WOW! Kiwi’s from NEW ZEALAND! THURSDAY at Bee Healthy–





THAI BASIL from Thailand??  No, USA!

We are preparing for that THURSDAY trip to BEE HEALTHY–Lots of good produce INCLUDING our own herbs, Rapini, and 5 oz bags of FRESH SPINACH (like, harvested and bagged yesterday!).  We are also putting together some 1# bags of Braising Spinach, real cheap!  More of the Lady Alice Apples from Washington–  🙂

Since not many folks (including myself until Monday) have tried Broccoli Raab (Rapini) we are selling bundles Thursday for $1.75 (Usually $3.75).  Raab is a broccoli known for its huge green leaves and flowery bloom, and best grown in the cool of Spring.  My Monday Experience was delightful as far as the leaves and head and tender stems went, but I strongly suggest you cut off any thick, tough, lower stems.  Broccoli and radishes are in the same family, if you can imagine that, and I think I got impatient and harvested too far down the stalk and got some of that radish flavor. 

As a member of the Brassica family, broccoli of all sorts are high in antioxidants and other nutrients to help our bodies to function right and heal, too!  Good addition to any diet–


See you Tomorrow at Bee Healthy!  Try some spinach (PLEASE) and some Rapini (40 bundles for sale cheap)–The Farmer’s Wife

GROUP B this Week and MORE great PRODUCE…


Administrator’s Special Box– GROUP B:   3# bag Halo Tangerines, Avocado, ORG Broccolini, ORG Washington Leeks, ORG Cucumber, ORG 1# Roma tomatoes, ORG 12 oz bag Mini-Rainbow carrots, ORG 3# bag Red Potatoes, Lloyd Craft Farms SPINACH-5 oz ziploc bag– $25  (Surprise herb and a recipe!)

We may have 2 EXTRA boxes!  Most of the same produce as last week with the exception of NO Asparagus (too high priced for organic) and NO Broccoli (too beat up!).  More Brussels sprouts this week!  The first of the Washington state harvest of Leeks!  ORG Yellow Bell Peppers, ORG Lady Alice Apples, and lots of GREENSFresh Herbs and Fresh Spinach from Lloyd Craft Farms-–  check out the full list with prices at , Buyer’s Group tab, What Produce at Buyer’s Group page.

See you THURSDAY at Bee Healthy!  May is the last Month of produce at Bee Healthy–then we transition to The Farm for Pick Up of garden Shares in July.  Want to be able to shop The Store (fruit, specialty veggies, herbs, mushrooms) every Thursday July through September?  Join the CSA with a Monthly Share for $100.  (Add October for another $25)  Pick up a CSA Agreement at Bee Healthy any day of the week!  Membership will close the end of May–don’t delay! 

The Farmer’s Wife

Spinach is READY and Oh, So GOOD!

spinach salad

We are into HARVESTING, but fortunately not like mid SUMMER…yet!  This morning The Farmer and The Farmer’s Wife harvested some more of the Spinach…but not all of it before it got too hot.  The Farmer’s Wife will finish what remains of this first round tomorrow, and then we will start over Tuesday for Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome at Bee Healthy. Spinach is another one of those healthy, nutrient dense foods…good for the eyes and brain based on what I have read this past week!

Harvests in the cool of the morning retain flavor and freshness.  We are working with Janet at The Bee to stock 5 oz bags of Spinach during the week-days throughout May and June.

Also harvested out of the Gothic High Tunnel was the first of the Broccoli Raab, a custom crop grown for our buyer up north.  This is a new crop for us!  Not even sure what it tastes like–larger, more turnip-like leaves, and a smaller rounder flowery bud.  We have 2 different varieties–this first is a 30 day variety, the other is Spring Raab and is 2 weeks later, and supposed to have a little sweeter flavor.  Also planted in the Gothic is the Galion X which is our favorite Broccolini!  Hope to have some by the last week in May–keep your fingers crossed!

Last Reminder–Today is the deadline to get the Early Bird Voucher by joining the CSA and paying in full!  Postmark counts– Information on the CSA at  The Farmer’s Wife

Friday Special Boxes –Reserve and Pick up tomorrow at Bee Healthy!


