Good Morning and Happy MONDAY! Giving you’all a head’s up on what to expect for NEW Produce at Bee Healthy this Thursday and what’s planned for the Group A Boxes– MORE Avocados on Thursday, as well as ORG Tomatoes on the Vine, ORG Starkrimson Pears, ORG Cilantro, ORG Cucumbers, ORG Red Onions, ORG JALAPENOs (10# total for your Poppers!), ORG Orange Bell Peppers, and ORG Zucchini.

BOXES: Organic Girl 50/50 Spring Mix and Spinach, ORG Lemon, Cauliflower, ORG Green Bell Pepper and ORG Cucumber, ORG Cliptop Carrots, ORG Yukon Creamer Potatoes, and ORG LeekMay I share than Leeks are amazing! Not as acrid on most onions, milder…great cooked and added to soups and stir-fry. These seem to be 2# in size, and out of Washington state. Clean them by slitting up the sides and running under cold water to wash any grit out from between the leaves. Growing culture requires stacking sandy soil up around them as they grow. This keeps them whiter and I think more tender.

But…you don’t have to wait until Thursday to shop. We have good produce in stock: Greens (Organic Girl 50/50 Spring Mix and Spinach, Greybull Valley Butterhead and Greenleaf, Organic Girl Baby Spinach, ORG Lacinato Kale, ORG Parsley), Sweet Peppers in the Pouch, Asparagus, Earthbound Green Beans (12 oz bag–ready to cook), ORG Green Onions and Yellow and White Onions, ORG Shiitake Mushrooms, Root Crops (Carrots, Red Beets, Watermelon Radishes), Brassica’s (Green and Red Cabbage, Baby Bok Choi, Broccoli, and Cauliflower), Celery, Citrus (Grapefruit, Lemons, Heirloom Oranges), ORG Bananas ($.99/# for today!), ORG Honeycrisp Apples (ORG Pink Lady on Thursday–last of the Honeycrisp in stock now), ORG Yukon Potatoes, and ORG Yams.

In the back corner of Bee Healthy, the Tea and Coffee Corner, bulk loose leaf, bagged teas…and infusers, coffee presses and cast iron tea pots. A wide selection of herbal and various degrees of caffeinated teas!

As I say every week– WE HAVE LOTS OF GOOD STUFF IN THE STORE! Stop in and check it out– gifts, essential oils, all kinds of good foods, CBD, Tinctures, and Mushroom Extracts, a wide range of supplements. And don’t forget your HoneyBryant Raw Honeys and Bulk (coming soon – our GLASS honey bear containers), and Queen Bee Honey candies from Lovell. Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave, WORLAND!

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