Member’s Start Up Letter- 7/6/2018

Greetings!  Hope your 4th was full of family and patriotic thoughts!  AND that your air conditioner is keeping up—we are in for a really hot week!

 The Second week in July is rapidly approaching…and with it, the start of the 2018 CSA.  In order to manage the garden, we have split the members into groups with some members starting as early as July 10th and the others as late as July 20th

The CSA runs for 13 weeks from the week of start—with an extra two weeks for those that purchased the Extension (one more Share for Leap-Frogs and two for Weekly’s)!


  1. Look for a text message from me letting you know your Group Number; whether a Weekly, Leap-Frog, or Monthly, and whether you have an Extension; if you are signed up ‘to follow’; and what (if any) is still owed on the Share. 
  2. Once you know your Group Number, go to and check the Pick Up and Delivery Schedule under the CSA tab to determine Where and When you start.  


The Garden has been a little slow this year, but the Brassica’s (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, broccolini) that we transplanted May 15th have been FAST.  Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and summer squash are not far behind! 



FIRST AND FOREMOST!  Be signed up ‘to follow’…If not, go to , and enter your email address in the box to the right.  You will immediately get an email from WordPress—by accepting it you activate the ‘subscription’—I post info, you receive it directly into your email!

(CSA information is not necessarily posted to our Facebook or Instagram pages.)

I will send out a TEST post on July 9nd—you must be signed up the day before–if you don’t get the TEST, check your filter to see if it was weeded out as spam.  If you do get it, respond ‘Hurray!’ to the post–  🙂


CSA PICK UP—At The Farm, 1049 Washakie Ten, Worland, 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Note that the Monthly Shares are split for July, with Shares for August, September, and October either the first Thursday (CM1) or the second Thursday (CM2).

ANY MEMBER can shop The Store any Thursday, it does not have to be your Share Pick Up day.

The CSA Pick Up is more than just veggies:  Shop The Store for greens, herbs, fruits, and new this year Fort Causeway natural Pork Bundles.  Shop Diamond S Delights (Hyattville) for raw milk products loaded with enzymes to help with the digestion process and unlock nutrients.  Shop farm-fresh eggs from Blue Heron Ranch, too!


HOW DO WE ORGANIZE 122 MEMBERS?   Each member has a Group Number that corresponds with a Pick Up or Delivery time. We keep meticulous records to assure that everyone gets a fair share of the garden–Group Share offerings are not the same for each group each week, but rotated to not tax the garden and to keep it harvested down.  With The Store and the Extra’s table you should be able to get specific items when needed.

EARLY BIRD VOUCHERS, for those that paid their membership before the May 5th deadline, will be at The Store on July 12th.  Vouchers can be used AS MONEY to buy anything at The Store, except for the Fort Causeway Pork Bundles Vouchers are kept in our Alpha Basket…We keep no separate records and do not make duplicates for lost Vouchers. 

THE STORE is open every Thursday at The Farm.  You can purchase farm fresh eggs (Blue Heron Ranch), fruit (Spokane Produce or regional orchards), herbs (our own and turmeric and ginger root from Spokane Produce), lettuce (our own or purchased from Spokane Produce/Organic Girl), spinach (ours or purchased from Spokane Produce/Organic Girl), and specialty vegetables like Broccolini, Cauliflower, Heirloom Tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes, Snack or Specialty Cucumbers, and a large variety of hot peppers…to name a few.  The Store takes cash or checks, sorry no debit or credit cards.

 THE EXTRA’s TABLE will have surplus or seconds of cucumbers, summer squash and zucchini, slicing tomatoes, bell peppers, and broccoli florets—all based on availability.  No cost, no strings, we just ask that you limit yourself so there is enough for other members.  These are items a garden produces in abundance and you should never have to go to the grocery store and buy them in the summer! 

If you are needing larger quantities, place an order at The Store for bulk cucumbers for pickling (13#), zucchini for freezing (10#), tomatoes for sauce or canning (10-40#), and broccoli in volumes to freeze or to make that giant Broccoli/Raisin Salad for that Smith Family Reunion (10-40#). 


This gives you the information needed to get started on this great fresh food adventure!  And, OH, one more thing…all Shares should be paid in full before the first Pick Up.  If not, give me a call and we can discuss a plan.


Thanks for your support of the CSA and our garden, and thanks for giving yourself the best option for fresh food!                      

                                                                   The Farmer’s Wife AKA Terri

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