We got our antibiotic free, natural, no added hormones turkeys and ham.

Beeler’s Ham is spiral cut, Half Ham—$6.46/# (average 7#’s)…uncured, fully cooked. These are ‘clean’ meats!

Mary’s Turkeys are pasture raised and average 9#. Cost is $5.87/#, frozen so allow time to thaw for Thanksgiving…or purchase one for Christmas.

person cutting turkey on thanksgiving table
Add herbs found in the glass cooler… Poultry Blend, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme. Winter squash from Lloyd Craft Farms!

All turkeys and half hams are special ordered for the holidays, and will not be available again until next November. (We have Beeler’s Quarter Hams in the cooler and frozen…these are stocked all year round!)

Try some of our seasonal Organic Valley Eggnog and organic Red Potatoes for mashed potatoes (great flavor). Use the Almond Malk in the place of milk for a dairy-free potato dish!

Bee Healthy is open 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. This week we will be open everyday EXCEPT Thursday for Thanksgiving! Have a great day with family and friends—be healthy to be happy!

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