Group A– Special Box, Thursday, February 21st at Bee Healthy

image   (not the actual box, but an example of a box past–)

The Special Box has been ordered!  The plan for this week’s Group A box is ORG Blackberries (1 pint), ORG Asparagus (1#), Organic Girl Baby Spinach (5 oz), ORG Cauliflower, ORG Lemons (2), Organic Girl Romaine Hearts (12 oz), ORG Mini-carrots (1#), Daikon RadishesSpaghetti or Acorn Squash (our own!)  – $30 ($34.50 value)  INFO sheet and Spinach Salad recipe with Bacon. 

Lots of GOODIES for the Walk-in’s and EXTRA’s for the Buyer’s Group Members.  Mycopia Gourmet Chef Sampler mushrooms were back in stock, Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine, and Shallots(A Brand new item)  Also ordered Mixed Fingerling Potatoes, and will have more of the Red Potatoes from Torrington.  Lots of greens, green veggies, our red cabbage, and a plethora of root crops.  Herbs and more Fennel Bulbs!  Good quality, lots of ORGANICS, fair prices–

Plan to stop in on Thursday and SHOP!  One day only–Bee Healthy at 635 Big Horn Ave.   The Farmer’s Wife




It was the frantic Box Game Thursday, and when the dust settled today I have one unclaimed Special Box of Veggies for $30.  TEXT 431-1219 to claim the Box.

In this Special Box are all Organic goodies:  Pink Lady Apples (3#), Taylor Farms (ready-to-go) Green Beans (12 oz), Broccoli (1# minimum), Carrots (1#), Celery (nice full head), Organic Girl Salad Mix (5 oz), and the Valentine’s Day Special (couple of days late now!)Swiss Chard Salad (recipe, Swiss Chard, Red Beets, Cucumberadd lemon juice, maple syrup, red wine vinegar, craisins, and roasted sunflower seeds)–Box includes Info Sheet and 2 other recipes for Charred Green Beans, and Bone Broth made in the Instant Pot…or not…

Special Box is at Bee Healthy until 3:00 today (Saturday), but can be picked up at The Farm on Washakie Ten after that time.  Text or call to reserve– 431-1219.  Thanks!  The Farmer’s Wife

THURSDAY– MARKET DAY at Bee Healthy–One EXTRA Box available


Today is HUMP DAY–the middle of the week!  BUT, tomorrow is Thursday at Bee Healthy for the Buyer’s Group (those folks that have pre-ordered boxes) and for all the Walk-in’s that are WELCOME.  I also have two Buyer’s Group Members who are out of town this week…one box is already spoken for, but I have one EXTRA.  Text me 431-1219 if you are interested–

Group B Special Boxes:  ORG Red Beets (1# bag) & ORG Swiss Chard & ORG Cucumber WITH a great recipe for Swiss Chard Salad (the secret is the lemon juice that softens and breaks down the Chard)FRUIT this week is a 3# bag of ORG Pink Lady Apples…ORG Taylor Farms Green Beans and info on two ways to prepare them, ORG Broccoli, ORG Carrots (1# bag) for that Valentine’s Day Carrot Bundt Cake (recipe at…ORG Celery with a recipe for Bone Broth (add garlic, carrots, onion, and bones)… Organic Girl Salad Mix (50/50 Mix or Baby Spring Mix)$30 ($32.75 value)

To round out your recipes so that you can unpack your box and cook, be sure and pick up a lemon, onions, garlic, more carrots, and another tub of salad or the baby spinach(Bee Healthy has the other ingredients needed for the three recipes included this week!)  We’ll also have the fast and convenient Fresh Express ORG Caesar Salad kit, more of the Heirloom oranges, ORG Brussels sprouts, and more.  Check out the What Produce at Buyer’s Group page at , under the Buyer’s Group tab.

(Greybull Valley Produce Basil and Arugula not available this week–but we will have them again next week!)  We also refused the Tomatoes on the Vine–they were gross!


