Chronic Inflammation and Aging

sliced avocado fruits on round white ceramic plate

Have you ever seen an old friend after many years of not, and thought, “Wow!  They look rough and much older than they should.”  Chances are they are suffering from chronic inflammation, and just are not feeling that great!

According to Dr. Micozzi in his April 2nd post called Chronic Inflammation and Aging, chronic inflammation is the No. 1 cause of disease…and aging. He says research links chronic inflammation to virtually every major disease of our time, including Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and Type II diabetes.

To read my summary of his 6 starting points on the foods you should eat (or avoid) to reduce inflammation, go to and check for the page “Chronic Inflammation and Aging” under the Nutrition tab.  To get health  information first hand, sign up for Dr. Micozzi’s Insiders’ Cure newsletters at

April 8th– GROUP B Special Boxes and Walk-in’s Welcome!


We have worked through the Produce for the Special Boxes and that which is for sale on MONDAY at Bee Healthy!  

Here’s what’s in the Special Boxes:    3# Halo Mandarin Oranges, 1# Asparagus (nice size and very fresh), ORG Celery head, 1# bag ORG Mini-Carrots, bundle ORG Green Onions, Greybull Valley Butter Lettuce, ORG Grape Tomato pint, ORG Cucumber, ORG Red Bell, AND either an Avocado OR 2 Heirloom Oranges$30

Here’s some new things for sale, or worth mentioning:    ORG Grape Tomatoes for $2.50, ORG Red Radishes for $3.00 a bundle, over a dozen 1# bundle Asparagus for $4.50, Giant Leeks for $4.00, Broccoli Crowns for $3.00, ORG Broccoli $5.00, ORG Oyster Mushrooms (gourmet quality and texture) for $4.00, ORG Spaghetti Squash for $4.50, ORG Blackberries for $4.75, ORG Mint and ORG Thyme for $3.00 each, ORG Giant Fennel Bulbs….worth mentioning are ORG Red Bell Peppers for $2.00, ORG Jalapeno peppers 5/$1.00, ORG Zucchini at $1.25 each, 1# ORG Mini-Carrots for $2.25….and all the regular stuff we have every other time!  (Prices and quantities posted at , Buyer’s Group tab, What at Buyer Group page.)

Come and check it out!  Shop Monday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Bee Healthy–635 Big Horn Ave, Worland.  Sign up for the Summer/Fall CSA now and be a part of the GARDEN on Washakie Ten! 

The Farmer’s Wife

BUSY, Busy, busy Time of YEAR!

This is a report on The Farm…It is here!  The snow has melted and we can see the Garden, and it is HERE!  The garden is getting cleaned up in preparation for the beds to be put down in May.  (Plastic mulch, drip line, new fencing are all being ordered this week…)

The High Tunnels are both planted with baby plants popping their little heads out of the warm dirt…Swiss chard, radishes, spinach, all of which were planted in mid-March.  The Farmer thought he saw the tip tops of some of the Snap Peas, poking out of the bed, but it’s a little early to be certain.

The Greenhouse is half full of transplants:  Happy Rich Broccolini, Asian Delight Bok Choi, and Barese Swiss Chard, all of which will be planted in the high tunnels in the next two weeks.  Also in the greenhouse are Celery and Celeriac…our new starts and some of those remaining from the heating pad bake-off that I wrote about earlier!  Also…ALL the early broccoli, early cabbages, and early white cauliflower to go into the North Garden in May.

In the nursery are all kinds of pepper plants and our eggplants, and a second planting of the Happy Rich for the garden.  We are trying several new hot peppers this year:  a nice hot chili pepper called Red Flame, and a guajillo (El Eden) used for making mole.  We’ll have more of the Poblano’s, Pueblo Roasting Peppers, Hungarian Hot Wax, and 3 varieties of Jalapeno’s.  We couldn’t resist planting a shorter day Habanero and some of those HOT purple Aurora’s.  Of course, lots of sweet peppers that go into the Shares have been started:  Yellow and Orange and Green Bells, Antohi Romanian Frying peppers, Shishito’s, and more of the multicolored Snack Peppers.

Last crops to be started for the May plantings are the tomatoes…Esterina Yellow Cherries, Heirloom Artisan Cherries, Grape, 4 kinds Heirloom Beefy Tomatoes, Celebrity and Polbig slicers/canners, and several varieties of saladette and Roma’s!  We have a new one called Damsel…can’t remember what was so great about it except that it hales from a Montana breeder.

