Queen Bee Lovell @ Bee Healthy Worland

The two Bee’s–QUEEN BEE and BEE HEALTHY! New stock of wonderful Beeswax Candles and Honey Candies–Come check it out! We also carry raw honey (3# and 5# cannisters) from 307 HONEY AKA BRYANT’s HONEY…and the bulk honey dispenser is always ready to fill your container or one of our cute little honey bears– Local honeys, good for local health!

Why Beeswax candles?

“Did you know? Beeswax candles clean the air when they burn. They release negative ions. Pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants and other junk in the air will carry a positive charge, which is how they are suspended in the air. The negative ions released from the burning beeswax negate the positive charge of air contaminants, and the neutralized ions are either burned in the flame of the candle, or fall to the floor. Many air purifiers and water filters use this same effective negative ion technology.”


Because these candles clean the air and reduce indoor pollutants, they can effectively reduce asthma, allergies and hay fever. Further, pure beeswax doesn’t have irritating toxins or heavy perfumes. And let me add, as the candles are burning, they can be folded inward and there is less waste!

For more information on Beeswax Candles and Asthma, and Beeswax Candles and Allergies, stop in Bee Healthy and pick up an info sheet from Queen Bee. There is a nice comparative chart of Beeswax Candles and Paraffin Candles–Good info….

Our mission is to help you Be Healthy!

Group B Special Boxes this Week! Bee Healthy and lots of other STUFF…

GROUP B THIS WEEK– We had 5 Thursday’s in April which always throws our rhythms off if you are used to the first and third Thursday for Group A, and second and fourth for Group B…now it switches until the end in June. It can almost be as annoying as the time change in the spring–LOL! Also, keep in mind, the CSA membership is open and you can sign up at http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com. With the Buyer’s Group (going on now on Thursday’s) and the CSA you can get fresh, nutrient dense veggies 10 months out of a year!

Boxes are ordered for this week and more Thursday Fresh Veggies to stock at Bee Healthy! New this week– Washington Asparagus! Other Box goodies: Greybull Valley Butterhead Lettuce, ORG Lemons, ORG English Cucumber, the beautiful and sweet ORG Orange Bell Pepper, ORG Celery and ORG Cliptop Carrots, ORG Green Onions, and ORG Roma Tomatoes to round it out!– $30 **I tried for the fresh cauliflower but the price doubled to $6.00–so….we’ll give it a week to see where it settles! I’ll stock some organic cauliflower at $6.00 so its available for those that need it. 🙂

Extra items Thursday are ORG Strawberries- 1# clamshells, ORG Blueberries in the pint this week, more of the ORG Mini Rainbow Carrots (12 oz), lots of greens, ORG Broccoli, ORG Jalapeno Packets and ORG Green and Orange Bell Peppers, ORG Zucchini, ORG Earthbound Green Beans, variety of Mushrooms (including Shiitake and Mini Bells), and a good stock of ORG Honeycrisp apples, Heirloom oranges, and ORG Bananas–much more to chose from….Come and check it out Thursday. Produce held through Saturday, and then checked for freshness and removed if necessary. FRESH IS BEST!

Check out the last post at http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com or our FB page for info on some of the great STUFF we have in stock at Bee Healthy: Boxed Cereals and a wide selection of Granolas; gluten free wraps, tortillas and pocket breads; Beyond Burger patties and Amy’s California or Quarter Pound meatless burgers; and some of our specialty packaged goods like Buckwheat Groats, Thick Oatmeal, Pinto Beans, and Almond Butter Grinder Chunks (Almond Butter is super GOOD with sliced, Honeycrisp apples!!) We also have a large stock or gluten free flours and pastas, ancient grain wheats (Einkorn and Amaranth), and a Namaste Carrot Cake Mix that makes 2 cakes! Lots of supplements, teas, grocery items like oils and vinegars, spaghetti sauces and salsas, chips and refrigerated drinks, nut cheeses (and 5# loaves of Mild Cheddar from California Premium–0 grams lactose), and lots of krauts and pro-biotic loaded foods! And some of the BEST CHOCOLATE BARS…and good for you, too!

