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Surplus Boxes from The Farm– Available Friday, May 8th!

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10 Surplus Boxes for sale from our Thursday inventory, too many avocados, tomatoes, bananas, cucumbers, and green beans left over–FRESH PRODUCE!–

Text 431-1219 to reserve for Pick Up Friday (or Saturday) 11:00 to 1:00– Specify Box 1 or Box 2:

Box 1:  Organic Girl Baby Spinach (5 oz), 2 Hass Avocados, Earthbound Ready-to-Eat ORG Green Beans, Cauliflower head, ORG Celery, 2 ORG Cucumbers, Sleeve of ORG Garlic, 2 ORG Colored Bell Peppers (Red, Yellow, or Orange), Bundle of Bananas– $30

Box 2:  Greybull Valley Living Lettuce (Butterhead, Green, or Red Leaf), 2 GEM Avocados, 1# ORG Rubie-on-the-Vine Tomatoes, WA Asparagus– 1-1/2#, ORG Cucumber, 2 ORG Colored Bell Peppers (Red, Yellow, or Orange), Bundle of Bananas– $30

Help us move this great stuff to make room for more great stuff!  The Farmer’s Wife


Truck came Wednesday, Food at The Farm!

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The truck came in with all our fresh goodies! And we have been busy harvesting Green Onions from the high tunnel…as well as 10 bundles of FRESH spring Red Radishes!  Boxes are set up and ready for Group A pick up– 

Lots of ORG bananas for $1/#, new ORG Fuji Apples for $2.25/#…1# bag ORG Kiwi, and lots of Hass and GEM avocados, and all the regular fruit–

ORG Broccoli this week for $3.50 a bundle (bundles are well over a pound each), new crop of ORG Green Cabbage for $5.25 each, a couple of Artichokes, and 19 bags of that DELICIOUS Washington Asparagus for $5.50 (1-1/2#)…

New this week, 5# bags of ORG Carrots for $7.50 ($1.50/#)...we were looking for good quality this time of year (too soon for the new carrots and almost a bit too long for those coming out of storage from last year’s harvest)

ORG Cucumbers for $1.00 each...lots of ORG Washington Onions…NEW Greybull Valley Produce Living Romaine Lettuceherbs, Fennel, garlic, gingerroot and turmeric…ORG Celery for $2.00 a head…Wonderful variety of MushroomsOyster, Portabellas, ORG Shitake, Crimini AKA Mini Bells, and a couple of HUGE containers of White Mushrooms, all for $3.75 each….

Clearance on the EGGS–$3.75/dozen (Blair’s has got them in and doesn’t need us anymore!)-

Stop in and Shop 10:00 am to 6:00 pm at The Farm, 1049 Washakie Ten…THURSDAY only

3 Extra Boxes, too! 

The Farmer’s Wife

Week 17- GROUP A, May 7th, 2020…Don’t forget to get signed up for CSA :)

Great week last week!  And thanks to all the folks that came out to support FRESH VEGGIES for our last FIFTH Thursday Market!  If you are not a member of the Buyer’s Group and would like to continue getting veggies and shopping at The Farm each Thursday, TEXT 431-1219 and sign up for a box in Group A this week, or Group B next week.  No prepayment required for the Buyer’s Group, just a commitment for 2 Boxes in May.   We hope to keep this up until the garden is ready and can transition direct into the CSA. 

Please consider joining the CSA, if you haven’t yet.  CSA members help to fund our garden, and in turn we help to supply them with fresh veggies for at least 13 weeks from July through October!  Pay before May 15th and save $65 on the Weekly Share.  Consider the Monthly Share EVEN if you are planting a garden this year.  Believe me, it’s a small investment to expand what veggies you’ll have for the summer, to back up your garden just in case it does not produce as you expect, and to add fresh lettuces and fruits each week!  (Monthly Share cost is $130 which gets you 4 Shares and membership in the CSA to shop every THURSDAY at The Farm!)

A note on the Carrots in the boxes…I ordered pre-bagged carrots last week as we didn’t have time to bag them.  In going through some of the extra’s the following day we found some spoilage. IF YOUR CARROTS HAD SOME SPOILED ONES IN THE BAG, PLEASE TAKE A PICTURE AND TEXT IT TO 431-1219. If you ever get some spoiled produce, let us know by the following Sunday of the date you received the box.  We will make all efforts to make it right!    


May 7th, 2020, BOXES this week:               

Greybull Valley Living Lettuce

GEM Avocado- CA grown

Peelz Mandarin Oranges- 1# bag

Cauliflower Head

ORG Broccoli Bundles

ORG Colored Bell Pepper & 2 ORG Cucumbers

Lloyd Craft Farms Green Onions- bundle

ORG Sweet Potatoes (AKA Yams)- 3#

$30, and lots of other items to purchase–Thursday, May 7th, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

See you!  The Farmer’s Wife


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Thanks to those that shopped today and picked up their GREAT Fifth Thursday Boxes.  At the risk of being short handed on the WA Asparagus, I ordered too much broccoli and organic green bell peppers…so need some help moving them in this Week’s Surplus Boxes.  Very yummy, but too many left to eat ourselves and we need assistance!

