Let it SNOW! News from Bee Healthy–

photo of snow field near trees

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Snow beckons into our minds wintery Christmas visions, until you step out into the wind and have your breath sucked away and your car won’t start…then the reality of the WINTER season hits you full force! Truthfully though, we will take it all in stride…the winters with their storms and the challenge to motors and engines…just to live in wonderful Wyoming, nestled in the Rockies and surrounded by common beauty and lots of wide open spaces. 2022 will come to a close, and the adventures of 2023 will unfold…Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

No new fresh produce this Thursday, truck is delayed due to closed roads, and wind. Truck should arrive sometime Thursday and we will have the produce restocked for Friday sales. We still have some produce:

3# apples, 3# ripe bananas–

Greybull Valley Lettuce, 1 kale, 4 cucumbers, 6 Green Bell Peppers, and a ton of Parsley (both Curley and Italian Flat…company doesn’t know the difference between Cilantro and Italian Flat Parsley, or Flat and Curley Parsley…therefore 12 ParsleysTon could be an exaggeration–)-

5 broccoli, 6 celery hearts, 1 Romanesco, 1 bag Brussels sprouts, good supply of Green Cabbage and Red Cabbage

Carrots (Sugarsnax and Cosmic) and potatoes (Yukon and Huckleberry Gold–another Yukon variety), onions (yellow and white from the garden)–all from Lloyd Craft Farms, 2 bulbs Garlic, basket of Garnet Yams, 4 bags Daikon radishes, and 6 bags of Red Beets

FYI– we also have some fresh California Walnuts, 1# bags or 8 oz bags. (Reasonably priced and Organic)…Fresh herbs for your turkey cooking (Rosemary and Sage)…frozen bread discounted that will make great bread cubes for your Celery Stuffing!

Stop in and visit…we have a tea pot at the back of the store with sample teas to try…near the squishy couch! Hours Monday-Friday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday (Christmas Eve this week) 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Check out the Christmas Baskets we have for sale– $40 to $71. Rest and Relax for that special gal– Bee Healthy 635 Big Horn Ave. WORLAND–

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