What’s @ Bee Healthy That’s so SPECIAL?

Lots of stuff! Stevia sweetened Chocolate Chips, Almond Flour and other gluten free options (AND NOW Xanthan Gum to help bond the the gluten free flours together as gluten does!)…Cereals, organic bulk items in 1# to 2# bags, Beyond Burgers, gluten free Wraps and Tortillas, quality Cheese Loaves, and Fresh Produce (Saturday and Monday only)…

In the grocery section with the chocolate chips are the Namaste Carrot Cake Mix (enough for two cakes), three boxes of cereal (NuCo Coconut Crunch, Cascadian Farm Berry Vanilla Puffs, Annie’s Homegrown Friends Bunnies–boxed cereals are 20% off), and a ton of choices in good healthy granolas (Nature’s Path Love Crunch with chocolate and strawberries and their Golden Turmeric, Back to Nature Blueberry, Catalina Crunch Keto friendly Chocolate Banana, Love Grown Raisin Almond, and Taos Bakes Apple Pecan and Madagascar).

What makes granola healthy? Low to no sugar, whole grains mostly gluten free, and other ingredients to tickle our taste buds…like chocolate chunks, dried raspberries, turmeric, and a variety of dried fruits and nuts.

On the top shelf above the granolas are our re-packaged organic Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal, organic Arrowhead Mill Pinto Beans, and organic Buckwheat Groats. We buy 25# – 50# and then divide them up…cheaper and you’re not paying a ton for a pretty package and all the work that goes into designer bags. 🙂 BTWWe do not eat our oatmeal cooked but raw with raisins, nuts, and other fruit added. We don’t cover it with milk either…as you know oat makes its own milk! (Try some of the Oatmilk Ice Cream from So Delicious– green label with apples on the outside, and the Elmhurst Oat Milk in the refrigerated section…Elmhurst also has Almond and Cashew…no emulsifiers or other additives…)

What do you know about Buckwheat? First, it is not a grain or even wheat! It’s a mainstay in the Mediterranean diet, cooked like we cook rice. It is full of flavor and nutrient loaded. We have organic Buckwheat Groats on the top shelf with a label to help you to get to know them and how to cook them! We stocked some pastas made with buckwheat, but at the present they are out of stock…either a casualty of manufacturing shut down or increased demand…

In the Peanut Butter Section where we stock peanut, almond, and soy butters is another novel bagged item. It came in a large box with writing on the side that said “Almond Butter Grinder Chunks”, a mistake from UNFI one Friday. After looking into what the heck it was (the UNFI product label said “GT Strawberry Kombucha”), we found it was roasted almond chunks for making your own fresh Almond Butter!

But simplified: Here’s how the process normally goes for making butter…soak almonds, dry them (roast?), and then break into pieces. The bulk, semi-prepared Grinder Chunks are AMAZING…all the hard work is done, so you can have fresher butter at a much cheaper price AND with less time! A pint of Almond Butter costs around $15.00…this bag is equal to 3 times that amount for less than 2 times the price. All you need is a food processor, or maybe a VitaMix or Ninja, and a little honey–sliced apples or fresh bread is good, too…though a spoonful is delightful, too!

On the opposite side of the Rices, Flours, Cereals, and Baking Mixes, and east of the freezers, are the gluten free flours: coconut, cassava, rice, almond, bean…and now a small 3 oz bag of real Xanthan Gum.

What for, you ask? Xanthan Gum is used in binding non-gluten flours, thickening gravies and other cooking creations. Xanthan Gum is a fermented and dried product, and can be organic or man-made…ours is organic right from Bob’s Red Mill. 1/4 teaspoon to 2 teaspoon per cup is all it takes–we put those directions on the bag for you!