Then after all the outdoor plants are planted in the garden, we follow in mid-May starting the fall Brassica’s:  Imperial Broccoli, Storage Cabbages, Romanesco, and 3 colors of Cauliflower with exciting names like Vitaverde, Cheddar, and Graffiti…wonder what each color is?  (Green, Cheddar Cheese yellow, and Purple!) 

All told we start 12,657 plants from mid-March until mid-May, most to be set out in the garden from May 15th to July 3rd.  That’s a lot of work, but worth it to have such great food for our members and to sell up north, and in our surrounding communities!  COME, Come, come GROW with us!  (Well…let us ‘grow’ for you, and you come ‘grow’ with the size of the CSA! LOL)

Which leads to the next thing:  The CSA is open and we are seeing some early signers–happy to report we paid for the bulk of the seed with the money from the March members. But, we are just getting started!  This month we will be hit with the bills for the potting soil, inserts, and other planting supplies, as well as the monthly electricity and gas bills. The month of May we anticipate the bills for the plastic mulch, drip tape, irrigation supplies, some new fencing, and fertilizer and input soil additives.  June usually wraps up the garden input costs, and handles some of the labor costs as our helpers come and join us May 6th!  (The remainder of the season is paid by the wholesale sales and bulk sales for the canner’s.)  The garden is not that far away–

The deadline for the Early Bird Voucher is May 5th.  Vouchers are worth $20 for the Weekly Share, $10 for the Leap-Frog, and $5 for the Monthly Share.  The best time to sign up is NOW and get the voucher to use at The Store which starts with the first Pick Up, July 10th…fruits, herbs, veggies, and mushrooms are stocked in The Store.  Shares should be ready from The Garden.   (The first Thursday is July 3rd, so we’ll wait for folks to return from their Holiday and give the garden that extra week to load up!)   Diamond S Delights will be there, too, selling their raw milk products every Thursday. 

Sign up ON-LINE, pay by Check, Cash, or use the PayPal link with your debit or credit card. It’s Not that far away–delay no more!

Remember the sooner you sign up, the greater it helps us in getting prepared for the year, both financially and also in membership size.  Sign up to save a spot, and pay in full before May 5th for the Early Bird Voucher.  All memberships are paid before the start of the garden in July.  (See the installment terms.)  Here’s to you and your health, and to the healthy GARDEN that sustains healthy communities! 

                                                                   The Farmer’s Wife


Special MONDAY Boxes


This morning I jumped out of bed and hit the floor running!  First goal was to find 5 homes for the Monday Special Boxes we put together yesterday from the surplus of our Market Day (Buyer’s Group) at Bee Healthy– but while drinking my coffee I was greeted by just the right article called “Foods That Lower Cancer Risks”, by Dr. Blaylock.  (You can read the full article (a quick read) at , under the Nutrition tab.)

When you become aware that our cells are continually dying and new ones ‘born’, and that this process is directly affected by what we eat, then you will become a food fanatic like me!  (It’s not the cure-all for all that ails us, but it’s a good starting point–)

The Monday Special Boxes at Bee Healthy contain Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, and Spinach…all items understood to be potent anticancer foods and mentioned in Dr. Blaylock’s article.  The other complimentary contents are Lemons (natural source of Vitamin C, a known anti-viral), Mini-Rainbow Carrots (high in Beta-carotene needed for Vitamin A production), Onions (superstar in their own respect), Green Bell Peppers (a Nightshade, which has mixed reviews from different doctors), Red Beets (same family as Spinach), and the star of the show for healthy fats:  Avocado!

Dr. Blaylock suggests blenderizing your veggies and drinking them…I prefer eating them steamed and as or with a meal…but if you are looking for a healthy natural ‘vitamin’, by all means BLENDERIZE!!

Grab this opportunity for organic and fresh– Check out the boxes at Bee Healthy, they close at 5:30 p.m.  Cost is $30, value is $34.75–  Text 431-1219 to reserve, or go into The Bee and pick one up!  The Farmer’s Wife

Bee Healthy–Monday, April 1st – All DAY Walk-in’s Welcome/ Group A Buyer’s Group

sliced avocado fruits on round white ceramic plate

We are at Bee Healthy ALL DaY today…no fooling!

