After a chaotic last week with no delivery trucks from distributors, we have FRESH Produce this week from Spokane! (And carrots, potatoes, onions, red cabbage, winter squash from Lloyd Craft Farms…winter squash: Delicata and Carnival, Acorn, Kabocha, Spaghetti, and some imported Butternut’s.). As far as we know we are to receive a delivery from the 18 wheeler tomorrow! It’s all GOOD!

So, what do we have?

Yukon and Huckleberry Gold potatoes, ORG yams, onions of three colors (ORG red, yellow, white) and ORG garlic, Sugarsnax sweet carrots and Cosmic (locally grown), 2# bag ORG red beets, ORG Daikon radishes and Baby Bok Choi.

Greybull Valley Lettuce, Organic Girl 50/50 Salad Mix and Baby Spinach, ORG kale (makes nutritious soups for this time of year!), ORG cilantro and ORG Pprsley for your seasoning needs.

Broccoli Asian Crowns, celery (conventional) and celery hearts (organic), ORG cucumbers, ORG green and locally grown red cabbage.

FRUITS: Heirloom Oranges are in for the first time this season, ORG Honeycrisp apples, lemons and Rio Star Pink Grapefruit, avocados, and Roma tomatoes. (I have squeeze lime juice in the cooler–). PRICES are REASONABLE–Quantities limited–

While you are in picking up your fruits and veggies (the foundation of your nutrition and health), check out the tea and coffee corner…New Tyler’s Coffee (whole beans or ground–acid free and easy on the tummy–no chemicals added to reduce acidity–)…over 20 varieties of teas including bagged bulk…tea accessories, infusers, and presses…flow through cup with filters…come and visit us!

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