In the freezer we have marked down the Beyond Burgers 20%! This is part of our vegan ‘meat’ stock along with Dr. Praeger’s Veggie California Burgers (more coming in next week) and Amy’s California and Quarter Burgers. Dr. Praeger’s is a true veggie patty with whole peas and all! We have some Brioche buns in the freezer too that are light and tasty…non-gluten as well. Also for sale in the freezer’s are tortillas and wraps: The Real Coconut Company and Siete Almond or Quinoa tortillas...Also, liquidating the Ezekiel Pocket Breads that work great as a ‘tortilla’ or fry bread, but leak a bit as a ‘pocket’. All good flavor and gluten free–20% off!

Last item to tell you about is our 5# loaves of mild cheddar cheese. The label says “0 grams lactose” …

Cheesy Yellow Cheese - Colors Photo (34563243) - Fanpop
WHAT–lactose free from cow’s milk??? A little studying helped me to understand cheese making: the longer it is aged, the lower the lactose level. This cheese is California Premium (the brand name distributed by Romanio Dairy), a mild cheddar. I’ve bought this for our family for several years…good price, good quality, lasts well…but this time the company sent me 25# instead of 5#…so we have them marked reasonably and in the cooler to sell ($6.44/#). Give it a try!

Well that’s about it for now–What does Bee Healthy have that’s special? Lot’s of stuff! New produce every Thursday and the continuation of the Buyer’s Group with their Leap-Frog or Weekly boxes (still room to sign up if interested), gift ideas, and supplements to help build your immune system or enhance your health. A large selection of teas, essential oils, incense, gift ideas, and fun drinks and chips…better for you than pop and oily chips. FYI–for Saturday we have organic Cucumbers ($1.75 or 2/$3.25), 5 oz organic Spinach ($3.00), organic Broccoli ($3.75), half dozen organic Orange Bell Peppers ($3.25), organic Bananas ($.99/#) AND Green and Red Cabbage, Celery, Red Beets, 1# bag organic Kiwi, 3# bag Tri-colored Potatoes, organic lemons, organic Honeycrisp Apples. Produce is usually pulled Monday to make room for fresh– Stop in and Check it OUT!

The Farmer’s Wife AKA Terri…

Group A THIS WEEK @ Bee Healthy Thursday–

Box contents and extra veggies and fruits have been ordered for Thursday at Bee Healthy!

This week: Greybull Valley Butterhead Lettuce, ORG Orange Bell Pepper, ORG Wild Wonder Cherry Tomato Mix, 2 or 3 ORG Lemons, either an ORG Red/or Green Cabbage, Texas Honey Sweet Onion, 1# ORG Carrots, ORG Cucumber, nice bundle of ORG Italian Flat Parsley, and a special SURPRISE…ORG Blueberries!– $30.

I see some great meals from this box–of course a SALAD with lettuce, beautiful sweet orange bell, smaller cherry tomatoes or the larger ones cut in half, a little grated carrot, cucumber, and red cabbage thinly grated on top. Use your favorite dressing or consider a simple red wine vinegar and olive oil, or lemon juice and oil. Why not add some dried cranberries and slivered almonds? Balsamic Vinegar is full bodied…we have a Raspberry Balsamic at Bee Healthy that is super!

CABBAGE BURGERS (both red or green works!) using the onion and cabbage…and a little grated carrot. Most folks usually include hamburger with their cabbage…that’s what makes them a ‘burger’, but you can fix this meatless just as easily. Consider adding some zucchini and more than a little grated carrot. When it comes to the bread covering, I take a short cut…I don’t have time to whip up the bread dough, so frozen roll dough from Blair’s fills my needs! (Terrel’s Country Bakery out of Utah is my favorite, let it thaw the morning before you plan on the cabbage for dinner).

Simple cabbage burger process: cook hamburger, onion, garlic if you chose, until the onion is cleared and the meat is slightly pink. You can add the grated carrot at this point, or steam it with the cabbage in the next step.

