Good Morning, Big Horn Basin! Fresh Produce! BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!

OMG ! We have new stuff coming in all the time…this week it is a restock on CBD products from MedTerra and Amazing Herbal Creations…a large mixed order from Frontier Co-op Wholesale…and several smaller item specific orders from specialty distributors. And as usual, FRESH PRODUCE from Spokane Produce and Lloyd Craft Farms! Thursday is Fresh Produce DAY!

So, here are some produce highlights of things in the store now:

Avocados have been wonderful this year. We have some in the store RIGHT NOW that are seconds away from perfect Guacamole. The price is right at $2.75 each…Get them while you can! (Consider adding 2T Flax seed oil for the benefit of achy joints…hint courtesy of Dr. Axe.).

ORG Bananas, 4 bundles left–last day–perfect for banana bread or a mixed fruit smoothie (we carry frozen blueberries and frozen blackberries, as well as nutritional powders to UP your nutritional score…).

ORG Pink Lady apples, onions, ORG potatoes, and a variety of root crops…still have 8 Watermelon Radishes! We stock a selection of basics and things in season this time of year–As well as Greybull Valley lettuces, and Organic Girl Baby Spinach and 50/50 Salad Mix

From Lloyd Craft Farms: Fresh harvested Red Radishes, as well as Kale. We are bringing in fresh Ft. Laramie Strawberries daily as they are harvested from The Farm. 🙂 On Fresh Produce Day we will have Rainbow Swiss Chard, too.

Boxes this Week: Greybull Valley Greenleaf Lettuce, Del Monte Pineapple, ORG Bell Pepper (either yellow, orange, or red), ORG Cabbage (either red or green, some big, some small), ORG Cucumbers (2), Lloyd Craft Farms Red Radishes, ORG Red Beets, Onion (either yellow or white)– $30. GROUP A this week. (Buyer’s Group Program ends June 30th…then we transition to the CSA with fresh, locally grown vegetables…sign up and pay ahead to assure 15 weeks of garden fresh, organically raised from Lloyd Craft Farms. Check it out at, CSA tab for info, CSA Sign up to sign up, and pay in cash or check at Bee Healthy. Way the garden is looking it will be mid July when things are ready to go!)

And while we are talking upping the nutritional score…How many of us eat everything we should in the amount that we should? We try…and that’s where the nutritional powders can provide some assurances. Read the ingredients, look for simple ingredients, greens and whole foods in powder form are the best! Here’s a listing of some we carry:

Ancient Nutrition: Ancient Elixars (new stock on their way), Super Greens, and Multi Collagen Protein Powder. One scoop a day, in water, or in a smoothie!

Sunwarrior Protein: Classic (Plant-based, Vegan, 20 grams Protein, 1 ingredient, Fermented to aid digestion), and Warrior Blend (also Plant-based, Keto friendly, 28 grams Protein, 6 grams BCAA’s, MCT’s).

Orgain Organic Protein: Natural and unsweetened, Prebiotic and Fiber, 21 grams Plant Protein, USDA certified Organic.

NOW Sport: Grass-Fed Whey Protein, multiple other NOW Sport products such as BCAA’s Big 6, Kelp Powder, Alfalfa Tablets, Textured Soy, L-Glutamine Powder, Beta-Alainine Powder for Endurance, as well as Nutritional Yeast Powder (Super food fortified with Additional B-Vitamins), Brewer’s Yeast (naturally occurring B-Vitamins, produced by the cultivation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae used in the production of beer, a beneficial bacteria), and Sunflower Lecithin.

Designer Protein: Designer Whey, another 100% Natural Whey Protein Powder with Probiotics and B-Vitamins for energy! Their ‘design’ includes Full Spectrum Peptides, Digestive Health Blend, Probiotics, Electrolytes Blend, and B-Vitamin Blend.

As with all supplements, do not neglect your diet, exercise, and rest. Read labels but learn more about the products…labels are often a blend of information and sometimes ‘marketing’…LOL

As alway– Be Healthy to be happy, and come visit us at Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland. M-F 10-5:30, Saturday 10-5

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