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PUMPKINS–Carvers and Sugar Pies! Bee Healthy and Bomgaar’s…Lloyd Craft Farms

Last Push on Garden—Fresh Produce and Pumpkins at Bee Healthy!

We have harvested 90% or better of the garden! All kinds of peppers in the coolers, and tomatoes ripening in the greenhouse, winter squash in 7 varieties, purple cauliflower to wrap up the season, three flavors of onions drying for storage, and 75 pounds of GREEN BEANS…still to harvest are cabbage, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and potatoes…little more celery…IT’s ALL GOOD!

Buy your Lloyd Craft Farms pumpkins at Bomgaar’s (7#-14# Halloween and Sugar Pie’s). Bee Healthy will be selling the LARGE guys— 15# to 22#! AND specialty pumpkins: Warty pumpkins, Cinderella pumpkins, and White pumpkins!

Warty one and 3 over 15#’s!
Cinderella pumpkin

Check out the fresh produce in the glass coolers at Bee Healthy… beautiful Tri-color Bell Pepper pack (Orange, Green, Red) and FRESH Celery…better flavor than anything we’ve had all year! Cauliflower heads and Cauliflower Florets ready to cook. Cabbage, both Red and Green, including some large Flathead Heirloom Brunswick for cabbage burgers (stored in Walk-in cooler because of size…) Green Beans and Jakapenos…to name a few. Ask for specialty hot peppers or 10# bags of Green Beans for canning. Canning tomatoes, Roma’s and some Celebtity still available. Text 431-1219 to order…

Come to 635 Big Horn Ave, Bee Healthy, for the best produce in town, and eggs! Wide selection of supplements, healthy groceries and meats, tea corner, personal care products, Rock Paradise gemstones, Salt Lamps, Candles, Artisan made jewelry, and other gift ideas!

Calling All Canners—20# Box Canning Tomatoes—Ready to GO at Bee Healthy

TOMATOES–20# for $30. Boxed and ready to go at Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland…call 347-2766 to put your name on the box. 4 available. Several are a mix of canners and Roma paste tomatoes. We will be harvesting more tomatoes, weather willing, so Text 307-431-1219 to order. Don’t wait too much longer…as the weather chills the tomatoes begin to split and quality diminishes…

Also available at The Farm (1049 Washakie Ten):

Bell peppers– $3.75/#

Jalapeno peppers– $2.75/#

Onions– White and Yellow Sweet– $1.75/#

Fall cabbage for sauerkraut makers! $45 for 40#

TEXT 307-431-1219 with quantity and item–

Fresh stock of veggies every Thursday at Bee Healthy, but a good amount of veggies daily. Utah peaches, pears, nectarines, and Honeycrisp apples, while supply lasts! Come and Check it out!!