FRESH Produce Day THURSDAY! Last Special Box of the SEASON…And MUCH, MUCH MORE–

The Special Box program is coming to an end. 🙁 This started in January to help get everyone’s veggie addiction satisfied in the dead of winter…or to help you get one started! Just kidding–Addictions are a no-no, but good fresh food is a yes-yes! (Yes, the Lloyd Craft Farms garden is going in and will be in production Mid-July…Get your membership and continue the fresh veggie quest for health…sign up at…prepay to help defray some of the garden costs and assure your veggies!)

Before I forget...We have 6-1/2# Strawberries for sale in BULK. Vine-ripened and handled ONCE. They will be available in this size allotment until our new containers come in… $30. Pick up at Bee Healthy. Ask at the front counter, we store them in the walk-in cooler. This volume can be frozen or made into Jams or Preserves. OR topped and put in the fridge to serve over short cake, ice cream, or by themselves!

Special Box this week: Greybull Valley Greenleaf Lettuce, ORG Red Grapes, Asian Broccoli Crowns, ORG Cliptop Carrots, Lloyd Craft Farms Red Radishes, White Onion, ORG Colored Bell Pepper, and a good amount of ORG Zucchini-$30…Group B

We will continue to be well stocked on good quality ‘other’ produce…Organic for most, conventional for some that are deemed to have lower pesticide levels…

ORG Pink Lady Apples, ORG Bananas, Avocados, ORG Garlic, Red and White and Yellow Sweet Onions, ORG Lemons, ORG Ginger Root and ORG Turmeric Root, ORG Red Potatoes, ORG Tomatoes on Vineand that is the items on the cupboard shelf next to the refrigerated cooler!

In refrigeration, lots of greens (Organic Girl 50/50 Mix, Organic Girl Baby Spinach, Greybull Valley Butterhead Lettuce, Greybull Valley Greenleaf Lettuce, Lloyd Craft Farms Rainbow Swiss Chard, Lloyd Craft Farms Kale), herbs (garden Oregano, ORG Cilantro, ORG Italian Parsley), root crops (ORG Watermelon Radish, locally grown Red Radishes, ORG Carrots), Brassicas (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbages, Bok Choi), ORG Celery. ORG Zucchini and ORG Cucumbers (Cukes- $1.75 or 2/$3…get them while they are fresh! OVERSTOCK last week–get them NOW!).

New this Thursday: ORG Red Grapes and ORG Limes…

NEW INVENTORY at Bee Healthy! We spent last week getting it all checked in and priced and on the shelf: NOW Supplements: Adrenal Stress Support, Hyaluronic Acid for joint support, ElderMune immune system support, and Berberine Glucose Support…as well as the full line of A, B, C, D, E, and K Vitamins.

The MedTerra CBD line has been restocked including the very effective Rapid Cooling Cream for aches and pains. Our Amazing Herbal Creations, small batch CBD products from Carrie (1000 mg, 2500 mg, and 5000 mg Broad Spectrum CBD with high levels of the healing terpenes). All CBD oils are on shelving on the wall behind the counter…check them out!

From Mountain Rose Herbals we have 4 oz and 1 lb bags of herbals, powders or cut/sifted: Chicory root (both powder and roots–both roasted…great coffee substitute, good for liver support and detox), Kava Kava Root to add to your loose leaf tea blend for mood support, Juniper Berries, Maca Powder, Ginger Root Powder and Turmeric Root Powder (both good for inflammation), Wheatgrass powder (good heavy metal detox supplement)– Check out our tea infusers, tea tumblers, cast iron tea pot, coffee and tea press.

Lots of good groceries, good drinks, non-dairy cheeses, and wonderful hummus… Meats of all sorts now, and some fast and nutritious meals when you are on a lunch break or a short evening at home.

Come and check it out! Lots of surprises hidden in the nooks and crannies! BEE HEALTHY. 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland, Big Horn Basin…M-F 10-5:30, Saturday’s 10-5.

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