FRESH PRODUCE ThursDAY! Good Foods and Great Gifts, too–

New Stock of Bananas- Organic, Honeycrisp Apples– Organic, other fruits are Lemons and Limes…check out the new Organic Lime Squeeze! Romanesco (Green, small, Geometric flowered ‘cauliflower’), Broccoli (1# bag crowns), Cabbages (Red and Green…1 savoy left), Brussels Sprouts (Green Giant), Roma Tomatoes, Green Beans (Earthbound- 12 oz ready to eat!), Cilantro, Green Curley Kale, Carrots (Lloyd Craft Farms– 3 varieties), Potatoes (Huckleberry Gold and Yukon Gold– Lloyd Craft Farms), Onions (White and Yellow- Lloyd Craft Farms, Red organic- Spokane Produce). Red Beets, Daikon Radish, and Ginger Root. Lots of GREENS: Greybull Valley Lettuce and Organic Girl 50/50 Mix and Baby Spinach. Lloyd Craft Farms Winter Squash and Sugar Pie Pumpkins.Carry-over Sale items from November 26th are listed below!

Mandarin Oranges- 3# bag– $7.25...$5.99 (3 left)

Rio Star Grapefruit–pink inside– $1.75….$1.25 (8 left)

Cauliflower Mix, Lloyd Craft Farms– 1# bag– $3.25…$3.00 (5 left)

Celery– Organic Earthbound$2.50.. $1.75 (6 left)

Russett Potatoes- Organic- $2.50/#.. $1.75/# (6# left)

Garnett Yams- Organic- $2.75/#..$1.75/# (6# left)

Goji Berries (dried)- Navitas Organics- $8.34.. $7.28 (3 left)

Mulberry Berries (dried)- Navitas Organics- $15.44.. $12.99 (10 left)

We always stock Eggs…locally grown when available…Free-range from our distributors…always $5.99

Chunks of Energy-– 20% off of current stock. Great super energy snack chunks…fill your hungry craving with something satisfying and GOOD FOR YOU! Flavors in stock– Date Flax Turmeric, Chia Orange, Carob Supergreens, and Cacao Goji…the names along hint at the nutritional focus (Date as a good source of sweet, Flax for its oil power, Turmeric as a natural anti-inflammatory, Chia for the production of seratonin, Orange as a strong source of Vitamin C, Carob as an alternative for sweetened chocoloate, Supergreens just as it is stated!, Cacao the unprocessed form of cocoa, and Goji (more commonly referred to as Wolfberries–google their benefits!). Chunks of Energy, all natural sugars, no added sugars, lots of nutritional benefits!

What kind of a health food store would we be without good quality FRUITS and VEGGIES? (check out ‘Food as Medicine’– Dr. Garret, ‘Food is Your Best Medicine’– Dr Bieler). Increase our value by checking out our Tea Corner and growing kitchen goodies, Supplements, Salt Lights, Candles, and Incense, lots of stone jewelry, too!

Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday– 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland

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