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More FRESH Produce @BeeHealthy– and Other Yummies!

We still have some ORG Honeycrisp Apples and Heirloom Oranges in stock…Celery and other greens as well. Thursday is Fresh Produce Day this week–Restocking of the veggies and fruits: ORG Baby Bok Choi, ORG Jalapeno Peppers, ORG Brussels sprouts, and much more… FRUIT: ORG Blueberries, ORG Starkrimson Pears, Mangoes and Kiwi, and ORG Bananas….more ORG Lemons and Rio Star Grapefruit. LOTS MORE>>>

Week 14, Group B Boxes: Greybull Valley Greenleaf lettuce, ORG Blueberries (pt), ORG Brussels sprouts, ORG Cliptop carrots, couple ORG Roma tomatoes, ORG Green Bell Pepper, and 1-1/2# bag Ruby Sensation (bite-size) potatoes$30 (returnable box)

**Note on the potatoes…we like ours boiled until tender, then drain water and slice in half, toss in olive oil with finely chopped fresh herbs, and serve promptly. They can also be dipped in the oil and herbs raw and baked in the hot oven.**

Bee Healthy is more than just fresh vegetablesalthough the foundation of our health is the value of the food we eat! We also have a WIDE selection of teas and tea accessories, supplements and homeopathic and natural health aids, local honey products including Queen Bee Candies and Honey sticks out of Lovell, Essential Oils (blends and roll-ons) and diffusers, Aloha Bay salt lamps and candles, healthy personal care items including Humble (4 simple ingredients–no metals) Deoderant (Humble Lip Balm out of stock until June), and lots of food items and ‘healthier-than-most’ snack foods. We also stock safe cleaning supplies on a rack at the back of the store. 🙂

Coming this week–Friday or Saturday–a new line of meat products from UNFI Fresh: Beeler sausage and meats, ORG chickens, and more…freezer and refrigerator section. These items will be paired with our locally raised, grass-fed, ground beef from LU Beef here in the Big Horn Basin. All in the freezer section!

This Post’s feature: Our CBD Section (west wall toward the back of the store, next to the teas) includes a new line from Viia Hemp of San Diego (hemp grown in Colorado)–Day and Night drops (broad spectrum, no THC, with CBD for day and CBN for night), and 2 kinds of pain rollers.

The very top shelf is our expanded Herbal Tinctures from Mountain Rose Herbs in Oregon, and Ashwagandha extract from NOW. These are blends and single tinctures for all kinds of healthy helps to get us back in line and at our best!

Third shelf from top are mushroom tinctures and powders, with some medicinal mushroom extracts from Lifecykel of Australia: Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Reishi, to name a few.

Bottom shelf are Psyllium powders, some large and beautifully simple sprouting jars, and 3 varieties of seeds for sprouting! Come and CHECK IT OUT!

Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland…10:00 am to 5:30 M-F, 10:00 to 5:00 pm Saturday–

Bee Healthy–What We’ve got for YOU!

First and Foremost—  Weather has messed up the trucking schedule:  Fresh Produce Day will be FRIDAY instead of Thursday.  We got a message that the truck will be delayed a day because of the April BLIZZARD–  Group A boxes will be Friday!

Second— Wanted to share information on our EXPANDED tea section:  We now carry the cut and sifted herbs and berries to incorporate into your teas or use to make your own tinctures. 

**Blessed Thistle, Roasted Chicory Root, Whole Elder Berries, Fall Gold Ginkgo Leaf, Hawthorne Leaf and Flower, Juniper Berries, Mugwort, Motherwort, and St John’s Wort, Kava Kava Root, and Yerba Santa: All with special support for your brain, circulation, liver, immune system, and more….all wild-harvested and organic from Mountain Rose Herbals in Oregon.

Combine these with the mushroom powders, ashwagandha, and maca POWDERS to expand your herbal
teas, and to add some adaptogenic stress support.  Your morning tea can be what you need it to be!

Want a little lift? Try the Yerba Matte or Assam loose leaf tea with caffeine.  Or any of the Matcha’s with a slow release caffeine profile.

New this month, Mt Rose Tea cannisters with TEN (10) new loose leaf tea blends to add to our 2 herbal loose leaf tea blends added last fall- Easy Day and Winter Spice.

Organic Genmaicha Tea


We also have tea accessories: tea balls, and infusion spoons, cast iron tea pots with trivets, glass tea pots, and other goodies to help you expand your healthful tea habit and get the most benefit! 🙂


Stop in and check it out!  Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave.  Worland– 10:00 to 5:30 M-F, 10:00 to 5:00 Saturday–


Happy Spring Day–rain, snow, and wind Sunday… Sun struggling to push through the CLOUDS today!

Veggies for the Boxes this week–Group A: Rainbow Chard, Lemons, Cucumber, and a Red Beet (fixings for Swiss Chard Salad using the chard chiffonaded–Recipe below…add raisins or cranberries and sunflower seeds) Fruit this week is Bananas…other items are Red Potatoes and Yams (great fried together in the cast iron skillet with some caramelized onion), Heirloom tomato pint, fresh harvest Green Cabbage (to add to the winter storage one from last time) or a Red Cabbage, and a nice Yellow Sweet OnionALL ORGANIC — $30.


