Thursday morning deliveries in town are meant to make it convenient for those that work at businesses on the route to Thermopolis, or are Senior citizens.  Friday morning Deliveries are for those members who live North–Manderson/Hyattville and Basin.  (All other members, Pick Up Thursday at The Farm between 4:30 and 6:00.)

General directions on the Deliveries–

Business Shares are boxed together with a list of members on the box, their share size, and any options.  Inside the box will be a list of what goes in each share.  Point Person will take care of internal distribution and operations.  Members need to bring their own bags–Boxes should be kept until the next week’s delivery when they will be picked up.  Any questions on the shares once delivered?  Call me at 431-1219 ASAP

Thermopolis and North Route Deliveries will be in the SSB grocery bags…New ones are being donated by Reese’s & Ray’s IGA–we’ll have two for each person.  Be sure and return them each week so we can keep a sufficient supply to set up the next week’s shares.

EGGS–  You can add Farm Fresh EGGS, Locally raised by two of our members, to your share and have them delivered Thursday or Friday morning– Prepay for the season, $3.25/dozen…$48.75 for 15 weeks, $22.75 for 7 weeks (Leap-Frog).  Send me an email by MONDAY to add:, pay Thursday morning. 

What about the EXTRA’s Table?  Every Thursday at The Farm we have an EXTRA’s TABLE with surplus from the garden–cucumbers, summer squash, peppers, cabbage…etc.  Every member is invited to partake of the EXTRA’s TABLE on Thursday during the Pick Up–Even if you get a morning delivery, you can still come to The Farm during Pick Up and get EXTRA’s…like running to market after work to pick up a few more fresh things!  (Sorry we can not include them in the delivery–they are not EXTRA’s until all the Shares have been put together and that doesn’t happen until Thursday evening.)

Lettuce/Spinach option:  we got shorted 12 bags of Baby Kale–those members on the delivery routes got one bag this week and will get an extra greens item next week…Leap-Froggers- July 30th.  I am looking at some heads of lettuce and a bagged green for the Lettuce Option.  

Remember:  you can upgrade any time before August 15th if you’d like to increase the amount of veggies you get each week or each Leap Frog Week–

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

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