If you have never tried one of our Boxes, try one out, or if you have tried one before, stock up or share with a friend–  $30 for each Box, Pick Up at The Farm, 1049 Washakie Ten, between 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, Friday or Saturday or as arranged– text 431-1219 to reserve.

BOX 1–3# bag of Peelz tangerines, 2 ORG Lemons, Mango, Spinach (or Lacinato Kale), 3 ORG Green Bell Peppers, ORG WA Sweet Yellow Onion, Broccoli Crowns Duo (over 1# weight for two crowns!), and ORG Yukon Potatoes

BOX 2–2 ORG Lemons, 1# ORG Carrots, 2 Broccoli Crowns Duo (4 crowns aka small heads), ORG WA Sweet Onion, ORG Bell Pepper, 2 ORG Zucchini, ORG Celery, and either multi-herb packet (Poultry: Rosemary, Sage, Thyme) or Cilantro, and ORG Sweet Potatoes

Text 431-1219 to reserve, indicate your Box choice, and when you can pick it up.  Thanks for helping us to move stuff–The best veggies are the freshest, and that’s what we strive to provide!

The Farmer’s Wife

April 30th, 2020–FIFTH THURSDAY, Open to ANYONE wanting a BOX– $30 TEXT 431-1219 to RESERVE

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The heading says it all!  April has a FIFTH THURSDAY which throws off our Group A & Group B schedule…

Group A’s next BOX is May 7th, Group B’s next BOX is May 14th.  If you in either Group and want to shorten the gap between Veggie Boxes, then sign up for the FIFTH THURSDAY BOX.

If you are not in the Buyer’s Group but want to check it out with no strings attached, then text 431-1219 and reserve your BOX for April 30th.  Pick Up between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.  While there, shop for EXTRA’s…bananas, broccoli, apples, eggs, flour, and much more and varied items! Cash and Check only.

REMINDER:  Prices and items we expect are posted at , The Store at The Farm page.  You can order special items ahead, or add on items…Place order  by WEDNESDAY (TEXT 431-1219 or email  Orders will be delivered THURSDAY after 3:00.  $5 fee applies for all items set up; no additional for deliveries.

FIFTH THURSDAY BOX CONTENTS:  GEM Avocado, Greybull Valley Lettuce, 1-1/2# Washington Asparagus, ORG Green Beans, ORG Carrots, 2 ORG Cucumbers, our own Green Onions from the high tunnel, ORG Green Bell Pepper, and 1# YAMS— $30

The Farmer’s Wife

The Verdict is IN!–Too Much Left–10 Surplus Boxes Available

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Howdy Folks!  Thanks for those that stopped out today!  Though it was a great day, I bought too many bananas and cauliflower.  So….10 Surplus Boxes are available for Pick Up Friday or Saturday, at The Farm, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Text 431-1219 to reserve!

BOX CONTENTS:  Greybull Valley Living Lettuce, ORG Bananas and ORG Gala Apples, Mushrooms, Avocado, Cauliflower, ORG Russet Potatoes, ORG Colored Bell Pepper, ORG Washington Sweet Onion, 1# bag ORG Rainbow Carrots$30

Don’t forget to sign up for the CSA.  Reduced price if paid before May 15th.  Installment plans available…pay in full before July 10th.  Memberships $100 to $400, depending on the Share (Monthly, Weekly, or Leap-Frog)–sign up on-line at, CSA tab, CSA Sign Up page.

Want a no-committment Special Box for April 30th?  Sign up by texting 431-1219 to reserve.  Group A, next Box is May 7th, Group B, next Box is May 14th.

The Farmer’s Wife…tired wife….(yawn….)


Be sure and Place Orders by WEDNESDAY–

We are waiting for the TRUCK! But, wanted to take a quick moment to remind everyone to place your orders by WEDNESDAY.  This applies to both deliveries or add-on’s to your  Box. 

Procedure summary:  TEXT (or email) Wednesday–431-1219; we fill orders Thursday, then text you the total $, delivery after 3:00.  $5 delivery or set up fee applies.

Remember to sign up for the FIFTH THURSDAY, April 30th, for a Special Box.  I hope to have 55 available– Cost is $30.  Group A resumes May 7th and Group B, May 14th.

Sign up for the CSA!  2019 prices apply if paid before May 15th.  2020 prices apply after May 15th ($35-$65 higher).  

The Farmer’s Wife–