Hear Ye, Here Yay! Fresh Produce @ Bee Healthy– THURSDAY– Group B Boxes, too…

Fresh produce in this week! Delivered, sorted, bagged, tagged, and ready to go at 10:00 am Thursday at Bee Healthy. Remember we have great supplements, other healthy foods, nice guilty free snacks and drinks, essential oils and diffusers, salt lamps, teas, and more!

We are into Week 16 of our Buyer’s Group which goes to the end of June! The seasonal produce production is a little delayed with still a lot of goodies coming from Mexico and the domestic markets being impacted by rains and colder than normal spring weather. We continue, with Spokane Produce’s assistance these last two weeks, to make every effort to provide you quality produce. This week the Red Bell Peppers are conventional–not my preference–but the quality of the organics were poor and Spokane made an executive decision and sent the best in the warehouse!

fresh vegetables in a box

Boxes this week: Greybull Valley Greenleaf Lettuce, 2 Avocados, ORG Baby Bok Choi, ORG Ginger Root, ORG Green or Red Cabbage, Broccoli Crowns, ORG Cucumber, Red Bell Pepper, ORG Rainbow Mini-Carrots, ORG Red Potatoes-2#, and the last of the Lloyd Craft Farms Onions$35

This week’s box is Brassica strong!– Cabbage, Broccoli, and Baby Bok Choi (a type of Chinese cabbage). The Red Potatoes seem a little out of place but are a good source of potassium and can provide a fast meal any day of the week! (Potatoes want to grow this time of year, so don’t tuck them in a dark cupboard and forget about them!) Besides stir-fry, Bok Choi can be lightly cooked with strip steaks in the cast iron skillet…Google a recipe, there are many. Cabbage is young and tender in the spring and can easily be shredded for a tasty coleslaw–just add onion and red bell pepper, use your favorite mayo. Lots of salad options in this box!

What exactly does Brassica mean? Brassica’s are a large plant family, also known as cruciferous vegetables. They encompass Broccoli, Cauliflower, Romanesco, all sorts of cabbages…Napa, Bok Choi, most Asian Greens, Brussels sprouts…radishes and turnips, and kales…In the south–Collard Greens! Brassica’s in the Rocky Mountain region do not normally like HOT weather, so they do best in the cooler springs and early falls. Spokane Produce provides Brassica’s all year round as they are popular, important for our health, and grown in a variety of places.


According to the National Institutes of Health-– Brassica’s prevent oxidative stress, induce detoxification enzymes, stimulate immune system, decrease the risk of cancers, inhibit malignant transformation and carcinogenic mutations, as well as, reduce proliferation of cancer cells. Brassica’s are a good source of dietary fibre and have something that no other fruits or vegetables contain, namely glucosinolates, which not only provide protection against cancer but are also able to kill the cancerous cells. Brassicas contain high levels of vitamin C, A, E, K, as well as folate, calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus.

SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING TO INCLUDE IN OUR DIET! Stop in and pick up your box or shop our fresh produce, and other great healthy choices for healthy living! Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland….

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