While the meat filling is cooking, prepare your ‘bread’: take two thawed rolls and knead them together and put them off to the side…do this to the whole bag…let them settle out a bit while you prepare the cabbage to be added to the cooked mixture.

Slice your cabbage thin– I slice the whole head…what isn’t used for the cabbage burgers can be repurposed for Coleslaw, or put in a ziploc in the fridge to use later. Add the sliced cabbage to the cooking mixture. The cabbage will cook down and be reduced in size…I usually add all that will fit in the large cast iron skillet and cover it with a lid.

Stir it a couple of times to mix the cabbage with the other filling ingredients. Once done, pull it off the burner and let it slightly cool while you roll out the dough balls. One at a time, roll flat, and cup your hand under the flattened dough, filling it with a generous spoonful of the cabbage mix, then pull all the outside edges up, pinch together, and place the bundle on a greased cookie sheet. If the filling falls through, roll the dough thicker. If you can’t get the dough pulled up around the filling, roll it thinner. Experiment to get it right! The cabbage burgers can be torpedo shaped, or round, depending on how you shape them on the cookie sheet.

Place the cookie sheet into a 375 degree preheated oven, and cook until browned, about 20 minutes. Remove, slightly cool, and serve.

As to the PARSLEY.…Why parsley and how do we use it?

–First, chop it finely and sprinkle it a top the salad. It will impart a fresh flavor and would compound the flavor with a little compliment of sliced celery in the salad, too.

–Second, it can be added to the meat mixture for the cabbage burgers. Parsley has a distinct flavor that is not offensive or overwhelming. It, like its other family member Celery, does not lose its flavor the longer its cooked.

–What you do not use right away can be spread onto a cookie sheet and dried in an oven at 225 degrees. I check it every 10 minutes, and turn the stems and leaves as necessary. When they are totally dried, I pull the cookie sheet out and let the parsley cool on the counter. After cooled and completely dried, I strip them from the tougher stem into a large jar, let them remain on the counter over night with no lid. Once I am sure it is dried and won’t mold, I will put the lid on the jar, and store the dried parsley on the back of the counter to use in my other dinner creations. Parsley is a great addition to many dishes! Try some in scrambled eggs, mixed in your hamburgers, or a baked Frittata. The uses are endless!

Health Benefits of Blueberries

BLUEBERRIES...they are for eating! Below is some information from an article called “Top 25 Anthocyanin Rich Superfoods And Why You Should Eat Them”…https://naturalon.com/top-25-anthocyanin-rich-superfoods-and-why-you-should-eat-them/view-all/ CHECK IT OUT…don’t take my word for it!

You have probably read a great deal about super foods and the important place that these foods should have in your diet. There is another type of super food that should also have a place on the dinner table: Foods that are rich in anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins are a class of pigments that occur naturally in plants. These pigments give plants their vibrant colors such as reds and purples. There are more than 600 types of pigments exhibiting color change. Depending on the pH of the plant, they can exhibit colors such as red, blue, or purple.

Anthocyanins have a huge number of amazing health benefits. Studies show that they can fight everything from heart disease, inflammation, bacterial infections, age-related neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, even cancer.

In olden days, anthocyanin rich extracts were used to treat many health problems, including urinary problems, kidney stones, liver disorders, high blood pressure, dysentery, liver problems, colds, the flu, and diarrhea.

Anthocyanins are believed to have anti-inflammatory compounds, neuroprotective compounds, and analgesic properties. Many types of anthocyanins, especially those in black currants, have been shown to improve vision and might help reduce the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Research studies have also shown that anthocyanins can reduce the growth of cancer cells and can slow the formation of tumors. One study, conducted at the University of Illinois, showed that subjects who consumed black raspberries daily had a reduction in their risk of developing colorectal cancer by as much as 45 percent.

The USDA does not have an actual recommended daily amount of anthocyanins that you should consume. If they did, however, the recommended daily allowance would be about 12.5 grams each day, according to scientists and other nutritional experts. We have compiled a list of 25 of the best superfoods that are super rich in healthy anthocyanins. The number listed after each food item shows the milligrams of anthocyanins contained in 100 grams of each food.  Keep reading and be sure that you are including plenty of these foods in your daily diet.

