ORGANIC Produce is Back! And New Items at Bee Healthy, too!

YES! We have our organic Spinach, Yams, Pink Lady Apples, Lemons and Limes, Oranges and Grapefruits back! As well as all the wonderful Lloyd Craft Farms organically raised veggies–Cabbages, Brussels sprouts, Romanesco, last of the Celery, lots of Potatoes and Onions, three kinds of Carrots, and bagged Broccoli–

Special Boxes now in store…December 7th! There are only 20…good veggies, locally grown, to finish out the season: Green Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, 3# Yukon Potatoes, Yellow Sweet Onion, 2# Cosmic Carrots, Romanesco, and 1# Broccoli, as well as your choice of Winter Squash (Delicata, Kabocha, Red Kuri, Acorn, — $20 each–text 431-1219 to reserve. Pick up Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday at Bee Healthy

New this week--3 kinds of So Delicious non-dairy Yogurt ($2.75 each, Key Lime, Raspberry, Strawberry), Grillo’s Refrigerator Whole Italian Dills (clean ingredients-$8.87), Organic Mango Fillets (1# $12.82), Boulder Canyon Salt & Pepper Chips ($3.99 regular, on Special $3.48), Immaculate Baking Co Peanut Butter Frozen Cookie Dough ($6.62), Bonafide Bone Broth Butternut Soup (Frozen- $8.72), Four Sigmatic Superfood Mushroom Blend packets to add to drinks to accelerate your nutritional intake ($.90 per packet, preorder Box of 30- $24.30), Plant Snacks Lime made from Cassava root ($5.15 for 8 oz–Gluten Free)

Thrilled with this! A non-dairy yogurt that actually tastes good and doesn’t have a weird texture. We like the ingredients list–simple and clean. Good listing of probiotics, low in sweet, chunks of fruit in the strawberry! Priced at $2.66 each–
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