PRODUCE FOR SALE–11/26 to 11/30–Call it the End of NOVEMBER SALE…Chunks of Energy, too! Bee Healthy

Every Thursday is FRESH PRODUCE Day! We want to stock only the best–so we are willing to mark the prices down while they are still THE BEST– Produce Sale runs from Saturday through Wednesday…New stock in on Thursday, December 1st!

Mandarin Oranges- 3# bag– $7.25...$5.99

Bananas– ripe and ready– $1.25/# ..$.99/#

Honeycrisp Apples– Organic– $3.50..$2.75

Rio Star Grapefruit–pink inside– $1.75….$1.25

Cauliflower Mix, Lloyd Craft Farms– 1# bag– $3.25…$3.00

Broccoli- bagged– $4.75..$4.25

Celery– Organic Earthbound$2.50.. $1.75

Russett Potatoes- Organic- $2.50/#.. $1.75/#

Goji Berries (dried)- Navitas Organics- $8.34.. $7.28

Mulberry Berries (dried)- Navitas Organics- $15.44.. $12.99

Eggs-– $5.99/dozen

Chunks of Energy-– 20% off

Other goodies— Wide range of Lloyd Craft Farms Winter Squash and Sugar Pie Pumpkins, Lemons and Limes, Potatoes (Yukon Gold and Huckleberry), Garnet Yams, Lloyd Craft Farms Onions (White and Yellow), Lloyd Craft Farms Carrots (Sugarsnax, Cosmic, and Purple Haze), Greybull Valley Lettuce, Organic Girl Spinach, and Organic Starkrimson Pears…all available and all reasonably priced!

Stop in for your fresh Produce and shop our freezer section for healthy meats (Beeler’s, Mulay’s, & Applegate), sprouted wheat and gluten free breads (Ezekiel, Silver Hills, Little Northern Bakehouse, & Rudi’s), Blake’s Shepard Pies, Red’s Natural Burritos, Amy’s meals & burritos, Mary’s Chicken Breasts, Hilary’s Veggie Burgers, and Abbot’s Butcher meat alternatives…as well as ‘Ice Creams’ and Mochie, tortillas, frozen berries, frozen vegetables, Flax muffins, and nitrite free lunch meats.

Christmas gift ideas arriving new each week! Stop in and shop– Bee Healthy to be HAPPY! 635 Big Horn Avenue- Monday through Saturday, closed Sundays–

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