1.  Purple (Blue) Corn – Although this corn in actually dark purple, some people call it blue. You will find this type of corn generally in corn chips or tortillas: 1,642 mg

2. Concord Grapes: 192 mg

3. Eggplants: 750 mg

4. Chokeberries: 2,147 mg

5. Blackberries: 353 mg

6. Elderberries: 1,993 mg

7. Black Raspberries: 845 mg

8. Blueberries: 529 mg

9. Blackcurrant: 533 mg

10. Marion Blackberry: 433 mg

11. Red Wine: 35 mg

12. Blackberries: 353 mg

13. Red Onions: 39 mg

14. Oranges: 200 mg

15. Red Grapes: 43 mg

16. Sweet Cherries: 177 mg

17. Strawberries: 69 mg

18. Cranberries: 91 mg

19. Black Plums: 82 mg

20. Red Cabbage: 113 mg

21. Raspberries: 116 mg

22. Pink Grapefruit: 200 mg

23. Red Radishes: 116 mg

24. Pomegranates: 92 mg (varies greatly)

25. Asparagus (purple variety): 205 mg

Of course there are many other foods that contain anthocyanins, such as black beans, peaches, kidney beans, and bananas, but the list above are the foods which are known to contain the highest levels of this health-improving antioxidant.


Veggies at Bee Healthy–Group B and Thursday Fresh Veggies!

The day has meandered from early morning snow drifts to clear roads in less than 8 hours! BUT, The Farmer tells me 19 degrees tonight– and we are not in the safe zone for the seeds planted in the high tunnels….good news is what we have planted varieties that are used to the cold and we have some bed protection with the covers…

Not too late to consider fresh vegetables weekly for this summer. Visit http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com , CSA tab and help support the garden! FYI–We can not stock a wide variety of veggies in Bee Healthy during this time due to space and a busy farm schedule! Consider being a part of the local food movement and sign up now…payment in full due before July 1st…break it up into installments or pay up front. Use our PayPal link, or drop your check (or cash) off at Bee Healthy 🙂

GROUP B this weekGreybull Valley Butterhead Lettuce, ORG Broccoli, ORG Green and ORG Orange Bell Peppers, ORG Carrots, ORG Earthbound Green Beans (12 oz- ready to eat!), Red Onion, ORG Roma Tomatoes, 2 ORG Garnet Yams, and a little over a pound of Heirloom Oranges$30.

New Veggies in the coolers and shelving between the cooler and freezer: More Halo Tangerines ($5.50/3#), ORG Bananas ($.99/#), ORG Honeycrisp Apples ($2.99/#), more Fresh Ginger Root (less than $1 each–also fresh Turmeric),ORG Leeks, ORG Kale and Rainbow Chard, ORG Jalapeno packets, ORG Cucumbers and ORG Zucchini, ORG Spinach, and NEW THIS WEEKWild Wonder ORG Tomatoes! This in addition to the normal holdings for Thursday!

Some new items at Bee Healthy this week, and discounted boxed Cereals–More info for tomorrow’s post!

Monday Post from Bee Healthy…and Lloyd Craft Farms :)

Monday, Monday! We have some produce to clear out to make room for the fresh stock this Thursday–And our Farm Fresh Eggs from Alison and Bobbie Jo…with more coming in Thursday from Erica!

BOXES this week (Group A): ORG Honeycrisp Apples (Washington Grown), 1# bag Kiwi (last week on this item), Greybull Valley Butterhead Lettuce, ORG Broccoli, ORG Celery, ORG Orange Bell Pepper, ORG Red Radishes (last week on these until OURS are ready in the high tunnel in May), ORG Zucchini (hope these are good…all the way from Mexico this time of year…great cooked in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper…cast iron skillet gives it that nice finish and you can supplement your iron at the same time), and Honey Texas Onions and ORG Garlic. $30


Here’s some info on good stuff at Bee Healthy–

Water…Hydration…a life necessary for healthy cell function (sparkling Pellegrino, Essentia with the higher PH to aid in acid reflux, Q Tonic, Voss Artesian Water from Norway in a glass bottle, Vital Proteins Collagen Water, and FeverFew Tonic with floral botanicals)– sample any of these and then order a case (10% savings per bottle).

