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Another Wonderful Spring-like Week! BEE HEALTHY

Fresh Produce has been ordered! Looks like we may be on a permanent Friday Fresh Produce Day–it was that…or no driver from Spokane to make the delivery. :0 SO–FRIDAY it is!

New Items this week:

Starkrimson Pearswe had them before…$2.79/#

ORG Yellow Bell Peppers……$3.75 (Also, Green and Red!)

ORG Mangoes……………………..$3.89 each

ORG Red Potatoes–5# bag…..$8.87 bag ($1.77/#) Value of Organic potato is no desiccants used to dry down the plant prior to digging, and no anti-sprouting agent for long term storage.


Good Stock of the regulars-primarily ORG–Bananas, Pink Lady Apples, Rio Star Grapefruit, Lemons, Heirloom Oranges (Yay! Still in Season…at least through March–), and Avocadoes. Greens from Greybull Valley and Spinach from Earthbound (sorted and prebagged in our store!). Veggies galore— Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Bok Choi…Carrots, Beets…Green onions, Red onions, White onions, Sweet Yellows, Garlic…Grape tomatoes, 1# bag of snack Sweet Peppers, Herb packets and Living Basil, Shiitake Mushrooms, and always Ginger and Turmeric Root!

Group B Boxes this week:

Butterhead lettuce, 3# bag Pink Lady Apples (cousin to the Honeycrisp), Baby Bok Choi, Asian Broccoli Crowns, Green onions, Yellow Bell Pepper, small Rainbow carrots, and Ginger Rootanyone envision a good batch of stir fry?…simple recipe at under the recipe tab. Box cost $30

(Got something you’d like to see in the box in the future? send me a text 431-1219 and we’ll see what we can do…)

Lots of new stuff at Bee Healthy…just got our order from Frontier Co-op…lots of new Essential Oils and Essential Oil products…including roll-ons for kids to help with sleep, stress, and breath. (I’ve expanded the children’s section with Vitamins, more probiotics, and helps and aids.) We have a new line of facial care from Australia called Sukin Illuminating, moisture creams for day and night, and an eye gel…this, in addition to the Now Solutions skincare line and the Giovanni Face Care!

Come in a check it out! Every trip to the store is a new adventure! Bee Healthy–635 Big Horn Ave. Worland, WY right on main street! M-F 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, Saturady’s 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

PS– Here’s a nutritional tidbit from Dr. Rozien’s article Making You Live Healthier; The Right Way to Feed a Sweet Tooth:

He’s talking about the plight of sugar consumption in the US–

“Study after study shows that they (added sugars and syrups) contribute to body-wide inflammation, obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression, poor sex life, and more.”

Dr. Rozien goes on noting the places we get sugars, including the natural sources–fresh fruit, grains, and vegetables…and on average Americans take in 42.5 teaspoons of sugar every day!

And here’s the clincher:

“Even natural sugars found in fiber-rich veggies and fruits that deliver gut-loving nutrients can be as harmful as added sugars and syrups (such as high fructose corn syrup) if the foods they are in are stripped of that fiberfiber slows down the digestion of sugar, preventing it from raising blood glucose precipitously, and it helps nurture healthy-promoting gut bacteria that your immune system needs to thrive and protect your heart.”

Health Radar–Vol 12, Issue 3/ March 2022, page 4

Hmmmm…fiber as in fresh fruits and whole vegetables…fiber as in mushrooms and roots. We love our grape juice, but let’s eat the grapes…orange juice from oranges! Use your blender (or Vitmix) instead of a juicer where the fiber is discarded–Keep the fiber in your diet! On a separate note, check out the Chocolove Bars that use beet fiber (inulin–a prebiotic) and chicory root (nurtures the liver) as their sweetener…is this food of the future? Or maybe just food for thought!