Happy Memorial Day! WE ARE OPEN…Veggies Have Been Ordered for Thursday Fresh Produce Day–

Memorial Day is an important day to remember…Not that we want to loose Americans in any battle or war, but time has shown again and again that man-kind is prone to greed and destruction. We need to stand our ground for freedom while advancing peace and prosperity. It’s a daily vigilance beyond a single day once a year–

We are open for your grocery and produce needs on this holiday. We think of ourselves as your local small grocer, and good food is a daily endeavor! Check out the new line of uncured, antibiotic clean meats from Bilinski (chicken mild sausages), Mulay’s (German Franks, Brauts, and Italian Sausage), Applegate (Roasted Chicken Slices, Pepperoni), and True Story (Fully Cooked, thinly cut Chicken Breasts)…

Coming next week more Mary’s Chicken Breasts and Whole Chickens, restock of Beeler’s Pork Links and Sausage, Thousand Hills Beef Sticks, and Niman Ranch products. We are thoroughly excited about being able to provide good, clean meats…to match our good, clean vegetables…and try our new Fizzy Teas from Teakoe and healthy Olipop Classic Cola and Root Beers.

Boxes this week: Greybull Valley Greenleaf Lettuce (with the root ball to sustain freshness), Organic Girl Baby Spinach, Cauliflower, ORG Clip-top Carrots, ORG Cucumber, ORG Yellow Onion, 1# ORG Zucchini, ORG Tomato-on-Vine, ORG Rio Star Grapefruit, and garden fresh Oregano & Savory from Lloyd Craft Farms. (Additional Grapefruit and Cucumbers for sale!)

Heirloom Oranges are still available! Wahoo! Season usually ends in May, but maybe the cooler weather has extended their availability. (These are the best oranges! California Heirloom orange orchards have shrunk in size as newer varieties were developed that yielded heavier and produced longer. Flavor and juiciness were sacrificed!)

Stop in and visit! Monday-Friday, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland– Right on the main street!

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