The Heirloom Oranges are back–Supplies are limited–ONLY ONE CASE WAS AVAILABLE FOR NEXT WEEK–I’m working with Spokane Produce to get 25 cases for February 10th.  Cost is $20 for 20#.

These are not certified organic, but raised conventionally.  Because we do not eat the peels, which provide a protective barrier for the orange, citrus is not on the EWG Dirty Dozen list.  (check out Nutrition tab for more information on the EWG Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists)

What makes Heirloom Oranges in such high demand is that most orchards have moved to newer varieties that produce higher volume and yield longer–and subsequently lose their flavor and get pithy…I say– The Heirlooms are a navel with thinner skin and more juice…sweet now and sweeter as the spring moves in and their is more of that nurturing sunshine!

I’ll keep you posted–I have the orders placed Wednesday and will strive to track down and secure those little nuggets of sunshine!  The Farmer’s Wife




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