce.   $25


Check out the Buyer’s Group tab for a list of what produce has been ordered for this week!  Prices reasonable, majority Organic–get information on the Summer CSA Program that runs from July through September…and sign up.  🙂



THANKS!  The Farmer’s Wife


Want a Steady Supply of Garden Vegetables?


Join Lloyd Craft Farms CSA! We raise vegetables for you, the community, and you support the farm through a season long commitment. Be a part of the CSA Community and join today!   

SHARES are ready once a week (for the Weekly Share) or every other week (Leap-Frog Share). Beginning in July come out to The Farm on Thursdays, bring your bags or a box, and get your SHARE of the garden. We plant, weed, water, nourish, pick, clean, cool, and prepare it just for you (Phew!)

What IS your SHARE?

*Each Share is 6-8 vegetables from the garden. Each week you get a different grouping of produce. We work really hard to give you an ever-changing selection of veggies as the season progresses, with most items appearing no more than twice during the season.

*If you DO want more cucumbers, zucchini and summer squash, tomatoes, and broccoli during the height of the season, your share includes access to our EXTRA’s table at no additional cost!

*Looking for new ideas for preparation and food ideas? We post weekly ideas on the website!

*Want lettuce or spinach, fruits or herbs? Farm-fresh eggs? Raw milk products (from Diamond S Delights of Hyattville)? What about our very own specialty items like broccolini, a variety of additional Heirloom tomatoes, and extra melons? When you pick up your share, you will also be able to purchase these additional items and more from our very own onsite farm store (simply called “The Store”).

How much does it cost?

Cost is $350 for veggies, July through September ($175 for the Leap-Frog Share). If you pay before April 15th, we will give you a free voucher to use in The Store. Installment options available! We only have 100 Shares available so don’t wait too long! Your membership helps to pay the input costs of the garden which are already accumulating.

The Farmer’s Wife


Group A Buyer’s Group- Walk-in’s Welcome!

1 Extra Administrator’s Special $25:  4# Navel Oranges, Asparagus, Beauregard Yams, Avocados, Snap Peas, and Living Butter Lettuce Head– All Organic this week–


1# bundle Organic Asparagus $5.75

   3# bag Organic Yellow Onions $3.00/ 2# bag Lloyd Craft Farms Cipollini Onions $2.00

                              AROMATIC 1# Clamshell Organic Strawberries!    $4.25

Broccolini , Fresh Green Cabbage, Fresh Carrots, Ready to Eat Green Beans, Snap Peas, Zucchini and Yellow Squash, Butternut Squash, Arugula and Baby Spinach Clamshells, Caesar Salad Kits, Living Butter Head Lettuce, and much, much more…

WEDNESDAY ONLY–10:00 AM TO 5:30 PM….Best selection earlier in the day! (Although I may have OVERBOUGHT this time!)


Come in and help us out!  Wednesday only!  Take this time to ask questions about the summer CSA…and get signed up for the real deal!  The Farmer’s Wife