COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE (CSA) is an organizational structure intended to bring members of a local community and the farmer together; the land and farmer growing food that is good for the community it serves, a community nurtured by an understanding of what it takes to raise a crop!
The pillars of a CSA are building a membership base (COMMUNITY), that is willing to weather the years with you (SUPPORTED), and is committed to the value of fresh food locally grown on the farm (AGRICULTURE).
Philosophically, Lloyd and I have talked for years about the value of fresh food. The closer the farm is to the community, the fresher and more vital the food. From the moment food is harvested it begins to degrade and lose essential nutrients. The fresher, the better–for all of us.
A side notePart of the responsibility of ‘support’ to a CSA is financial. Share are paid  up-front, we invest it in the garden, and return to you a weekly (or bi-weekly) supply of fresh veggies. Your loyalty helps to sustain the garden and build the CSA for the long term. Our loyalty is reciprocated by providing you fresh veggies and a commitment to be around for the long-term.  

The cost of the shares does not cover all the expenses of the garden production, but they do cover a majority of the input costs in the spring to get the seeds and seedlings started and in the ground.  Our wholesale sales provide the rest of the financial support and give us hope of financial independence in the near future. In 2018 we hope to launch a Special Box program in other Wyoming communities.  Our goal is to expand production by extending the season–making veggies available for longer than 12 weeks in our community.


updated 3/7/2018

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