“The Hurrier I Go the Behinder I Get!” Fresh Produce Day at Bee Healthy, Utah Peaches, too! Watermelons and Cantaloupe Galore–CSA Boxes!

It was Lewis Carrol’s March Hare that famously made that statement….And I totally OWN IT! The garden is in full bloom, the mornings are cooler (even with the 100 degrees this past week during the day), and NOW we are in for a little reprieve…84 degree high for today and 60 degrees tomorrow….WHAT?! It looks like the 100 degrees are history. At least, as far as we know!

Let me give an update on The Farm, we’ve been running full boar staying on top of every thing the best we can. We’ve harvested over 1600#’s of Cauliflower! 1200#’s have gone to the Food Bank of Colorado, and the balance to our CSA members and Bee Healthy, Sackett’s in Sheridan, Fresh Foods Wyoming in Casper, and NaM’s Sweet and Savory food truck in Greybull. We are now into the harvest of the Flamestar cauliflower which is a nice cheddar color…we are hoping the Graffiti in its gorgeous purple has time to mature! Good news– cauliflower, broccoli, broccolini, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts ALL love it cooler and should continue for a nice harvest this weekend!

Tomatoes have suffered with blight, but we plant in volume and use different varieties. I have Roma tomatoes harvested and boxed and ready to go….There are 2 extra boxes of Roma’s at Bee Healthy– Text me at 431-1219 to put your name on them! $30 for 20#. Slicers/Canners will be harvested this weekend…Text 431-1219 to reserve them for your canning needs! Seems the Heirlooms and saladettes have suffered, but NOT any of the Cherry tomatoes! Try the Apple Pear Cherry tomatoes at Bee Healthy…looks like that name covers most the fruit! More Washington Cherry to follow….

Vegetable Boxes at Bee Healthy for CSA members: Tendersweet Cabbage (flathead, thin-leaved and sweet, great for wraps and even in BLT’s…true story…out of lettuce, used cabbage), Walla Walla onion (fresh, store in fridge), English Cucumber (grown in high tunnel), Islander Bell Pepper (purple to orange, sweet, light fleshed), Summer Squash (again or forever…Yellow Zephyr and Costa Romanesco or striped zucchini), Green Beans (YES!), Broccoli, Corn! (4 ears…more for sale at Bee Healthy Saturday), and 2 Sugar Cube cantaloupe

Well…gotta go! Members–Come and get your boxes! Customers–come and buy some veggies (Watermelons and Cantaloupes, too!), or any of the other great stuff we stock at Bee Healthy! Let’s consider it Farmer’s Market every Thursday at Bee Healthy–no time on Saturday’s with the garden and its obligations to meet you at Farmer’s Market, so meet us Thursday…or Friday…or Saturday at Bee Healthy where the produce is fresh and cooooled!

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