Buyer’s Group– Special Boxes of Great Food– Group B, Week 4…

THURSDAY– That time of week AGAIN for a box of FRESH fruits and veggies– $35, pay at Pick Up! GROUP B–

Sign up at Bee Healthy to participate–or text 431-1219. Buyer’s Group Program runs through June, but is plenty flexible to skip a week (or two) by letting us know the Monday before your Box. The fresh local veggies start in July. You’ll have opportunities to join the Lloyd Craft Farms CSA starting in March…watch for more information…

This week’s Box and some helpful notes:

Greybull Valley Butterhead Lettuce— Greybull Valley lettuces with the root ball will keep a good week in the fridge. Butterhead is a little denser leaf and fits well into a sandwich. Increase the protein and minerals in your salad by adding slivered almonds or sunflower seeds. Other additions for salads are grated carrots, thinly sliced red cabbage, sliced tomatoes, chopped bell peppers. Switch it up with dried cranberries and Balsamic vinegar and oil dressing drizzled on top. We also have Greybull Valley Green Leaf, Organic Girl Baby Spinach, and Organic Girl 50/50 Salad Mix for sale at Bee Healthy to expand your GREENS!

Fruit this week is 2 Heirloom Oranges (these are the best and will get better as we get into March) and 2# Apples—Golden Delicious/ORG Gala.

ORG Early Green Cabbage— These heads are small and tender-leaved. Great thinly sliced and added to mixed salad, cut a little thicker and cook with Kielbasa or other sausage…add a little onion and grated carrot for more color and nutrition. (Recipe #34). Cabbage can be thinly sliced for Coleslaw (Recipe #36–works fine with grated carrots, bell pepper, and a little onion)

ORG Garnet Yams— Yams are not potatoes but their own little family with a higher nutritional profile. My favorite way of using yams is cut in chunks and cooked in a covered dish in the oven. (375 degrees to 400 degrees, about an hour.) When done, mash and serve with butter, or cool and place in the fridge for Bisque (you can use a Butternut Squash Bisque recipe– Lloyd Craft Farms, Recipe #15–three variations. )

Also, ORG Cauliflower head, ORG Red Bell Pepper, ORG Carrots and small yellow onion and winter squash from Lloyd Craft Farms.

Come in and check out our 3-door cooler– healthy drinks, non-dairy milks, flax oils, meat sticks for snacking, yummy sharp cheese and a wide selection of non-dairy cheeses, Stacey’s white flour tortillas, Teff flour wraps, Kevin’s Cilantro Lime Chicken for a quick lunch option, Litehouse organic salad dressings, organic mayo and olive oil vegenaise, Beeler’s quarter hams, Mama Chia squeezes, Sweet Loren cookies (bake in 12 minutes), and hopefully more eggs… Bee Healthy to be HAPPY!

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