Buyer’s Group- 2020 Memo of Understanding


Nuts and Bolts of the program:  

  • Lloyd Craft Farms is the Administrator 
  • Members sign up during the month of January–First Box  January 16th  (Group A), and January 23rd (Group B).  Commitment follows for 2 Boxes a month (with the exception of Group B in January).  Want weekly?  Sign up for both Group A and Group B. 
  • Participation is limited to 100 members–two groups of 50 (A&B).  No limitation on Walk-in’s, but a Walk-in is not guaranteed availability of produce or that the items in the Special Box will be available for individual sale.
  • Member’s Special Box is $30 each time.  No Down-payment required; Pay at Pick Up–check or cash.  Price of the BOX will never be higher than $30, but could be lower if not all the items ordered are received. 
  • Additional items for sale through The Store on premises to members and non-members.
  • Buyer’s Group is weekly from January 16 through May 28, Thursday’s. Group A has Boxes 1st and 3rd Thursday.  Group B has Boxes 2nd and 4th Thursday.  
  • April 30th is a 5th Thursday and you’ll need to sign up the week before, non-members can sign up for this specific BOX, too.
  • Location of Buyer’s Group is 1049 Washakie Ten (right turn after the 5 HUGE granaries, you’ll see the shelter and high tunnels)
  • Time– 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Enter using the west door by the large concrete pad, ample parking.
  • Stop in earlier in the day to get the best selection! 

— Things to remember:

  1. If you are going to be out of town or busy on Thursday make arrangements for someone else to pick up your Box for you, or let me know ahead of time and I can hold it at the Farm in our cooler for pick up by Sunday.  If you don’t want the Box for that week let me know by Monday and I can sell your Box on Thursday.  (Sometimes I have people on a waiting list…or can sell through Facebook)
  2. We realize being located outside of town may not be as convenient as right on main street, but for an additional charge of $3.50 we can deliver after 6:00 to your home if you live in Worland. Let us know the Monday before so we can set up the deliveries.
  3.  By operating out at The Farm the quality of the produce can be extended as it is in constant refrigeration.  And, honestly, and we are making things simpler for us old folks by not having to lift and transport items to town, set up, and load them to haul back home.  More of our time can be spent in preparations on site, and tending our high tunnels March through May, and the garden planting and ground preparation which starts in April. From the Buyer’s Group we transition into the CSA which usually starts sometime in July with Sign up’s in the Spring. We’re hoping the fresh food is worth the extra mile…  🙂  
  4. With this change in location, we will be able to co-ordinate our once a month dinners we love so well…Music, good food, and fellowship…Farmhouse Gatherings!  (January is Homemade tortillas, Lloyd’s specialty from his Grandmother Mondragon’s recipe…more info to follow…)



We reserve the right to make substitutions in the Administrator’s Special Box.  Not all items may be available at the time ordered, or they don’t show up, or we refuse them for poor quality.  We make every effort to supply the item at the next Buyer’s Group, or may opt to reduce the price of the Administrator’s Special that week. 




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