Food Producer + Food Consumer + Annual Commitment to One Another = CSA and Untold Possibilities

Consider joining Lloyd Craft Farms CSA–Fresh and locally raised produce for better nutrition and flavor.  We still have some CSA shares available, but are filling up fast as demands in other parts of Wyoming increase.  (The Big Horn Basin is the Bread Basket of Wyoming, and this part of the Rocky Mountain Region.)

Weekly Share- $350; Leap Frog Share- $175.  Season runs July through September, but don’t wait til the last to join…you may miss out!  Request a CSA Agreement at or visit us Wednesday’s at Bee Healthy.


What are traits of a Community Supported Agriculture business?

  1. UPFRONT PAYMENT in early spring–this is your investment in the farm and the farmer’s operation, and by agreement our commitment to provide you with a portion of the garden during our growing season from July through September.
  2. FARM RELATIONSHIP–you have direct contact with The Farmer.  Conversation with the farmer and regular visits to the farm help to understand the farm practices and improve your CSA experience.  You are an eye witness and an active supporter.  Ask questions.  We use email and internet posts to keep our membership informed.  We use organic principles and good agricultural practices to sustain our soil and protect our members.
  3. SUPPORT LOCAL FOOD ECONOMY–By purchasing locally you do more than improve the quality of your food, you support your local economy.  More of your money goes to the farmer instead of the packing and aggregating facilities, and the higher costs of transportation when shipped longer distances.  A dollar spent on the CSA is fully committed to the farmer.  A fraction of a dollar spent in the grocery store goes to the farmer.  There is transparency as to where your food comes from and who is raising it and how.

     The CSA is not to be confused with our Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome program which we run January through May.  The CSA is our garden veggies and melons–Buyer’s Group is purchased veggies we bring in to provide our community with an organic option when gardening is impossible in Wyoming.                                                     It also makes our truck payment. 🙂                                                 

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