The truck got in LATE last night and we are working hard to get everything ready for you today–See you tomorrow!  The Farmer’s Wife

Keto vs Paleo (and the Whole30 Reset)


Diets come and diets go…but good nutrition should always be here to stay!  I’ve been studying the two most popular diets as more and more folks are saying, “I can’t eat that, or I can eat that” when they are looking at the Box Contents for the Buyer’s Group. Both diets  seem pretty solid to me with their emphasis on whole foods (veggie strong) and good sources of proteins and fats.  

My friend Kelley is doing the Whole30–  I thought that sounded familiar and I was putting things away the other day and found a cookbook I’d picked up last month at Costco:  Whole30 Cookbook by Melissa Hartwig!  This is Melissa’s 3rd food book.  First was It Starts With Food, and the second was The Whole30.  

Dr. Axe this week posted an article explaining and comparing the Ketogenic Diet and the Paleo Diet (Carnivore Diet)–the Whole30 was lightly touched upon, too.  I’ve transferred that information to our blog.  (The fine print at the end of the article led me to believe sharing was okay–)

If you have a moment read it through–it is very informative and touches on the health benefits of both! – The article has its own tab for now but will be moved to the Nutrition tab at the end of this month and become its own page.  

Healthy food for healthy bodies!– The Farmer’s Wife


Bee Healthy- February 14th- PRODUCE & Group B

close up of hands holding cherry tomatoes


Thursday is Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome!  And it is Valentine’s Day!  I tried to put some special boxes together with that theme in mind, but let’s face it:  There are not many options in Fruits and Veggies for Valentine’s Day…or at least with my creative mind…so take some time Thursday and check out the Valentine ideas at Bee Healthy.  LOTS of creative and unique gift items…jewelry, foods, M.I.D. cards, and more!

Group B Special Boxes:  ORG Red Beets (1# bag) & ORG Swiss Chard & ORG Cucumber WITH a great recipe for Swiss Chard Salad (the secret is the lemon juice that softens and breaks down the Chard)FRUIT this week is a 3# bag of ORG Pink Lady Apples…ORG Taylor Farms Green Beans, ORG Broccoli, ORG Carrots (1# bag) for that Valentine’s Day Carrot Bundt Cake WITH a recipe…ORG Celery with a recipe for Bone Broth (add garlic, carrots, onion, and bones)Organic Girl Salad Mix (50/50 Mix or Baby Spring Mix)$30 ($32.75 value)

See you ALL Thursday at Bee Healthy!  The Farmer’s Wife 

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3 BOXES OF VEGGIES! PU at Bee Healthy today or Friday—$30


We had TOO MUCH of some veggies and have put 3 more BOXES together to sell—

BOX CONTENTS:  Mango, ORG Red Pears-2, ORG Taylor Farms Green Beans- 12 oz, ORG Broccoli, ORG Rainbow Carrots-2#, 2 ORG Cucumbers, ORG Orange Bell Pepper, and Organic Girl 50/50 Salad Mix—$30.

Text to 431-1219 to reserve or pickup at Bee Health—

Thanks!  The Farmer’s Wife

Thursday at The Bee– Happy to Announce! Locally Grown Basil–

I’m so excited to announce that we will be carrying Greybull Valley Produce!  Tomorrow –  Living Basil and Living Arugula–Super Price $3.00 eachGVP BASIL

Another NEW item is the Chef’s Sampler Gourmet Mushrooms from Mycopia–
8 oz for $8.00.


More of the regular stuff-– ORG Bananas and ORG Honeycrisp Apples…All kinds of ORG vegetables…ORG Herbs including more of the Hawaiian Turmeric…ORG Greens including Living Butter Lettuce, Caesar Salad Kit, Kale, and Swiss Chard…ORG Organic Girl Spinach…and our own Lloyd Craft Farms Red Cabbage, Turnips and Daikon Radishes, Sunchokes, and Winter Squash(Complete list with pricing at , page What Produce at Buyer’s Group, under the Buyer’s Group tab.)

Group A Special Boxes this week are 2 Rio Star Grapefruit, ORG Bananas, ORG Brussels sprouts, ORG Rainbow Mini-carrots, ORG Snap Peas, ORG Garnet Yams, ORG Living Butter Lettuce, ORG Yellow Onions, and an info sheet with Recipes.  $30

Membership is full!  Walk-in’s WELCOME!  See you there!  The Farmer’s Wife