Drink cooler has been reorganized! 4 paks of Virgil’s Vanilla Cream Soda, Black Cherry, and Orange Cream are on the bottom shelf with the individual’s 2 racks above to try on their own! We also have the Reed’s Ginger Beer EXTRA (ginger) and Maine Root Beer. Most are $1.99 each or save nearly a dollar with a 4Pak for $7.16. My family is going nuts with ice cream floats! Our soda drinks have no HFC and lots of natural fizz!

We have a well stocked grocery rack with lots of flours including gluten-free, ancient grains (lower gluten and higher natural minerals), rices and cracked grains, pastas and noodles. We even have Pamela’s Pancake/Waffle Mix (4# and a smaller bag- almond meal) and Pamela’s Bread Mix (for your bread machines). Namaste GF flour blend, Namaste Waffle/Pancake Mix, and Namaste Spice Cake Mix (use bananas or carrots). NOW Foods Banana Bread Mix is fast and easy! Bob’s Red Mill Cornbread Mix, as well as a truckload of specialty flours and additives such as natural Xanthan, cornstarch, and baking sodas and powders.

Freezer Section contains our new stock of LU Beef–ground beef, locally raised on Wyoming grass and finished without corn, a product of out Big Horn mountain pastures…$7.50/pound. Other meats in the same freezer are Applegate uncured Pork/Beef Pepperoni and Applegate uncured Black Forest Ham. Bonafide Bone Broth soups, ORG Bonafide Chicken Bone Broth, and Bonafide Frontier Bone Broth Blend (Rosemary and Thyme with broth made from beef, turkey, lamb and bison bones)–the best!! Other freezer mates are Organic Cascadian Farms Blackberries and Cascadian Farms Blueberries (both high in anthocyanins). Organic Woodstock Green Peas. Sambazon Acai Cups and Sambazon Superfruit packets of acai puree.

Stop in and check it out! M-F 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 635 Big Horn Ave on main street Worland– Bee Healthy

Produce in stock daily, with every Thursday as Fresh Produce day with new STUFF!


4a. SWISS CHARD SALAD–(Recipe by Hilah cooking at Serves 4

Swiss chard can easily be ribbon cut and added to any salad, but the beauty of this recipe is the chard is softened by letting it sit for 15-20 minutes–this breaks down the tougher fibers in the leaves. Excellent flavor–recipe is a keeper to make over and over.


3 cups chopped Swiss Chard

4 t. olive oil

2 t. red wine vinegar or cider vinegar

2 t. Lemon juice

2 t. maple syrup

Salt and pepper, a couple of shakes each

1 c. diced cucumber

1 small beet, sliced thinly and slices cut into quarters (raw)

½ c. golden raisins or dried cranberries

¼ c. toasted sunflower seeds


Cut the stems out of the chard and put them back in the refrigerator for making hot dog stir-fry later. (LOL) Stack the chard leaves and roll them into a tight cylinder. Cut the cylinder into ¼” slices, giving you long chard ribbons. That’s called a chiffonade!
Put chard into a large bowl and add oil, vinegar, lemon juice, maple syrup, salt and pepper, and toss to coat the chard.
Add everything else and toss.
Let it sit 15-30 minutes to get the chard leaves softened. Eat it and be the healthiest person you know.

FRESH PRODUCE THURSDAY! Group B this week–and info on other stuff…..

Good morning! Windy night, calm, and now windy again–The Farmer tells me this wind is in the forecast until TOMORROW morning! Is this Spring…in like a lion and out like a lamb?

Regardless, I am told that the produce will be here sometime Wednesday…so we are back to Thursday as Fresh Produce Day (Boxes for Group B)

Boxes this week: Greybull Valley Green or Red Leaf Lettuce, Heirloom oranges, ORG Earthbound Green Beans (ready to eat, heat, fry, or steam), ORG Celery, ORG Cucumber, ORG Parsley, ORG Red Bell Pepper, ORG Sweet Yellow Onion, ORG Clip-top Carrots, and 3# of ORG Red Potatoes$30

We are bringing in lots of NEW (to us) stuff…

Cooler drinksTeakoe Fizzy Teas, 4 flavors to chose from, labels tells you the healthful ingredients, amount of caffeine, and the tea’s focus (Relax, Uplift, Rejuvenate, etc).

Chips…pair with dips and hummus, or eat on their own, or bottom layer for Taco Salad–full line of Late July chips (Quinoa and Chia, Blue Corn, etc) and Green Mountain Gringo (new stock on Friday).

Crystal Salt Grinders from Aloha Bay, with a handy reasonably priced refill bag–$7.81 each.

Homeopathic/essential oil Natural Patches of Vermont, for Migraines, Sleep, and Muscle Aches.

Yogi Egyptian Licorice Tea (google licorice and see what it does for our digestion!), and Wisdom of the Ancients (Tulsi and Hibiscus)…full line of medicinal teas (Traditional Medicinals & Numi), as well as three varieties of loose leaf!

Restock of Aloha Bay Salt Lamps and Candles and now INCENSE SticksChunks of Energy Superfooods!

Full line of Supplements from Nature’s Sunshine (with their Traditional Chinese Medicine formulations, too) and NOW (including some of their Sport Line).

Come and check it out! New STUFF arriving this week…Frontier Co-op, Mountain Rose Herbals in Oregon, and Nature’s Sunshine. Bee Healthy- 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland– M-F 10 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday 10 am to 5:00 pm.