ACV…Apple Cider Vinegar…probiotic from the Old World, original fermented drink! Kevita Elderberry and Kevita Mandarin Ginseng, Kombucha’s including GT Dave’s ALIVE (Root beer spices and mushroom blends). We have ACV capsules from American Health, ACV from Bagg’s along with Bagg’s Ginger and Sesame Dressing and Bagg’s Vinaigrette, Comvita ACV with Manuka Honey, Field Day Balsamic Vinegar, Napa Valley Naturals Oak Wood Aged Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar, and Dynamic Health ORG Coconut Vinegar with Mother (look for the Mother–that’s a clue that it is not distilled or pasteurized but full and alive)…Healthy Kombucha’s also have the Mother! AND we can’t forget the FATHER of all ACV Tonics: Fire Cider Chief with the addition of oranges, lemons, onions, ginger, horseradish, garlic, turmeric, habanero, and black pepper–HOT but loaded with good stuff to open up the blood vessels and get that heart pumping! One shot a day!

Last item for today…A good sweet treat with no added SUGAR: Chunks of Energy Carob Supergreens or Chunks of Energy Cacao Goji Berries! Too good to describe…must try them yourselves or give as a gift!

STOP IN AND VISIT– 635 BIG HORN AVE, DOWNTOWN WORLAND–If we don’t have what you want we’ll order it in!

@ Bee Healthy…to your health!

Let’s face it…we are snacky folks with a drinking habit–I don’t mean that in a derogatory way! Who doesn’t like that cup of coffee, smoothie, or tea first thing in the morning? AND…what about your favorite bag of chips, finger food, or candy bar? Well…we would like to think we can offer you a better alternative–

Consider the following morning drinks:

HOTOrganic Coffee from Equal Exchange (Whole bean–Mind, Body & Soul), Teeccino Roasted Herbal ‘Coffee’ and bagged ‘Tea’ (Roasted Chicory root…no caffeine, good for the liver) and ‘coffee’ additives from Navitas Organics and Laird Superfood (Keto Cacao powder, Performance Mushrooms, Superfood Creamer)….We also have HighGround instant coffee (decaf, too), and CrioBrU Ground Cocoa Beans, and Organic Equal Exchange Hot CocoaI believe we have the widest selection of herbal and Matcha teas in the Basin!

PREFER A COLD DRINK? Consider any of the GT Dave’s fermented drinks…Sacred Life (Kombucha raised in Green and Black tea, Kiwi juice, coconut water, fresh pressed ginger juice, and spirulina) and Alive Ancient Mushroom Elixir with root beer spices for starts! Goldthread Plant Based Tonics (Elderberry Defense), Revive Mocha Java Coffee kombucha, Humm in Coconut Lime or Mango Passionfruit, Chameleon Organic Cold Brew Mocha Coffe (in the bottle), Alo Awaken Aloe Vera Juice Drink (good for the tummy too!), CocoJoy Organic Coconut Water (save a few bucks and order a case of 12), and our great line of Rebbl plant based Elixars!– Spicy Chai with Ashwaganda, Gold Label (Mayan Cocoa loaded with herbs and mushroom blend), and Matcha Latte (Whole Leaf Green Tea and Coconut Milk)– so much better than the choices of a decade ago!