We had a great day at Bee Healthy today and moved a lot of veggies and stuff, BUT had too many lettuce mixes left-over.  They will not hold until next Thursday….SO…FIVE Friday Special Boxes for $25 each.  Text 431-1219 to reserve and then pick up Friday at Bee Healthy (10:00 to 5:30).  (If you are interested, but can’t pick up the box until Saturday or Sunday, we can hold it here at The Farm in our cooler–)

BOX CONTENTS:  Large California Gem Avocado, Mango, ORG Snap Peas (12 oz), ORG Washington Asparagus (1#), ORG Cucumber, ORG Green Bell Pepper, ORG Carrots (1#), ORG Garlic Bulb, and Organic Girl Salad Mix (5 oz).  Info Sheet included–

TEXT 431-1219 to reserve!  The Farmer’s Wife


gothic damage 2018

Gothic High Tunnel lost its LID!  Sunday’s winds blew the top off the new high tunnel.  We were working in the other high tunnel when the gusting wind hit…I guess it hailed in Greybull!  The Farmer slipped out to close down doors, and then let out a holler for help…like I could fight the wind?  I heard a loud crack like thunder that turned out to be the wind snapping the shredded cover in the wind–  Fortunately nothing more was lost other than the cover–we got the doors pulled down and tight, the roll down sides are in-tact, and the broccolini, broccoli raab, spinach, and herb beds inside were fine!  That’s enough excitement for a while!

Bee Healthy from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for fresh veggies and wonderful fruits!  Don’t forget about the herbs, greens, and the first harvest of our Spring Spinach…you heard right:  Lloyd Craft Farms 5 oz bags of Spinach!  This week we have Fresh Herbs from the high tunnel also!  Oregano, Thyme, and a Mix with Sage–  We also have some more of the ORG Gourmet Mushrooms, ORG Washington Asparagus, California Gem Avocados, ORG Lady Alice Apples, ORG Strawberries and ORG Blackberries, ORG Baby Bok Choi, ORG Rainbow Carrots, and MUCH, MUCH, MORE!

Thursday is also CSA Sign-ups–this is the last Thursday to sign up and get a Voucher to be used at Pick Up Day to buy greens, herbs, mushrooms, and fruit.  Free Vouchers are worth $12.50 for the Weekly Share.  CSA is rapidly approaching the magical 100 shares…don’t delay and miss out on fresh, locally grown veggies right here on Washakie Ten!


See you Thursday at Bee Healthy–Don’t forget to sign up for the last box of the season:  May 31st is a FIFTH THURSDAY!   The Farmer’s Wife


Buyer’s Group at BEE HEALTHY- May 3rd– Walk-in’s WELCOME


This is the last week to take advantage of the Vouchers for The Store–Join the CSA before May 5th and get a voucher on us to use at Pick Up day!  CSA Agreements are at Bee Healthy.  Information can be found at– Cost, what to expect, and how to join…  All the memberships are applied to the input costs of the garden–support local and fresh! 

Buyer’s Group A this week:  3# bag Halo’s, ORG Washington State Asparagus, ORG Leeks (with cleaning directions and suggestions on how to cook), ORG Cucumber and ORG Green Bell Pepper, ORG 1# bag Carrots, 3# bag ORG Red Potatoes, and ORG Living Butter Lettuce Head$25

Check out the updated list of goodies at , What Produce at Buyer’s Group page, under the Buyer’s Group tab.

NEW ITEMS THIS WEEK:  Living Basil, Meyer Lemons and ORG Lemons and Limes, Mangoes and ORG Champagne Mangoes, ORG Rainbow Carrots (2# bag), ORG Mint for your sun tea, ORG Green Onions, ORG Snap Peas, Taylor Farms Asian Salad Kits, Organic Girl Spinach/Arugula Mix and Organic Girl Super Spinach, ORG Tofu…the Mycopia Gourmet Mushrooms are back!

MORE Gem and Hass Avocados, Halo tangerines, Lady Alice Apples and Heirloom Oranges, Tropicana Pineapples, Turmeric root, ORG Blackberries and ORG Strawberries, ORG Broccolini, ORG Red Butter Lettuce heads, ORG Portabella Mushrooms, and the Organic Girl 50/50 Salad Mix.

May is the last month of Thursday’s at Bee Healthy…we take June off and then the real thing happens!  (The CSA with veggie shares every Thursday, July through mid-October–)

See you THURSDAY at The Bee– The Farmer’s Wife 

Friday Special BOXES at Bee Healthy- Friday, April 27th


We had a great day, but too many left-overs to try to hold until next week…we want to keep the produce we sell as fresh as possible and that means moving  what we can!  So, we have 5 FRIDAY SPECIAL BOXES for sale and pick up FRIDAY at Bee Healthy, reserve by texting 431-1219.

BOXES contain Lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, 1# bag Carrots, Leeks (easy to use onion type), 2# Yukon/Red Potatoes, and 4 Lady Alice Apples—all USDA ORGANIC.  Box cost–$25

Thanks for all the folks that stopped by today to shop, and thanks to Buyer’s Group that makes this possible!  The Farmer’s Wife