Fruit Shares

The Fruit Shares are here–I need to sort through them today, but the STRAWBERRIES are very good and RIPE. I don’t think they will keep until Thursday or Friday…maybe not even Wednesday. Right now they are in the cooler at 46 degrees–optimal for fruit–but starting tomorrow and for the rest of the week we will be in and out of the cooler as we add new veggies–temps raise each time we do that!

SOOOOO…for this week, until we get the other cooler up and going and can isolate the fruit and keep the temps consistently cool, I would like to invite the Fruit Share people to PICK UP their Fruit Share on Monday. Thermopolis people could probably wait until Tuesday…but if in Worland on Monday, feel free to stop by!

Apologize that for this week you may need to visit us twice–Fruit Share Pick UP on Monday and Veggie Share Pick UP later in the week.

PICK UP TIME 4:30 to 6:30 pm–See you then–The Farmer’s Wife

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