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Local Eggs at Bee Healthy!  Fresh Veggies in stock— Lots of Health Helps!

Raw eggs in carton box

We are working real hard at keeping local eggs in stock—22 dozen in the cooler Monday afternoon… Also Pears, Grape tomatoes, Honeycrisp apples, Yams, Potatoes, and Onions in abundance!  Good supply of 1# bags Cauliflower, Broccoli Crowns, Brussels sprouts, and Baby Spinach.  Fresh lettuce from Greybull Valley Produce on Tuesday, as well as new Basil plants. Several packages of sliced Mushroom Medleys for the mushroom-holics! Good non-dairy produces in addition to fresh produce: Malk almond milk, Elmhurst Cashew Milk, So Delicious Raspberry/Strawberry/Key Lime Yogurts ($2.66 each)–check out the Ice ‘Creams’! Follow Your Heart ‘cheese’ slices and shredded–Buy one get one half off! Violife dairy free cheese, too–Amy’s Dinners with Cheez and not Cheese!

New year…new start?  Clean and balance your gut—Lots of specific Probiotics and prebiotics…Nature’s Sunshine, Now, Ancient Nutrition, Vital Planet, and Inner Eco liquids. Nature’s Sunshine ParaCleanse kits in next week.  (I’m sure you’ve heard “Gut is the second brain”–Take control of your health–Get your two brains working efficiently in controlling inflammation and maximum absorption from your food!)

10 day program– Gut cleanse with Natural nutrients, plant based–

Sign up for the Buyer’s Group-Good fruits and veggies for members- $30 per box, pick up weekly or every other week (Leap-Frog)…sign up via text 431-1219, or at the store.  Ready every Thursday at Bee Healthy, during our Fresh Produce Thursday’s! Still room for more members! 10% discount store wide the day you get your Veggies! Can’t get your produce on Thursday? No problem, will hold in our cooler a couple of days for members. 🙂 (This week…boxes, next week we hope to have the back room opened up so you can box your own!)

Come and see us!  Monday – Friday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 635 Big Horn Ave- Worland 

Terri, Liz, Diane, and Becky…Lloyd and Kaleb, too

BEE HEALTHY…Fresh Produce Thursday is HERE and Bunches of Other GOOD STUFF in stock!

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Fresh Veggies@BeeHealthy! Some Items overstocked…AND an opportunity to sign up for the Winter Veggies/Fruit Program!

Produce Stocked and Ready to GO—  New this week: Starkrimson Pears, Organic large slicing Tomatoes ($3.75) as well as Grape and Cherry tomatoesFennel bulbs, Green Kale, Cilantro and Italian Parsley…as well as all the other usual stuff: Heirloom oranges and Honeycrisp Applespotatoes, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, celery, greens, cabbage, ready to eat Green Beans…and more.  

Overstocked : Natrol Relaxia sleep gummies, Giovanni Hair Reconstructor, Queen Bee beeswax candles and Honey Caramels— come and visit us!  

Don’t forget to ask about the Buyer’s Group for weekly (or Leap-frog) veggies…starts next Thursday.  Sign up now to assure we have your $30 Veggies (and fruits) next Thursday— text 431-1219 with your name OR sign up at the store!