SMOOTHIE PERSON?–We have the best non-dairy bases: Elmhurst Milked Oats, Cashews, or Almonds! Good Belly probiotic Juices: Mango, Raspberry, and Pomegranate/Blackberry…also Ceres Mango (100% juice–mango and pear), and a good selection of frozen fruits: Woodstock Mixed Berries, Red Raspberries, and Strawberries— all 100% organic. And Blueberries from Stahlbush Island Farms! Consider the benefits of Superfood Berry Blend from Navitas Organics (Mixed Berry powder). New this week–Kanai Farms ORG Virgin Noni Juice…literally all the way from Hawaii! Google the benefits of Noni!

Consider the following snacks as pictured! (My favorite is the Chunks of Energy…in the refrigerator section… their Cacao Supergreens and the Goji Cacao!–not pictured…)

Stop in and Check it out! Let us help you with maybe more healthful choices in drinks! Thursday is Fresh Produce Day, too! Monday-Friday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm–635 Big Horn Ave. Worland

Thursday Fresh Produce and Group B BOXES!

First–we still have several bundles of ORG Bananas available for $.99/#, and the last of the ORG Honeycrisp apples for $2.99/#…more of the Heirloom Oranges for $1.75/#, and 5 (FIVE!) Pineapples that need a home today or tomorrow for $5.00 each. Stop in at Bee Healthy and get some! FRESH PRODUCE EVERY THURSDAY, NEW LETTUCE TODAY! FRESH GINGER being bagged today, too!

Boxes this week: Greybull Valley Green Leaf Lettuce, ORG Kiwi 1#, ORG Cucumber, ORG Sweet Pepper Snack Pepper Pouches, ORG Green Cabbage, ORG Celery, Cauliflower, and NEW THIS WEEK–ORG Red Radishes (tops are good cooked as greens)–$30.

Lots of new products each week at The BEE— some this past month have included Cameleon Cold Brew Coffe Mocha, Kevita Apple Cider Vinegar tonics (Elderberry and Mandarin Orange), several varieties of non-dairy cheeses including Kite Hill Cream Cheese with ChivesGood Belly Probiotic juices in Mango and Pomegranate/Blackberry- $4.75 each.

We have a full freezer of gluten free breads (Silver Hills, Ezekial, O’Dough’s, Against the Grain, Little Northern Bakehouse, Bakerly Brioche Burger Buns, Canyon Bakehouse)…Amy’s Frozen Dinners and Somasa’s (Indian Burritos)! This week we added Sukhi’s Chicken Vindaloo Street Wraps–more of that healthy Indian flavor with Turmeric! New supply of the Flax for Life Cappuchino mini-muffins for $2.25, and the same named Blueberry Muffin, gluten free, too. So Delicious Cookie Dough and Infinite Coconut, both coconut milk ice cream varieties with the other oatmilks and almondmilks and organic creams we continually stock.

New this week— ORG 2# Buckwheat Groats (not wheat at all!–Good for heart health and over-all nutrition…cook like rice, or grind as flour), 1/2# bag of Almonds, Diced Butter Stock (make fresh almond butter at less the price and better the flavor! Use common kitchen food processor–), Love Grown Raisin Almond granola and Taos Bakes Trailblazer Granola (maple pecan & Madagascar vanilla). Good stock of fresh granolas! Reminder too, that we now have Bob’s Red Mill Wheat Germ, Red Bulgur, Organic Brown Rice Flour. A couple of weeks ago we added A Dozen Cousins Classic Refried Pinto Beans, and this week we added their Mexican Cowboy Pinto Beans–no can and a fresh flavor for precooked and shelf stable beans!

The supply of bread flours and mixes has been expanded. New this week is the Namaste Carrot Cake Mix, as well as the Namaste gluten free flour we brought in a couple of weeks ago. We buy Organic Oatmeal in bulk from Bob’s Red Mill and rebag for a savings!

