CSA Veggie Boxes Thursday @ Bee Healthy, and Fresh Produce Thursday, too!

Wow! The Garden has exploded…along with the weeds and bugs! As we raise things organically, we plant a little extra to anticipate the pests and bad weather, but this year has been different with the wet, wet spring, and the near 100 degrees for a week or two!

This is my lead up to the story of poor little Happy Rich (broccolini). The spring rains came, and came, and came. Happy Rich soaked it up, reveling in the fresh drink, but soon the ground wrapped around his strong roots was suffocating him! Happy Rich needed oxygen from his soil, but alas, the oxygen had been replaced by water. He withered, but hung on…! Mr. Lygus Bug and the green worm that likes cabbage and anything else Brassica-like, found the weakened Happy Rich, who was not so happy any more. They began to nibble his flowering head, and chew holes in his leaves. The Farmer’s Wife harvested the best she could, squashing Mr. Lygus and his kin as she went along.

Good news–only 10 feet were severely affected and they will be skipped next time! Farmer will spray some Bacillus Thuringiensis to give the worms a tummy ache, and we will tolerate the Lygus as best we can. There are things that kill Lygus, but it is questionable as to how good they are for the bacteria in our own gut!

Box this week–Week 3– is LOADED!


FLAMESTAR CAULIFLOWER— Orange yellow in color and just as tasty

BROCCOLI HEAD–huge and the last of our Spring broccoli that we harvested 7/30

BROCCOLINI— Happy Rich, some with tiny heads but still huge sweet leaves and stalks!

KALE— Mostly Lacinato, but some Green Curley– with the Green Curley try Kale Caesar Salad–YUM!

HARMONIE CUCUMBERS– 1# bag, AKA European Picklers or Snack cukes


SUMMER SQUASH MIX— Zucchini, Costa Romanesco (Heirloom Striped), Zephyr (Yellow with a green tip) or Patty Pan



CANDY SWEET YELLOW ONION— this was a surprise to us, too, this early in the season!

Pickup your Share at Bee Healthy! If you are not a member of the CSA but would like to join, send me a text…307-431-1219…and we’ll get you signed up! Cost is $35 per box, and $25 membership– well worth it! Good food, steady supply, convenient pick up!

PS- Bee Healthy has a good supply of produce from both Lloyd Craft Farms and Spokane Produce. This week 1# ORG STRAWBERRIES, ORG LEEKS, LEMON CUCUMBERS (first harvest from Lloyd Craft Farms), and the most delicious GREYBULL VALLEY PRODUCE ROMAINE!! Stop in and shop the produce…and other goodies!

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