Group A- Special Boxes:  2# Envy Apples,                                                               CONV Asparagus (BEAUTIFUL!), ORG Carrots– 1# bag,                                   ORG Cherry Tomato on the Vine- 12 oz, ORG Cucumber &                             ORG Red Bell Pepper, ORG Green Onions, ORG Zucchini– 1#,                      Greybull Valley Butter Leaf Lettuce– $30

New prices are posted and lots of EXTRA’s for saleNotable ORG Strawberries (1# clamshell), ORG Envy Apples, Heirloom Oranges, and some out of this world Rio Star Grapefruit–lots of citrus and our large avocados….Champagne Mangoes!

Lots of Veggies, too…Brussels Sprouts, Baby Bok Choi, Broccoli, Cauliflowers, Cabbage, and Romanesco…Peppers and Tomatoes…Green Beans and Asparagus…and more!

Root crops and Gourmet Mushrooms!  Onions of all colors, and some new Jumbo Yellow Sweets!

Herbs and Greens with some new ORG Turmeric from Fuji Island!

Come and Check it OUT!  Don’t forget to sign up for the Summer CSA and Pay before May 5th for an Early Bird Voucher!  The Farmer’s Wife

CSA– Membership OPEN!


What is a CSA?   Fancy word for us Sharing our garden with you, and you helping us out by paying ahead to cover the input costs of the garden–The garden harvest season in the Big Horn Basin starts in July with our first frost around the second week in September.  After the frost, cold crops continue into October, with Brussels sprouts and Deadon cabbage the last to be harvested!  We start planning in January, plant starting in March, and garden planting in May…

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture–You are the Community of members (participants, shareholders, supporters) and we are the Agriculture (garden, farm, dirt, plants, food…).

Cost to join–$350 for a 13 week Weekly Share, and $200 for a 7 week Leap-Frog Share (every other week).  You can tag on an additional 2 weeks in October–$50 more on the Weekly Share, and $25 more on the Leap-Frog Share.

Payment terms are easy–pay upfront before May 5th and get an Early Bird Voucher to use in The Store on Thursday’s at Pick Up.  (Voucher is $20 for Weekly, and $10.00 for Leap-Frog.)  Sign up on-line NOW, pay an installment or pay in full.  Cash, check, or with a credit or debit card using the PayPal link.  (Don’t forget to add the PayPal fee.)

Two Rules:  If paying by installments, pay something each month.  All memberships paid in full before July 5th or when the CSA starts!

Travel a lot during the summer months, or have your own garden?  Join the CSA with a Monthly Share:  One Share a month, but the opportunity to shop The Store every single Thursday…or the Thursday’s you want!  Cost is $100 for 3 Shares in July, August, September, and an additional $25 for October.  (Includes your $25 Membership fee.)

What is the value of a CSA Share?  Garden fresh, organically raised produce each week.  We do the work, you reap the benefit…in health from veggies high in antioxidants and nutrient dense…by economically supporting your local grower to help the business grow and be sustained for the years to come.

Don’t delay…Sign up on-line today!  We are making plans for the garden size and getting ready to plant in May.  Seed ordered, transplants are already started and more to follow in the next 4 weeks.  Let us hear from you so we can include you in our garden plans!  Sign up on-line, payment flexibility, and a LOT to GAIN!!  The Farmer’s Wife

April 1st- GROUP A–Special Boxes, Walk-in’s Welcome!


Next Monday, April Fool’s Day, is real!  We will be at Bee Healthy from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Lots of fresh veggies, and a great variety of fruits…more of the greens, herbs, and mushrooms!  Get info on the Summer CSA–

GROUP A BOXES:  Asparagus, 1# bag ORG Carrots (fresh clip-top this week), ORG Cucumber and another one of those BEAUTIFUL ORG Red Bell Peppers, 1# ORG Zucchini, ORG Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine, ORG Green Onions, and 2# ORG Envy Apples$30

Some of the new Additional ITEMS for sale: 

ORG Strawberries– 1# clamshell….$6.75

More of the Heirloom Oranges…………….$1.75/#  (Sweet, juicy, aromatic!)

New this week–Champagne Mangoes (more flesh, less pit, and much sweeter)…$2.00

Overstock of ORG Cauliflower……………………….$6.00 SPECIAL PRICE

ORG  Snap Peas– 12 oz bag…………………………….$5.75 NEW AGAIN!

LOTS of ORG Zucchini……………………………………can’t price until we see the size!

NEW shipment of Envy Apples, organic of course…………………..$3.50/#

More ORG Fresh Express Caesar Salad Kits & Organic Girl Baby Spinach….$4.75 each

8 heads of Greybull Valley Butter Leaf Living Lettuce………………$2.75



Come and check it out!  Stock up on fresh produce!  The Farmer’s Wife