Utah Fruit, Lloyd Craft Farms MELONS, and more…

My favorite time of year! Fresh from the Bower’s Orchard in Utah— Suncrest and Paul Friday PEACHES, NECTARINES, and Red Bartlett PEARS— tree ripened, and ready for a day on your counter to complete the fully ripened process… Coming in next week Asian Pears and Honeycrisp Apples. Prices per pound GREAT!

**Bower’s is not certified organic, but in talking with them they treat their orchards responsibly and limit what is applied with an eye to overall health. (We sometimes call that beyond organic…with the watering down of the certification process certain chemicals are allowed in lower concentrations. USDA certified organic does not mean no chemicals. I prefer buying from folks I know and trust in order to nurture my health…and I want to do the same for our Bee Healthy customers and friends!)

A couple weeks ago I had a hankering for peaches, but I never buy them except in season…I broke down and ordered a box of nectarines from our regular produce supplier. Sad story–I threw most of them out… Picked too green, so they didn’t ripen but molded. 🙁


Our other new ‘fruits’ this week are watermelons and cantaloupe from Lloyd Craft Farms. I told you it’s my FAVORITE time of year! Back to my melon before bed–WAHOO!

The garden year has been a challenge–too wet, too cold, too hot, too cool…the poor plants are messed up, the weeds and bugs have been tyrants, and the plants internal clocks are ready to shut down.


Stocked in the cooler at Bee Healthy, Lloyd Craft Farms has the best celery in the world–we are into the second variety–Kelvin–which is taller, corn on the cob (preorder 24 ears for freezingtext 431-1219 with name and amount wanted), a good variety of hot and sweet peppers (check out the gorgeous Orange Bell Peppers in the cooler…behind the green bells!), last of the cucumbers and zucchini, purple green beans (they cook up green), colossal sized white onions and yellow sweets, 2 packages of broccolini (unless I can gleam a little from the high tunnel tomorrow), bags of cut-up cauliflower, parsley, and Swiss Chard. We also have green cabbage and red cabbage. Until the first freeze, Fresh Basil on the counter for sale – $3.75/bundle. Coming soon Winter Squash!

**Green Cabbage is the fall variety, suitable for kraut and cabbage burgers…coming soon the Savoy (crinkled leaves) which is SWEET when cooked (we like it with Brauts or Polish Sausage).

Well…that’s an update…lots of good food for a healthy body! I’m headed back to the farm to harvest and package…large order going out to Casper Tuesday! Sunday night temps may drop to the 40’s so we are focusing on clean harvesting peppers (Poblano’s look great!), and the last of the tomatoes….bringing in the cantaloupes and winter squash, digging potatoes, drying onions, and getting stocked up for at least 4 more months of food we can vouch for and know where it is from! 🙂


Terri, The Farmer’s Wife

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