We made it!  The first week is complete–hope all are enjoying their fresh veggies, and the Fruit Share and Lettuce option for those that added them.  Thanks for your patience as we work out details on the Delivery Routes and Thursday Pick UP! 

This week’s SHARE was Gonzales cabbage, 5 bundle of Red Rover radishes, Striped Armenian and 1# bag Harmonie cucumbers, and Summer Squash (Zucchini, Yellow, or Zephyr)–for the MINI.  HALF Share was a Caraflex cabbage with a pointed top!, 8 bundle of Red Rover Radishes, Striped Armenian and 1-1/2# bag Harmonie cucumbers, two summer squash, and a 3# bag of round summer squash (8 Ball Medley mix).  (Want more quantity? Exercise the upgrade option until August 15th!)

For Next week’s SHARE we anticipate Red Thumb fingerlings, bag of broccoli, last of the Radishes, new Sultan cucumbers, and more summer squashes.  Each week a new item, or two, will be added and some item dropped.

We try to offer items only twice to make room for the new veggies ready for harvest–but we always have an EXTRA’s Table at The Farm Pick Up for those old standards:  cucumbers, zucchini, peppers…and whatever else is in the cooler and needs to move– 

All members are welcome to partake of the EXTRA’s TABLE–at The Farm between 4:30 and 6:00 p.m.  Those on delivery routes are welcome to come to The Farm for the EXTRA’s, too.  Family reunion, company for dinner, craving for lots of fresh cucumbers??–come to The Farm!  (Best selection earlier during the Pick Up–sorry, too difficult to include random extra’s in each share, but will try to put some extra’s in the Business boxes…when possible we’ll try to include a box in the truck for the out of town delivery routes–no guarantees: dependent on availability and time–)

Thanks!  Farmer’s Wife

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