Bagging today— ORG Brazil Nuts (8oz-$5.86), Chunks of Energy Supergreens– organic ingredients (1#- $8.84), Coconut Rolled dates, Raw Pumpkin seeds…to add to the great ORG Flame Raisins (8 oz or 1#–Great Value, Wonderful Flavor, dried but not dry…if you know what I mean), ORG Banana Chips (8 oz or 1#), ORG Turkish Apricots (8 oz or 1#–no sulphur, moist but not slimey…slightly brown in color!), ORG Mango Fillets (1# pound for $12.99), Dark Bing Cherries dried (8 oz), Dried Cranberries ORG (8 oz), and ORG Dried Apples (no sulphur or additives)–reasonably priced!

And that gives you a GOOD IDEA of what we have in our HEALTH FOOD Store! Fresh Veggies Thursday with Boxes, and new stock arriving daily!! The Framer’s Wife

Happy Thursday! Fresh Produce Day @ Bee Healthy–Group A Boxes…Several Items in Bee Reduced to Make Room for New Stock Friday– Happy Easter Weekend…Spring is Sprung!

Wonderful Halos Mandarins, 3lb Bag: Amazon.com: Grocery & Gourmet Food

Group A Boxes are put together! With the travels this week, we have several boxes available we hadn’t anticipated…but no problem…everyone needs to eat and why not eat good! This week’s feature is 3# bag of Halo Clementine Oranges, as well as Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Swiss Chard and Lemon, Texan Honey Onion and Red/Yukon/Blue potato mix, and a bag of juicy Carrots. Value exceeds the $30 box cost. Interested? Stop in at Bee Healthy–or text 431-1219 to hold.

Reminder, too, sign up for the CSA–garden fresh July through October. We anticipate roughly 180 members this year throughout the state. We’d like to fill up with as many locals that are interested before we start filling the remaining spots! Great value and great veggies…fresh from the garden and nutrient rich– check it out at http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com CSA tab…explore and sign up on line! Pay by mail, PayPal, or drop a check at Bee Healthy. Start now and pay in installments…prepay to help with the garden costs.

thanks! The Farmer’s Wife

Happy MONDAY! Group A, APRIL 1st–Good Stuff…Inventory growing DAILY at Bee Healthy!

Happy Monday…hope your Monday was tamer than my Monday! April is rapidly approaching and so are the garden plans and work–The farmer has the high tunnels cleaned out and ready to plant! This is for goodies that will go into the Buyer’s Group…fresh bok choi, radishes, snap peas, and green onions. As well as the mini-head Broccolini and Dinosaur Kale–Once the high tunnels are planted then the focus is to the garden prep and the plants growing in the greenhouse. May is the magic month for setting plants out! Plan on being a part of this great adventure!

Now…back to the Buyer’s Group at Bee Healthy. Group A Box: 3# HALO Mandarin Oranges, ORG Swiss Chard (Swiss Chard Salad recipe under Recipe Tab..one of the best!), ORG Lemon (to use in the dressing for the Swiss Chard salad), Cauliflower, ORG Brussels Sprouts, ORG Carrots, ORG Cucumber, Texas Sweet Honey Onion (new this year!), Red/White/Blue Creamer Potatoes (Red, Yukon, and All Blue–we can only get 2# in the box, but will have additional for sale). — $30 All these beauties of nutritional delight coming from Spokane Produce and handled with love by The Farmer!

Thursday is Fresh Produce Day at Bee Healthy–more of the same: fresh Greybull Valley Lettuces, tomatoes, green peppers and more of those delicious ORG Sweet Pepper Pouches (1#), Cucumbers and Broccoli, ORG Bananas for $.99/#, fresh ginger and turmeric root ALWAYS, Avocadoes, Pineapples, 1# bag of ORG Kiwi’s at the special price of $4.25 ($2 OFF), ORG Japanese Yams, ORG Zucchini this week, and the variety of Mushrooms (I call dibs on the ORG Shiitake’s)…Come and check it out. 10% discount for all Buyer’s Group members–other store discounts to apply!

Visit http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com, check out the CSA tab…sign up on line, pay using the PayPal link or drop payment at Bee Healthy. We served fresh veggies from the garden to 169 folks in 2020 –hope for the same or more this year! Lots of information under the CSA tab!